Huawei set to announce Windows Phone 8 device 25th September

WP Central Huawei set to announce Windows Phone 8 device 25th September

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Out of the four key partners announced by Microsoft, Huawei looks to be last to announce its Windows Phone 8 devices. The rumour is they are looking at September 25th to let us know what they have in store.  Granted, we haven't heard anything official from Huawei so we'll use a pencil to mark the date just in case things change.

Most of the conversation and media focus has been on the more well-known partners, Nokia, Samsung and HTC so it’s of great interest to us to see what the newcomer will bring to the Windows Phone 8 party.

According to the folks over at wincp, who cite "reliable sources" for this information, the device is said to come in at around 2000 Yuan (US $300) and be called the Ascend W1. If that is indeed the price then we’d expect the device to be firmly targeted at the low end of the market. We’re going to hear from HTC on Wednesday about their Windows Phone 8 plans, perhaps they will have a low end device to compete at that price point as well.

If the rumours are correct then 25th September may see the close of the initial Windows Phone 8 device announcements. If Huawei is looking to make a splash with their smartphones then Windows Phone 8 could provide the platform. With relatively little in the way of other device manufacturers and strong demand in the Chinese market we could be about to witness the ascendancy of a new key player.

If all holds true, are you excited about Huawei bringing a Windows Phone to market? A three hundred dollar Windows Phone 8 device, think it will be too good a deal to turn down? We’d love to know your thoughts. Let us know down below in the comments or in this WPCentral Forums discussion.

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Huawei set to announce Windows Phone 8 device 25th September


I'm sure HP, Dell, and LG will be back to make devices in 2013 to flesh out the portfolio. Lenovo has already said they will have a device for 2013. It will mainly be interesting when we get to see them all fight over price and unique features.  Its going to be a great year.


Well that would be fantastic news, the more the merrier. I thought the dell Windows Phones were really quite beautiful. Lets hope we see more of that! RB

I really want to see anyone who invest in WP8 to bring good devices. good low end good mid range and more so outstanding high end device. Also I would like to see that range on all the carriers not just a select few.

I concur about the carriers. While I don't live in USA, it seems like a terrible deal to not being able to choose the phone you like.

I kind of liked my dvp. If they improve it majorly, and have a model without the keyboard, I might be sold. But don't get me wrong, the keyboard on the dvp was just amazing.


Come on, the Venue Pro was a nicely made device. I thought it was a shame they dropped out of the running. Just having Windows Phone advertised on their website alongside their machines was good PR. RB

if they're aiming for the low end of the market I would love to see Windows Phone 8 represented on the smaller, bargain carriers like Metro PCS, Cricket, Walmart Simple Talk, etc.

Maybe. US Cellular will for sure (they said, not saying this device, maybe a Nokia. :-)). It's AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Cellular.

I'm on AT&T though.

Yes, Metro did confirm that btw. i live here close to their store in miami and the guy at the front desk actually knew his stuff about the tech world and reads all the mobile nations blogs :D he is very interested in wp8 as well. he says he knows a couple customers who would like the UI.

I dont know any devices from Huawei, How long have they been making phones ? Do they have models here in the US ?  How is their quality of devices, better than HTC ?
I'm all for other companies making WP8 devices but, they are new to me.

Newcomer,what happened to LG, Dell, Toshiba and ZTE ? are they out of the game and is METROPCS every going to get a windows phone....

LG have decided against producing Windows Phone handsets for the foreseeable future, and Dell have stopped making smartphones completely.

Toshiba were never in the Windows Phone game to begin with, while ZTE are expected to release a handset next year.

And MetroPCS seem pretty enthusiastic about Windows Phone 8, with their chief operating officer saying; "Windows Phone 8 we think has a place in the portfolio. We're actually working with a manufacturer right now on bringing Windows Phone 8 to marketplace. We think we want to offer it."

Huawei has always focused on making low end devices. Many friends that have cricket service own Huawei devices & trust me I would never buy a smartphone from them hardware is cheap in some of them regular headphone jack doesn't fit, phones are slow & laggy (of course wp8 should fix that) but I can't say the phone could last you at least a year.