HTC Titan's graphics stutter tied to SRS Enhancement?

While we consider the AT&T HTC Titan an excellent Windows Phone (here's our review) it has a quirky graphics lag or stutter at times. The stutter occurs more often with apps that have heavy graphics (Fruit Ninja is a good example) but it doesn't happen constantly throughout the game. Just enough to be noticeable.

WPCentral reader ElecktroDragon has discovered a temporary work around that eliminates the lag time and may identify the problem as being related to the Sound Enhancer Setting.  If you go into the Titan's Settings and turn off the SRS Enhancement in the Sound Enchancer setting, the lag goes away.  Based on the forums discussion, sound quality is just fine for the games without the SRS turned on.

While this seems to do the trick, it also means that for the time being you'll need to go back into settings to turn back on the SRS Enhancements when watching videos or listening to music to enjoy the sound enhancement.  We're still hoping that HTC can resolve this issue with a software update but in the meantime, at least we have a temporary fix.

Edit: This fix/workaround also applies to the HTC Radar/Radar 4G

Thanks goes out to ioannisgk for pointing this out.


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HTC Titan's graphics stutter tied to SRS Enhancement?


I never even knew what SRS was so I just turned it off right after I set up my device and it sounds just fine through the speaker and headset.

At least one user has reported that if you re-enable the audio SRS settings, the gaming stutter is still gone. Can anyone else confirm this?

I get a stutter when I start the game Penguin. It disappears when I turn SRS off. Reappears when I re-enabled it. I would guess that it would be the same way with other games.

Nah.. the stutter comes back when you turn the SRS back on.  I turned the setting on/off several times last night and the stutter turned on/off accordingly.

How so??

A 1.5GHz device should not stutter on any game, let a lone a NoDo one. This happens on Line Birds too and other graphic intensive games. Fruit Ninja was just one example.

There's a clear problem with SRS on this phone (and the Radar). It has nothing to do with NoDo, or at least it shouldn't matter.

I was noticing some really bad stutter in the Challenge levels of Shuffle Party. Turning off the SRS cleared it up completely.

Thanks for the info! My Titan should be arriving in the next day or two, and this was the only concern about it I had. Seems like something HTC can easily resolve.

Has anyone else noticed that when you first use the keyboard in anything with the srs on it lags for a moment at first then it's fine? But I turned it off and now it's fine.

WOW!! Somebody has made my day!!!
On my Sprint HTC Arrive, the Facebook app also has this drives-me-crazy stutter when scrolling up and down the feeds.
Turn off SRS.... PRESTO!!! Feed scrolling stutter gone!!!
Hasn't anybody else had this stutter problem with Facebook, or even Twitter app too?

Thanks much for posting this. I remember reading about this before I got my Titan and then completely forgot about it. I was lamenting the lag this morning on geoDefense and Shuffle Party, and spent a bit of time turning off background tasks and even uninstalling a few questionable apps to resolve it. This was just the timely reminder I needed.

Thanks for the info. Turned off SRS as it's really not important to me. Gotta say, got my Titan delivered yesterday and it's one hell of a phone! Really impressed!

I noticed the lag at the Chicago event and posted about it here somewhere. The Focus Flash and Focus S ran rings around the much bigger Titan so in the Fruit Ninja  contest I only used them.

Unfortunately this shows why Microsoft has no alternative but to lock down the operating system, due to idiotic programming destroying the functionality and user experience of the phone.  In this case however, the one party they've allowed to have deeper access to the operating system - the OEM - has not only dumped inefficient code in (wonder if it's ported from Android or Windows Mobile, yuck!) but they have also not tested / quality checked it.
As the sound enhancer is so inefficient to cause performance problems, it is logical to guess that this might also have an adverse effect on battery life.  I noticed with my HD7 that having the sound enhancer on drained the battery faster.
I've been wary of HTC apps ever since the "HTC Messaging" in my old HD2 rendered the device useless.  It choked even after a hard reset plus syncing messages with myphone.  A shame since the HTC hardware functions rather well.  Suggest to remove all HTC apps (well, all apps actually) that are not necessary, stick to the good ones and the Titan is an amazing device.  (If HTC reads this, please fire your quality control team and give your programmer a written warning along with a savage beating, thanks! Oh and fix your shitty code, ta!!)