HTC updates the T-Mobile US 8X support page with new GDR2 info


Although we have yet to confirm that HTC and T-Mobile have begun to roll out the GDR2 OS update along with new corresponding firmware, we can tell you that it is imminent. HTC have now updated their support page for the device, specifically the US T-Mobile version, with information about the new update.

The update is said to bring the following changes:

  • Windows Phone 8 GDR2 QFE1 software update
  • Bug fixes

Those are some vague descriptions, though we know things like Data Sense, FM Radio and improvements to Xbox Music should be on board as well. Doing this update will bump the firmware from 1532.20.10012.502 to 3030.0.31603.531, which is a pretty large change.

Windows Phone Central reported that T-Mobile was set to push out this update yesterday, July 22nd and indeed, HTC’s page has that date as well. Having said that, most users in our forums did not yet get the OS change, meaning things may be on a temporary hold. A handful of isolated users have experienced some stability issues with the latest update though it is unclear if that will have an effect on distribution.

We’ll update this post or announce in a separate post if the update is live later in the day, otherwise let us know in comments your status or head to our forums.

Source: HTC; Thanks, Juggalo P., for the tip!


Reader comments

HTC updates the T-Mobile US 8X support page with new GDR2 info


i dont think so, last I heard it wasnt getting LTE,then again last I heard Lumia 810 was EOL but supposidly theyre getting the update aswell eventually. anything can happen i guess

Actually, that is usually what it means. It's End of Life, meaning it's no longer supported in any official fashion. Perhaps you're thinking of "Discontinued?"

The T-Mobile variant of the 8X has the Qualcomm MSM8260A onboard which doesn't support LTE.  I'm not happy about it either.  May be 'jump'ing to the Lumia 925.

So lte is THAT important? What do you guys download that needs that much speed. Hspa+ is plenty fast for me

Ok that's understandable, but I've seen people bitch about being stuck on 4g speeds. WTH do they do, watch porn all day?

So 20-25 mbps on hspa is too slow? Why the hell would you need more than that? No, 4g hspa on t mobile isn't slow, don't even start to believe it.

Substantiating this hope, I used to need a network extender on Verizon at my home to provide cellular coverage over m broadband. Never imagined it would make a difference but after getting 8x's for the entire family I was able to ditch it. No signal or very fringe that might get a random text in or out on 3g and now on LTE I have good enough signal that  can carry on a voice conversation perfectly fine.  I assume they use the same towers, does LTE technology just cover that much better?

your dedication to a certain manufacturer doesnt guarentee a first update. my 8x has been first to all the updates

I have a 920 as well but i dont want to be screwed as what the 1308 did, better to have a stable phone after rigorous testing instead of an unusable brick

The lumias will take some time in getting the updates, because nokia has added its own features to the update in the form of amber firmware. HTC on the other hand is sending out the update directly without any major value addition. Hence the early updates for 8X and 8S.

Really?? Coz besides the HUGE change in firmware number, there isnt really anything new to be attributed directly to HTC. Hell, majority of the updated phones dont even have datasense in it and that was part of OS update (check the forums if you want a confirmation).
I am of course not counting the fact that it can successfully hang your phone, to a permanent end, as a positive change. ;)

GDR2 RTM'd in May, if it wasn't for Amber Nokia would have released it already. So I'm surprised HTC didn't get it out before now, it's almost like they've delayed it so that it'd come at a similar time as Nokia will push it out.
It's already on the 925/928 - tho Glance is in beta - and they wanted to include Camera Pro from the 1020, so they had to wait for that announcement and for everthing to be out of beta before releasing Amber. No point doing it in June with beta software and then having to do it all over again a month or two later with the final release.

OH REALLY?  You mean like how ATT tested the 7.8 900 update that BROKE live tiles?  Yeah...carriers do LOTS of extra testing!  More like, they test to see if Internet sharing is user selectable or if any "rogue" free text messaging/video call apps exist.
Don't EVER come in here and spew that shit again!

What does a mobile operator know about Live Tiles or even a Windows Phone? They probably tested network connectivity and that's about it...

They don't, on a post related to 1020 in another article on WPC, a user posted that he contacted ATT regarding the 1020 and the salesperson said they had receive training the previous day on the 1020 and that it ran Android despite the user telling him it was a WP device.

Sales persons are not Quality Assurance people, their responsibility is to market the product, the QA guys do the testing using different test cases, they ideally should understand the platform better to test it thoroughly (including salespersons) which is not the case

Precisely, we ARE getting more with it. Patience my dear friend, it never hurts. You see, in a battle, its always the pawns that go first. :P

People it is irrelevant to fight over manufacturers. HTC is HTC, Nokia is Nokia. Be happy that it is Windows Phone, the same family, after all. Cheers for MS and the update. Needless to discriminate between OEMs.
P.S. I use a Lumia btw ;)

Agreed, while I will update my phone (HTC 8X & NL822) when prompted to do so, my device is working perfecly as is. All I need is improve battery life and this same design with a 5-5.3" screen & I'm good.

I'm kind of hoping this bricks my phone so I can update to a 925.  I'm more interested in moving to a 1020 but I can't get confirmation anywhere it will work on TMo in NYC - the best answer I can get is "yes, if its refarmed".

I don't see why we fighting over 8x and lumias...yeah 8x was to be the model flagship and Lumia taking charge but in the end WP trumps these Ios and Droid software....cant we all just be happy we with the greater good of the OS's me honestly I would love if the 8X would get some of the treatment Lumia gets but in the end we still get the same apps(sometimes its just limited) and we know where not followers we are leading the pack. PROUD WP OWNER since WP7...sidenote any mobile users get the update yet? Tmobile 8x user here

I read all the comments in the other thread about the 8X and locking up and all I can pinch together is that UK owners of the unbranded 8X don't appear to be suffering from lock ups myself included.

Defintely isn't, unfortuneatly, listening to music this morning, all of a sudden phone switches off - will not come back on for love nor money. Tried every button combo in the book. Waiting for battery to completely drain (2-3 days) to see if when completely dead and I try charging, it comes back to life. Not sure about the Whatsapp bit I uninstalled it before updating but playing music seems to be the start of the problem :( 

What, is 42mbps hspa+ too slow? I think I'll stay with hspa, I don't want a battery sucking lte device.

Nice to know someone from TMO is getting an update.  I knew I should have gotten an HTC... oh well.  At least I'm pretty pleased with my 810. 

Got the update 2 minutes ago. Confirm the return of the FM feature, not locking or any wear behavior in fact looks more faster that ever. I cant find any data sense or similar feature

My T-Mobile 8x has had Wi-Fi calling for a couple months now. About 2 months ago I did a hard reset to recover the 5+GB of "Other Storage" and after the reset my 8x had the Wi-Fi calling Tile and options.  My daughter has a Lumia 521 and that one required a hard reset as well for the Wi-Fi calling option to appear.
I "tipped" WPCentral on this News a couple months back but they never put up a news article about it... 
I can only guess that one of the updates T-Mobile pushed to the 8x this year included Wi-Fi calling.  Some of those updates didn't say what they included and there were not noticable feature changes.

Still none... I mean it sucks... But it won't suck if we get it 2 weeks delayed TOPS. Considering it will be fixed. Well worth it. If its delayed over a month I'll be pissed. Not that they will care anyways. We already bought the phone

I called HTC support and they said it was on delay and they are waiting for feedback that needs to be fix...so far there nothing bad happening...the lady told me they have no time when it will be off delay but she would give it to the middle of the month to be sent out but she couldn't be positive bout it