Huawei and ZTE to skip CES and unveil new Windows Phones at MWC 2014?

Huawei W1

Huawei and ZTE are rather hot in the news when it comes to Windows Phone. The two Chinese OEM partners are potentially looking to release new hardware, running Microsoft's Windows Phone OS and rumours pinned the former manufacturer to unveil its Ascend W3 at CES this week.

Now, WPDang reports that this may not be the case and both Huawei and ZTE may well be eyeing up Mobile World Congress for some Windows Phone action.

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It's interesting to see reports that both companies skip the Consumer Electronics Show, but we're not expecting major Windows Phone announcements over the next few days. Today, we were at the Huawei conference, which didn't sport any announcement covering the Ascend W3 (or anything Windows Phone related), but it's early days and we're always open to surprises.

Could the two companies be skipping CES for MWC? It's plausible. We'll keep our eyes open for further details on both manufacturers and what plans are for MWC, updating you all accordingly.

Source: WPDang; thanks, nswer1626, for the heads up!


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Huawei and ZTE to skip CES and unveil new Windows Phones at MWC 2014?


My boss is ready to jump from Android but he needs this phone soon... otherwise he will just pick up another Android. He's running a partially broken GS4 atm and it won't last long.

Small moment to interject with a piece of semi-related ego boosting trivia. I wrote the Mobile World Congress app for Windows Phone last year.

That is all. :)

Just go download some code samples and play around with it. Microsoft provides some of the best development tools free for Windows Phone/Windows RT programmers (Visual Studio and Expression Blend)

Write code for fun... The learning and experience comes alongside that. Try and pick things that push you out of your comfort zone. Also, if you can, try the odd project with others. Never, ever assume you know the "best" way of doing something. You know "a" way :)

Otherwise, the rest is all time and effort. Bit like Kung Fu.

Maybe they would stand out better since the CES is so Android saturate and if I remember correctly last year wasn't too stellar an event as opposed to MWC that focus way more on mobile devices.

  I would prefer to have news announced at both events because let's be honest, outside of Nokia, the last time we had any major news regarding WP8 devices was when the platform was first announced in October of 2012.

This happens all the time. Pretty sure with the W2 you guys reported that they would announce at CES, then they didn't, and then you reported they would announce it at MWC, and then they didn't announce it then either, and then one day it was released with a very small press release. I don't think this is news worth reporting on, I guarantee they won't announce at MWC either.

Hello everyone, buy Lumia 925-the best phone ever till date....pocket friendly, fast and smooth weapon for all...;)

These companies, as well as the Indian OEMs, might as well wait for 8.1 to launch. They've waited this long already.