HTC seeing success with Windows Phone

Melvin Chua, Country manager of Singapore at HTC, spoke at the Windows Phone Mango launch in Singapore and claimed that the platform has been crowned with success in terms of customer sales across all platforms with 30% being made up from Windows Phone handsets. What's not clear is whether he's talking about global sales or limited it to Singapore, but that didn't stop Melvin from continuing:

  "We believe that Windows Phone 7 will eventually be better than other platforms and will give Android a run for its money"

John Fernandes, director of marketing and operations at Microsoft Singapore, also took to the stage and said:

"We have over 30,000 apps in less than a year since we launched Marketplace, making Windows Phone as one of the fastest growing mobile app marketplaces, … This is an endorsement of Microsoft’s continued support of the developer communities globally as well as the proven Windows Phone developer platform. We expect this growth momentum of Marketplace to be stronger with the launch of Windows Phone 7.5."

With the recent downturn with Nokia discussing plans with O2 UK, let's hope that HTC remains successful through the launch of their Titan and Radar handsets.

Source: ZDNet Asia; via WP7Lab News


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HTC seeing success with Windows Phone


It's undoubtedly HTC that has put the most effort into WP (so far) and has seen the most success.I've always thought that MS could do a deal with HTC, reduce the patent licence per Android device that it levies on them in return for an agreed number of WP handsets released per year, of an agreed specification.I suppose however, that Nokia, Samsung, LG et al, might not take too kindly to that.

HTC appears to be the front runner on Wp7 and with the most devices. If only MS would allow HTC the same flexibility as Nokia. HTC would be unstoppable in regards to wp7 phones. Nokia would just be playing catch-up for being late in the game.

No one is stopping HTC from making breathtaking WP7 devices, but they keep recycling Android designs. That's what Nokia is bringing to the table - fresh ideas.

iPhone usage is till pretty high in Singapore. Everytime I take the train, I can spot 10 iPhones in use. I really hope Windows Phone takes off in Singapore so I can see more of my brethren :P

HTC is Windows Phones. I know the Samsung Focus may have been the best single seller here in the U.S. and that the Omnia has been well regarded, but HTC was first to get a W7 phone out, has provided CDMA support for WP to a huge degree, and the Titan has got everyone, even those who support other OS's, excited. Microsoft is right to give Nokia all the support they need to launch successfully, but HTC deserves a lion's share of any credit for Nokia's interest due to their commitment and should get every bit the same red carpet treatment from Microsoft.

I agree, but at the same time, HTC should not have come out and stated that they are interest in their own Mobil platform. They should instead be learnig a lesson from Nokia and HP's attempt at a mobil OS. I beleive all of these manufacuters should return MS devotion to them with their entry's into the WP7 OS. After all MS is building a complete and comprehensive ecosystem and works hand and hand with these manufacturers instead of leaving them out in the cold like android is doing with the patent situation.

i'm from Singapore and let me tell you the day in life from my pov. In Singapore, there are tons of iPhone users. You'll notice an iphone everywhere you go. Boarding the train, you'll see a dozen of peoplewith iPhones(and i'm not joking). iPhones are extremely popular here. HTC is not really popular here(though it seems to get more popularity). It's pretty tough finding someone with an HTC on the streets more so HTC WP devices. It comes to a point where you get excited when you see someone with a WP device. Sad, but its the truth here.