New Windows Phone render leaked, say hello to the Huawei Ascend W2

Huawei Ascend W2

Evleaks, who is fairly accurate when it comes to leaked renders of upcoming Windows Phone hardware, has published the above render on Twitter. It's believed to be the Huawei Ascend W2, a more advanced successor to the Ascend W1. We've previously looked at the Ascend W2 and how previous reports suggested it was going to be the thinnest Windows Phone yet, but this is the first we've seen of this design.

What's interesting to note is how different the new render is to images we covered at the start of this year. Specifications were also believed to be on par with high-end smartphones, such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung ATIV S. In fact, if all rumours hold out to be correct, the Ascend W2 could well be one of the more powerful Windows Phones available. That would certainly be a feat the company would enjoy obtaining.

There's also the fact that the capacitive buttons are glowing blue. IT's probably nothing, but that would be fairly awesome if Huawei added the ability to reflect the current theme and use the colour for the capacitive button lighting. Wishful thinking, we know. It's difficult to tell just how thin this render is, but we'll not make any assumptions until we see more from Huawei.

Are you excited for another Windows Phone from Huawei? If so, what do you mkae of this render?

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)


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New Windows Phone render leaked, say hello to the Huawei Ascend W2


Yea I would like someone to come up with a phone with very thin bezel or no bezel at all. Nokia?? Hope you are listening. Also that capacitive button lighting up with theme is an awesome idea. Another awesome thing would be to include blinking the buttons when there is a notification :) also a wishful thinking.

Capacitive buttons with accent themes, awesome. Blinking notifications also awesome and shouldn't be that complicated to implement. Come Nokia, im sure u guys have this up your sleeves. Mayb waiting for MS to release notification center??

I highly doubt the capacitive button blinking colour will match the theme colour. It may only have 1 colour to match its casing.

Sorry to bum you out here, but the blinking light is a feature developers can use to test power and battery related functionality. Whether or not it can be utilised for notifications is another thing al together. A blinking light when a notification was there under lock screen would indeed be cool..

It is a lot of bezel but a phone without one, like many people are asking for here, would be functionally stupid. The bezel is used so we don't accidentally touch the screen.

Love hearing about new high end Windows Phones, just as long as too many of them don't flood the market.

Not sure about Huawei though, are they any good? :/

I don't care what they flood the market with as long as they flood the market.. It this point we only have a handful of WP devices, and while I agree that we need more lower end device than high end devices we simply just need more devices period..

True very true the more Windows Phones in stores the more people will actually look at them we need to match android in numbers of phones on all providers

Agreed, but I really don't want a situation like the Android landscape. Thousands of different SKUs, with little variation along the spectrum.
Id rather they focus on a few notable OEMs and their devices, with each excelling at one or more particular aspect.

I'm moving forward, thus if it's less than 4.8in I don't even bother looking. But still fantastic news for the Windows Phone ecosystem.

cheap garbage.  Huawei can't mail it in with this chintzy shit when Nokia is pwning them in the low end market with super awesome designs.

I just checked this today for a friend in Russia - the Huawei Ascend W1 is cheaper than 620 (by $80) and pretty much on par with it spec-wise. W1 also looks nicer. Huawei definitely good for price-conscious people, and no indication it's garbage

The funny thing is that their android phones have thin bezels, how come this one came out of nowhere with these thick bezels. Thats one thing i hate about the l920, Nokia could have utilized the bezel area to make the touch screen bigger than 4.5 without adding more size to the phone. I accidentaly touch the capacitive buttons  and it awkward to hold the phone when playing games that only run in landscape mode. I just hope Nokia and other oems will learn to make the bezels thinner, as thin as possible.

Looks good in this render. I'm glad more hardware vendors are entering the WP market. Nokia could stand some competition if for no other reason than they don't get too comfortable in their current position. Not sure about buiild quality for the official device but the render looks good to me.

There's little chance Nokia will get comfortable with their WP position, unless they are happy with 3% overall marketshare. They are still competing with ios and android so sitting on their hands doesnt come into it.

I had the idea for matching the tiles with the capasitive buttons along time ago I tweeted it to Nokia and told them to use an amoled strip to make it happen

Thats true - great phone for its price. Nice looking - mine is black with soft touch housing, good performance - at least its faster than lumia 520 and 620. 2K battery definitely better than 620's 1300 mAh. Small internal memory amount is huge minus, but as first WP device and, in my case, first smartphone - its a great start.
Huawei have great Android phones, lets hope they'll keep making some more WP's.

Hello huawei...... I think there's been other images of this phone that look different. Who knows what it looks like but the more the merrier.

A...Huawei...phone. I guess its better than nothing. It sure ain't a Samsung or HTC or LG phone. Good job Microsoft! You got yourself a nice Chinese brand that no one outside of China cares about and has a track record for making dull, boring, derivative budget phones. Innovation!

It is proven that Huawei conducts defence and corporate espionage for the Chinese government. Search it. Boycott their products!

Yeah, Congress has looked to ban their devices in the US. Cheaply made, Chinese gov't owned company that refuses to answer simple questions about their affiliation with the gov't. Probably a product of corporate espionage.
Don't buy this phone.

Nice to have another OEM on board with Microsoft. I am getting a bit tired of some of the extreme Nokia fanboyism some people display and call everything else garbage or "not good enough". It may not be my choice of phone but it is another choice that hopefully becomes available and pushes the WP brand into the mainstream public.

Mainstream? From a manufacture that Congress is trying to ban in the US? From a manufacturer known for making sub-par quality? No, I would say that these are the type of devices that should stay out of the mainstream.

I have read about the conspiracy behind Huawei but I have some doubts. Plus if they are not sold in US I'm sure they can be sold elsewhere in other parts of the world... I don't think Microsoft is in a situation to be picky. They need as many manufacturers to stand behind their products.

As I've replied before to another comment, I own a Huawei A1, and it is very good phone. There is nothing wrong with the (build) quality. Do you think Microsoft would licence the WP OS and let a company manufracture Windows phones if their products weren't up to (high) standard? I don't think so, and I also think that people are just saying Huawei is garbage because they are too fond of Nokia (and they probably have not even tried this Huawei device).

Bezel is there for a reason, its so you can hold the phone without your hand triggering touches at the side. Samsung's phones have so little bezel at the bottom of the phone that you struggle to use the buttons without dropping it.

Those buttons on the bottom probably match the phone's colour rather than the theme, which would also be pretty cool if that were true.