Huawei also working on a clear-memory application for Windows Phone

Huawei Ascend Storage Fix Memory

Until Microsoft takes the reigns and gives users the ability to delete temporary files (not to be confused with the “other storage” issue), it looks like OEMs will continue to have to offer a solution. Nokia was the first to do with their Storage Check application and now Huawei looks poised to do the same for their Ascend W1 and W2 devices.

The site WP7Forum.ru have produced a screenshot of the supposed upcoming app, noting that it’s not too far off from being released (presumably to their branded Store). It’s not clear if Huawei, like Nokia, will have to have a corresponding firmware update to enable the feature or it’s already there.

Regardless, it’s nice to see other companies offer something to their customers, though we wish HTC and Samsung would jump on board too.

Source: WP7Forum.ru


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Huawei also working on a clear-memory application for Windows Phone


Aww, no fix for the "other storage bug yet"... Any word on whether it will be fixed in GDR2, GDR3, or 8.1??

According to Microsoft, it's not really a bug but a side effect of album art, skydrive files, video, etc. for their "cloud" services. Be as that may, it's obviously not designed very well, imo, as even I've lost 2.7 GB on my Lumia 720 which is killer on an 8GB device.

What's worse, there seems to be no way to undo it, even if you remove everything. Only a hard reset fixes it. Hopefully MS will address this but it's not a simple bug to patch but rather part of the way the OS works.

Hmm... thanks for the clarification. That's quite annoying, and I was thinking it might have been an issue with the CE kernel and the way files are handled, but I guess it's an issue with unnecessary user data backlogs. Seems like it might stay a part of the OS even when windows phone gets to the next version, though I do hope they address it by then.

Windows Phone 8 uses the NT Kernel (Which is used in "traditional" Windows), it's Windows Phone 7 that uses the CE Kernel.

I watched 7 hours long video and I fell asleep. Next morning, I checked my memory setting and my other storage was filled over 5gb, 2gb prior to that. So I don't use mytube anymore.

Till now, I 'only' have 1.2Gb in my other storage since the very first day i owned this phone last December, never hard reset before. Im a 920 user and i still have 11 Gb left despite this (i dont let unused photos or files lurk in my phone, and i have only 4 short videos, most of the space came from songs, followed by 4Gb of apps). I believe apps are the main culprit.
I dont go visiting the app store looking for something interesting regularly, install, and try it out, I only install what i need and that's it - i dont visit the app store anymore. As for games, WPcentral, right here, game reviews or previews will help me decide whether to get it. My friend has Adobe's PDF reader installed, but that app seems to often  eat up his paltry 8Gb of space over a short period of time, and he has to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall it. 

There's an app called Shrink Storage which can fix the issue. Also, according to MS the "other" component dynamically resizes, so if you need more capacity it shrinks back as if it were never there (essentially what shrink storage does).
Its execution still needs work, considering it doesn't technically use space it probably shouldn't be reported.

No! I have this one and storage cleaner , no one helped to me. And these two apps are forgoted by the creators.

I also noticed one day, that downloading a game (like I did N.O.V.A. 3) takes double the space it requires, N.O.V.A. 3 took 1gig for 'apps' section, and 1 gig for 'other' section. So I played the game and then deleted it, and only the 'apps' section gigabyte was removed. I downloaded the game again, and other didn't grow that time. After deleting it again I went shrink storage and did it three times, no affect on my storage. So I hard reseted my phone and went back to other 0gig. Righy now I'm 'apps' 2gig and other 3gig, having 7gig on my Ativ S left.

But that doesn't make any sense - I'm not hooked into any of their cloud services at all, but my "other" sometimes grows in size without me even touching the phone. It's gone from 1.50 GB to 1.53 GB in a few hours sitting idle. How does that happen?

So if I understand this correctly, when you use any app on your windows phone, extra data is stored in other... Like user info, login details, app media, etc. So say you download or use a new app. It needs extra data to function on your system after executing the xap file from the store. Thus, it is filed away in other storage. Unfortunately, even when the offending app is removed, the other storage for the app remains. Microsoft needs to get on that immediately for gods sake my 920 now has like 14 gb free space and it had 18 last month... Didn't install or remove anything, just used my phone normally.

Wish MS would do something about other storage. 8gb really isn't enough on my 521. If only I could put my 16gb card in that spot instead.

I am impressed. To think that some people here talk about Huawei like its trash and they are doing a decent job of supporting their products. Way to go Huawei!

Dude, don't be racist. I think Huawei has its own way to solve it, but not by plagiating Nokia's way.

Dude, don't be racist. I think Huawei has its own way to solve it, but not by plagiating Nokia's way.

Really, Really MS, its time me thinks that you get your act together and give support and proper bug fixes for your loyal consumer's as it is now getting beyond a joke that this "other storage" problem is still going on !!........( Rant over)

The worst part is that you could understand if they did this to WP only (Because of its market share), but even the support of their Android devices is quite sad.

Microsoft is spying on us. Pretty sure it has something to do with them sharing our data with the NSA or something

MS, Google, Apple, Yahoo, AT&T, Verizon, etc, etc... they are doing what the US Gov't tell them to... Turns out England, France (and probably every other country) are doing the same thing.
Looks like it's back to communicating with carrier pigeons.

Its frankly ridiculous that the other storage issue is still going on, its wasted 7 gigs on my 920 and thats too damn high ;)

Microsoft really needs to sort out these sort of things right away, not is a patch 6 or 12 months down the line, which the carriers won't even bother to push out.

At what point does Microsoft step in and maybe fix their own software instead of relying on phone manufactuers to do it?  It's just lazy and doesnt make the user feel confident that MS is 100% behind their own software.  There's a lot of little things that this OS lacks, that appears to be taking a long time either fix or incorporate.
I love WP8 but it just feels like MS is content on letting their hardware partners finish this project.

If Microsoft allowed users to use the micro SD like it was used in the original Samsung focus. Where the micro SD became part of the internal memory it would solve some problems. I know that it required certain type of SD but Microsoft could sell them and advertise them as such

I think my phone is defective because its other storage is 20GB and I've never seen anyone else that high and its gotten over 20 twice now..time for another reset..

Really hope this is true and coming to the w1. 4gb internal storage is very minimal on my w1. 1.3+ gb of other storage is too much. Really wish apps could offload storage to the SD card.

This isn't different from the Other storage issue, it's one part of the issue.  The part that MS acknowledges is that some image write function is a POS and leaves a copy of the image on internal storage unless the programmer hacks their way around the piss-poor API implementation.  The other part of the Other storage issue is that installed applications can "accidentally" orphan files into Other if the app terminates abnormally.  It's all related, it's just bad temp file management.