HTC Sound Enhancer pulled from Marketplace, causing Music Player crash in Mango?

Looks like HTC may have a little problem on their hands. We've heard numerous complaints that the Music player in Mango is crashing for people. Its an odd claim seeing as we've had no issues with ours whatsoever (Focus, Dell Venue Pro) though in fairness, we've neglected our HTC phones.

Turns out, at least HD7 users are complaining of such crashes and the culprit many believe is the optional Sound Enhancer app (which went Mango recently). Now, HTC has pulled the app from the Marketplace (verified) which somewhat confirms people's suspicions on the matter.

So our recommendation: If your HTC Windows Phone is crashing while playing music, disable the HTC Sound Enhancer app and wait for a new, updated version. We'll keep you posted.

Thanks, Christian L., for the tip!


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HTC Sound Enhancer pulled from Marketplace, causing Music Player crash in Mango?


I always had it crashing my Dev Preview of Mango, but I have it now with Offical Mango and the HTC firmware update and its perfect, with no problem.

I've got an HTC Mozart with Mango, the music app never crashed, but probably it's because I still have got the NoDo sound enhancer - I couldn't update the app yesterday...

I have a Mozart and could never update the sound enhancer app. Removed it and it never shown in the HTC Apps section post Mango.

I have had some trouble with music after I updated my HTC Trophy to the leaked Mango from XDA. It sometime freezes between songs. Hoped the update from HTC with the Mango update would fix it, but still have the problem.Maybe I should try to remove the Sound Enhancer.

I have the same issue on my HD7. rolled back to nodo before getting the mango update and still the same. Have removed the sound enhancer and still the same. Now I can't even reinstal. Thinking of rolling back again and reinstalling mango again after removing the sound enhance to see if this works.

So I rolled back to nodo. Deactivated any effects the sound enhancer was using and then uninstalled it. Put mango on my device again and getting the exact same issue. Such a pain. My issue only happens under the lock screen playing music through headphones. But this is the norm for me when listening to music. Whatever this bug is it needs fixed asap.

Everything's working fine on my Trophy. I'm just going to avoid messing with anything though until an update comes out.

My music app crashes more or less frequently. Sometimes while playing music over an AUX cable, a song will end and the device won't continue to the next track. I hit the Next button on the lock screen and the device freezes.

mine says sound enhancer in lower cases which seems bizarre... It received an update and since then has failed to work but does not crash the music player thus far.

I don't have a problem with it, except when i press the search button while listening to music, the sound changes and it sounds like it stops the app from working correctly.

I don't know if this is really related, but I just noticed the HTC 'Attentive Phone' App (turned Mango Settings Add-On) is also gone, and did not come included with the HTC Update as part of Mango either (which I thought would have made sense). I had the updated app ("settings add-on") already installed on my HTC Trophy running 7712. After updating to 7720, I still have it and it works fine; but when I went to the marketplace to install it on a friend's updated mango HTC Trophy, I couldn't find it. Upon finding it via the wpcentral app (yeah!) the link to the marketplace said it was unavailable for the device (HTC Trophy)Don’t know if there's much to this, but I just thought I’d share..

u have to get it from htc hub. it is there. so is that enhancer however it doesnt updated the enhancer but the attentive app does work and updates.-htc arive

mine actually updated and it is still working perfectly. Mango definitely puts Winmo above all other OS's to me. I just want a new Winmo phone with all the new bells and whistles and i will be content with a phone.(Finally) hahahha

Does't cause my HTC Arrive to crash. But when I hit the hardware search, the sound becomes cloudy or muffled. It goes back to normal (or in this case, HTC enhanced) as soon as Bing closes. As awesumjon said, I think Bing search causes it to stop working.

This seems to be a random bug, it occurred twice to me, once with Sound Enhancer installed and once with it uninstalled.

Definitly a problem and no longer do I believe it was the enhancer that was doing it. HTC SURROUND pre-mango (waited for official release) I could listen to my Zune (WP7) for hours with never a problem, connected to headphones, using speaker, with or without enhancements at any any given time. Plugged into a charger or carrying in my pocket. NEVER crashed prior to MANGO. I have been a ZUNE user since day 1 ZUNE PASS member and I have been a huge advocate for WP7 bragging it up over any other Mobile OS. Today I am just disgusted with it. I can't even listen to 2-3 songs without it stopping, locking up and 9/10 times I have to take the battery out bc it wont even let me exit the locked up screen. My final resort is to FULL reset phone and start from scratch. PATHETIC on MS part or HTC who the **** do we blame here.

blange 701 - exactly the same situation but with an HD7. Been a massive advocate of the OS to anyone who will listen but stuggling now that the most basic of functions, which i pay £8.99 a month for, will not last more than 2 or 3 songs? Have uninstalled HTC Sound Enhancer and it has made little difference. I cant quite beleive that this has not been addressed already as quite a few seem to be suffering.HTC, Microsoft - anyone want to acknowledge this please?

my girlfriend does not have the sound enhancer app on her htc surround and still locks up constantly when playing music so that's not it...

i believe the crashing in some cases is due the the lock screen/power management. my music player reliably crashes on track 4 when using headphones if i lock the screen. But if i'm using another app and keep the phone alive it doesnt crash. I wish there was another equaliser app available.