Huawei's Ascend W1 coming to the US as pre-paid Walmart offering

Huawei's W1 is heading to a Walmart near you

Huawei is throwing their hat into the US Windows Phone 8 market with their W1 smartphone, known in other parts of the world as the Ascend W1. The snazzy W1 will be coming to Walmarts across the country as a pre-paid, no-contract offering that will be priced "competitively," though no exact numbers were revealed.

Huawei’s Michael Chuang said in a statement. “The Huawei W1 brings consumers a truly compelling alternative to what’s currently in the marketplace."

And Chuang is correct. With its 4” WVGA display, dual core 1.2 GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM and 5MP rear shooter (with a 0.3 MP front facing cam), along with a soft texture that is pleasant to hold in hand, the W1 brings some competition to Nokia's Lumia 521, which just started selling like gangbusters on Walmart's website. Both phones are sure to be alluring to the relatively unimpressive bunch of Android pre-paids out there as well.

The specs on the W1, which are surely not earth-shattering, put it in the same economy class that Nokia and Microsoft have shifted their focus on. But one thing that is going to make Huawei's Windows Phone 8 offering stand out from others is an amazing battery life. Huawei boasts that the W1 delivers up to 320 hours (just under 2 weeks) of standby time, thanks to their proprietary power-saving technology.

One downside, however, is that despite the fact that the W1 can be found elsewhere in a variety of colors, it will only be available at Walmart in black. Regardless of the lack of flashiness, the W1 brings a lot to the table.

And any time we see a new Windows Phone device make it's way into the fold, it's a good thing. Welcome aboard, Huawei!

Source: Huawei; Via: Microsoft; Thanks for the tip, Rodney!


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Huawei's Ascend W1 coming to the US as pre-paid Walmart offering


Good catch. T-Mobile called me out the blue yesterday. I guess because I've been with them over a decade and I have 5 lines. They wanted some feedback from me. Well I told them I wish they'd get a high end W8 with at least 32GB. I also asked them to go to the market and read the feedback on the my account app. It's terrible and broke. It's close to data sense. I asked why Verizon has data sense and not T-Mobile. I asked her to let her higher ups know W8 users would love for them to turn on data sense and fix the my account app.

No. The carriers have to implement it. In the US, that is only Verizon so far. I really don't know why. I guess you need some carrier support in order to determine how much data a user should have. But the most important stuff, like data compression, should not have to involve the carriers.

I have a feeling this will be a strong year for Windows Phone and Microsoft in general. The more OEMs that hop on board with MS is great especially at an attractive and competitive price. Followed by the release of the new Xbox and their continued push of Windows 8 along with more competitively priced Windows tablets coming out, man this year is going to rock!!!

I agree! So far the Nokia 520 or 521 seem to have had great inicial success. Hopefully the Huawei can have the same great success and help push the platform along.

This has only 4GB storage which translates to about 2GB usable, not really going to cut it for a full WP8 handset.

Yes 4 gb is laugable and only less than 2gb usable.  Managing the apps you have is going to be a nightmware. 
I have the 620 and i have about 3 gb usable for apps, a lot of the space is already taken out of the box. 

From their site...
RAM 512MB ROM 4GB (1.7GB user) microSD up to 32GB
If microsoft would allow apps to be installed to MicroSD cards (and I forsee that coming soon), this device would work for apps...
Otherwise, I agree. 4gb is a joke, 2.41gb (on my 8X) for the OS, that leaves you 1.7GB to play with ... Install facebook and 2 games (smaller games), a handfull of pictures and you done.
I know Microsoft wanted to get lower end models to hit a pricepoint but, I would think after using this for a while it would scare people away because of the major limit on apps, never mind all the devs who can't sell their apps becuase phones wont have space for them.
MS better open up apps to SD cards soon or devices like this will be total failure.

Why has no phone since the focus made this possible? Its the single one thing that I loved immensely with it...i have 40gb on my focus and I love it.

It will be with Straight Talk, WalMart's Tracfone line. I am sure it will use either T-Mobile or AT&T towers.

Looks like it supports all of AT&T'S bands. For T-Mo, it looks like it will get HSPA, but only to 21, since the phone doesn't have the 1700 band, only the 2100 one.

So one has more storage and the other has a front facing camera...one black and one white...Fair enough. There's one for everyone! I hope its priced the same as the 521! :)

Judging by the little circle logo on the top of the front, it looks like it's going to be a StraightTalk device, which Walmart is known for selling. Its a GSM carrier that uses both at&t/T-Mobile's networks depending on the bands the phone uses.

I don't know, I picked up a 521 for the wife a few days ago, and it's perfect for her. She's not a gamer at all, so the specs are really ideal, especiall for that price point of $130. As she put it, it's like Nokia asked her what she wanted in a phone, and then made the 521 for her.

Hopefully WalMart will label ot right... At my local WalMart they were selling Nokia Lumia 710's but the packaging said 610...

And I know I'm not mistaken as I bought an actual 610 from futureshop for my girl and they are totally different

I would advise that no one buy this device or any Huawei device. The FCC and several Congress members have expressed concerns over privacy and some other stuff. You know, usual China stuff.

Well 320 hours is nothing, I put my 3310 on my windowsill in 1995.......safe to say the two bars left on its battery are getting used today

This w1 helps to gain 10% market share in africa, it's a huge market, dont know why no lumia 520,620 there. Blackberry is still a star holding 50% the market thanks to its free chat. Asha 501 should be there as well. This is the perfect market for low end wp to gain

wait until spring brings Samsung ativ s dual core, 32 gig LTE smartphone. It going blow away this phone.