HTC Titan Windows Phone, any deals out there?

Any price drops on the HTC Titan?

Now that AT&T has the new Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II Windows Phones the question some may have is, "Are there any deals on the HTC Titan?"  

With the launch of new Windows Phone, it's not odd to see price drops on yesterday's models. Sometimes the price reductions make the off-contract price more appealing to avoid being tied down to a two year contract.  HTC has a strong consumer following and I can see the appeal of upgrading from the HTC Surround to the Titan while saving a little in the process.   We did a little looking around to see if the off-contract pricing has fallen any.

You can still find deals on the Titan for as low as a penny but that's with a two year contractual obligation. AT&T is still offering the Titan for $549.99 off contract and $199.99. At that pricing point you might as well get the Titan II.

AmazonWireless however has the Titan listed at $349.99 off contract and $.01 with the two year stint. Taking a look at Ebay's Buy it Now listings, the lowest list price for the Titan is $269.99.

On the European side of things, iBOOD.com is offering the Titan for €299.95  (about $396 USD).  Expansys is offering the Titan for £274.99  (about $445 USD) which is down from £449.

Not sure if prices will get any better for the Titan or any of the other "older" Windows Phones, but if you've seen a steal of a deal on the HTC Windows Phone, share it in the comments.

Thanks, Stacey and Mark for the tip!


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HTC Titan Windows Phone, any deals out there?


Until HTC fixes the acknowledge defect related to call quality, I would strongly recommend people skip the HTC Titan.  I have spoken with HTC reps on the phone and they acknowledge the software defect but can provide no insight on a fix.  That is a travesty foisted upon the public that should not be allowed.  Current reviews seem to indicate the problem has been resolved with the Titan II. 

I've only for the past month have had every phone call I make drop. Since buying the Titan it was great, but if this is the issue you are speaking of I agree on skipping. This is a HUGE problem and is really aggravating me. I have to call clients 4 times to finish a conversation.

Craiglist. Due to smoked by windows phone campaign. U can get brand new titan for 200ish. Titan 2 no contract for as low as 300.

I picked up a brand new one via Craigslist for $220. Off contract for that price wasn't bad (since I wasn't eligible for upgrade) verified it was new as I had the seller meet me at an ATT store and they ran a check on it.

I sold my HTC titan on craiglist brand new after I got it through insurance and sold it to some lucky kid for 150 including ac wal adapter in USB cord. Just got my lumia 900 so I could care less.

My friend who recently bought the htc titan doesnot complain of the call quality. May be the people at HTC have corrected the defect. Anyways but i have never been a lover of windows phones. Do you people still compare them with the androids?
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I paid £284.99 sim free on amazon.co.uk. With the latest updates and firmware I haven't had any call quality problems or WiFi range problems.
Love having a screen I can actually see, and type on easily in portrait mode.

Funny cuz I had been waiting for it to go down... I got impatient and ordered it from Amazon, got it yesterday morning. You CAN get it for a penny, but u gotta go thru a little bit of a hassle. If you're within he 1st 30 days of your contract (as i was) you have to sign up as a new customer, and start a second contract. When you get the phone, call AT&T and have them switch your old number to your titan and tell them you're switching out your old device for titan... Kinda long and drawn out, but it worked for me. I had the Samsung Focus Flash, and it just wasn't doing it for me...

Really, I think it all depends on the sound quality. I had a terrible time with people being able to understand me. Often my wife would say she can't hear me, hang up, and continue the conversation via SMS. So I traded in my Titan for a Lumia 900. Was this a massive upgrade? Not really. The voice quality is better. I also like the placement of the power button on the Lumia better. The Lumia gets more comments, but I found nothing wrong with the Titan's design (really digging the Titan II's chin and rubber back). As for the cameras, I would go with the Titan's. All around a good phone, but I just couldn't get past the poor voice quality. Perhaps when the OS and firmware updates are released this problem will go away. Then again, there are some Titan users who have no problems.

Would not recommend it to anybody due to muffled sound issue. When talking to wife it is muffled more than 50% of calls. I was hoping Titan I disappears and then do a warranty exchange for the II....

The real deals are on eBay. I bought a brand new Titan for under $280 and unlocked it for T-Mobile. The perfect phone aside from the fact that I only get Edge and MMS does not work and video skips while loading under WiFi.(but loads very quickly) I really can't understand why T-Mobile would shy away from such a beauty of a phone and I really like the build quality over the uniquely designed Lumia 900.

Funny, I was just looking this up last night. While I really want the Lumia 800, the Titan is still a really good phone, and in tech specs alone is better than the Lumia.

I love this phone so far.... The only issues I've had was that it took about an hour for my phone to sync my contacts for some reason. Other than that, I love this phone.

I actually called At&t today because the dropped calls were getting ridiculous. Still user warranty At&t does not replace phones over dropped calls and blames it on network. I have a Micro Cell full coverage and no one else has issues. I've hard reset and everything and have insurance, but that's $200. So I'm now stuck with a titan that I just can't call anyone on.

Sorry folks had the phone for 2 months now coming from LG Quantum...no drop calls and I don't have any complaints with muffled sound. The big screen and the hidden Wifi blows away the LG with had neither. Do not regret one bit changing to the phone. Battery gets me through the day too, while quantum battery was crap after Mango update. Do not under estimate thus phone. Photos so much better then quantum too. Burst mode added feature too.

I've had my Titan since buying it on ebay in December and my experience pretty much mirrors that of Chris. No issues with dropped or muffled calls and the camera is fantastic, especially the low-light performance. If Microsoft won't provide an upgrade path to WP8 for my Titan, I'll be hoping for a shiny new Titan 3 when my contract is up in November.

I'll second Joanzen's and Chris' comments. Love my Titan 1 - no dropped calls, no muffled voices, a fantastic camera and a great screen. I recently got my wife and mother/father-in-law each a Titan 1 as well and they all love em. I emailed HTC Support the other day and thanked them for a great phone and let them know I was looking forward to getting a Titan 3 with WP8.
If you're enjoying your phone, let the MFR know (especially if you're a non-Lumia owner). The Lumia is getting all the press/attn and other device makers may not see a reason to stay the course with WP8 if they aren't supported/appreciated...just a thought...

My TITAN was a great phone and now is my backup to my TITAN II which is slightly better design and of course LTE and 16meg camera. Never had a sound or call problem with it. Camera's the best HTC ever put out until the T-II and the call quality was fine on mine.

I can appreciate all of those who have had no problems with the Titan I and you should consider yourselves lucky.  There is no doubt that the issue is real for those who experience it.  HTC readily acknowledges the issue on the phone and their community support pages.  They say it is software related but they have to time frame for fixing and I have dealt with it for six months.  I simply cannot articulate how frustrating this is.  I am locked into a two year agreement and I now have an unreliable communication device.  
HTC should provide a pathway to the Titan II for customers afflicted with this defect.  However, I don't see that happening.  So, on that basis I simply cannot recommend anyone to purchase a Titan I.  It is completely hit or miss if you get a good one or a bad one.  Given that others are not experiencing the issue, that leads me to believe it is a manufacturing defect and not software related.  
If HTC does not do the right thing, their image with affected customers will be forever tarnished.  It will preclude me from ever buying another HTC device.  Not because they made a mistake but because they refused to fix it and left customers hanging with defective equipment.  Notice how Nokia took care of customers with bad 900's.  

It would certainly seem to be a mfg issue rather than software, given that there are plenty of both good and bad experiences out there. It's definitely a shame, since those without the bad versions (like me) really seem to love the phone.

My HD7 will be my last HTC phone. Battery life is ABHORRENT. Apart from that, I have app-loading failures, signal drops, and I turn it off at work between breaks and sometimes when I turn it back on it will register a battery drop of 30-40% after being OFF for 3 hours. I'm sick of constantly having to pull my battery. All the drawbacks of android without the benefit of WiFi tethering or angry birds space.

@NH3MAN Willing to sell your backup? :)

Thanks, George, for running this so quickly. I only half-expected any sort of reply, let alone a story on it. Looks like I'll be checking Craigslist and eBay!