ICQ for Windows Phone finally arrives

ICQ now on Windows Phone

Back in November, Mail.ru Group, the new owners of ICQ, announced that they would be developing a client app for Windows Phone.  In addition to its namesake, ICQ interfaces with many popular chat platforms, including Facebook chat, GChat and AIM.  Users can conveniently sign in to all of them at once using just their mobile number and receive push notifications.  ICQ also allows for automatic adding of contacts right from the Address Book and retains a history of conversations.

ICQ can be downloaded for free here.



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ICQ for Windows Phone finally arrives


LOL!  Same here.  I was just going to post that.  I didn't know ICQ was still around.  I think I can remember my ID number though.

Might be worth while if it makes for a good Gchat/AIM/Facebook client. There aren't any especially good IM apps out there.

I was thinking the same thing, I'm using IM+ now and find it pretty miserable, especially since it loses my settings and accounts probably weekly.

I seem to be unable to find a way to connect to my google account in order to use gtalk. Any ideas?
However, I learned that in eastern/asian markets many thing work differently. Services completely unknown to us are really big there with subscription number way higher than Facebook or something similarly popular in the western world. So I wouldn't be surprised ICQ is still relevant there. Heck, I still have an account and use it every now and then. Why change a running system?

I actually remembered my 6 digit account (dont remember my old old 5 digit)... but I dont see a way to connect to Gchat.

I had to get this app because of all the memories from back in the 90's. 
Yes wetworker has been around since then as my tag.
The UI is also pretty nice.

Does it really matter if you's don't use ICQ anymore it is another hole in the ecosystem filled and that's the most important aspect.