IDC claims Windows Phone's worldwide market share drops to 2.5 percent

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Research firm IDC has posted its quarterly report on the worldwide smartphone market, and according to its numbers, the share of phones that used Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system went down from 3.4 percent in the second quarter of 2013 to just 2.5 percent in the same time period of 2014.

Overall, IDC says that 301.3 million smartphones shipped worldwide in the second quarter of 2014, which is the first time in history that there have been over 300 million smartphones shipped in one quarter. However, the research firm also says that Windows Phone shipments only reached 7.4 million units for the quarter. That's down from 8.2 million devices shipped during the same time period a year ago. IDC did noticed that shipments were up slightly compared to the first quarter of 2014.

IDC seemed to offer some hope that shipments in the second half of the year for Windows Phone products will get a big boost, stating that we should see "numerous vendors within key emerging markets come on board, including BLU, Micromax, Prestigio, Yezz, and others. These join Foxconn, Gionee, JSR, Karbonn, Lava, Lenovo, LG, Longcheer, and ZTE."

Android smartphone shipments for the second quarter of 2014 totaled 255.3 million, according to IDC, and in so doing claimed 84.7 percent of the worldwide smartphone market share. Apple was second with 35.3 million devices and a 11.7 percent share. BlackBerry only shipped 1.5 million smartphones during the quarter, and in so doing was in fourth place with just 0.5 percent of the worldwide market share.

What do you think of IDC's finding and do you think the second half of 2014 will be better for Windows Phone thanks to a flood of new devices coming soon?

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IDC claims Windows Phone's worldwide market share drops to 2.5 percent



The X was supposed to help boost WP sales in the long-term. I hope msft can fix this situation. WP hasnt even made an impact on ios/android sales and its declining already! Better marketing can help em

Nokia X is to blame. Carrier support is to blame. Marketing is to blame. Sales people are to blame. iSheep are to blame. Fandroids are to blame. 

Maybe, it is really as simple as people don't like Windows Phones. 

Does not matter to me. I love my Lumia 1520.3. And, I am not under any illusions that WP would be a dominant OS. I just don't see it. Too little too late. 

Just enjoy your phone. Stop number watching. Appreciate Android's greatness. Appreciate iPhone's sleekness and also enjoy your phone for what it is. A great phone that might never be more than it is now.

I will wait for more excuses and lofty predictions to flow. I have been hearing them all for over 3 years now. 

I blame:

#1 - The app gap. (The cure - Create a unique, "must have" feature or game that will draw people away from Android... or make them less concerned about the app gap).

#2 - Nokia phones don't compete on specs. For some reason, Microsoft/Nokia doesn't think things like expandable storage for flagship phones matters... but it DOES. Better specs make it easier for a salesperson to sell a phone and easier for a consumer to understand that he's getting "the best" at a good price. 

#3 - Nokia phones are beautiful... but they're too damn thick & heavy.

#4 - No new flagship last Christmas? No new flagship in the Spring? How long have we been asking for a 920 replacement in the US... only to have one phone released on Verizon? I know, I know... it's the carriers' fault... but why can you buy a Galaxy or an iPhone on every carrier... but not a 930 or 1520? It makes no sense... and it's hurting Windows Phone.

Cyber- I won't read all these commments but yours are on the mark.  I had money in hand to buy a new device this spring on att and nothing.  Now I just updated my 925 to Cyan and GDR 1 on 8.1, play with my 925 for the weekend and go back to android.  Just bought an Xperia Z2 a few weeks ago to occupy my pocket.   

Yeah I feel your pain because I did the same thing except I bought a htc one m8. Wanted a 930 so bad but I'm with AT&T and the International 930 doesn't have LTE. But as good as the M8 is it still doesn't quite beat my 1520 or 1020 on 8.1 update 1

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Ha T-Mobile doesn't have crap. I had to get a Note 3. I'd be happy with a 1520 or 930. Looks like my next phone will be the Sony Z3. Rumor has it that it's coming to T-Mobile and it has a dedicated camera button. Which that and Xbox games were the 2 main selling points for me.

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The biggest problem is MS not being able to leverage its other products to produce a complete seamless experience. MS have windows OS, Xbox, office, Skype etc but their implementation is poor at best making a disjointed and mediocre experience overall. No amount of sexy hardware or gimmicky software (I mean u cortana) will offset that. MS wake up u idiots. Learn from apple. Leverage your great products to produce the ultimate user experience across mobile and desktop.

I agree that there's a branding component as well.

Apple's "i" brand is very easy to understand and instantly recognizable. iTunes is for music (and videos, etc.). iChat is chat... and on and on.

"Android" is a cool brand as well.  What's cooler than robots? Not only that... but since we're dealing with tech here and Android is known for being customizable and great specs... the brand fits the product.

"Windows" on the other hand is an old, tainted brand. Sure, Windows 7 is great... and escaped a lot of the Windows baggage of the past, but... it's not a "cool" brand. It's the brand you use at work (or at home if you hate Apple). The release of Windows 8 was a golden opportunity to rebrand "Windows" as something else... since it's really more about tiles now anyway... but Microsoft stuck with "Windows."

Either way, I think a fresher brand could really give the phones a boost. Why didn't they go with "X-Phone" or "XOS"? Sure, it's a bit of an iOS ripoff... but wasn't XBox around before the iPod? Besides, X is about the coolest letter in the alphabet. 

Whatever they decided to change it to... I think they can do better than "Windows Phone."

completely agree. Windows, as much as I love it, is a tainted brand.

Windows Phone should never have been called that. We said that to them from day dot. By naming it Windows Phone, they're also giving clues to the layperson about potential capabilities. I genuinely have seen people ask if they can install .exes


This, and the complete lack of a broad range of high end phones, well, why would people buy it? People buy iPhones for the (sad) bling factor, and because the company has a cult following. People buy Androids because they've saturated the market from the top to the bottom. Nothing is left for Windows Phone.


The things is too, these are all fixable problems. But Microsoft's attitude with Windows Phone these past few years has been as if they think they're in front and can coast along, like taking 10 steps backwards by implementing the Music app - a fundamental piece of OS software. Yes, we know, they're ramping up OS development, but that means nothing if it isn't in market.

That's why when people ask what phone I have, I say I have a Nokia, I didn't really buy my phone for Windows, but for Nokia, for Nokia's build quality, and camera. People think Nokia's are badass now, how durable it is and everything else. As soon as they ask what Android it's running and I have to say "Windows phone" they're uninterested, they think it's going to crash and hang on apps (I see the irony, comparing to Android and all)

To be honest, if Microsoft can't produce a good replacement to my 920 by the end of the year, I'm getting a Sony Xperia (also good cameras and great music player, and microSD for that media) or a BlackBerry passport (also microSD, music player on BB10 is better than the new xBox music, and what I'm told, a luscious keyboard) I don't want to leave Nokia, but I can't buy things on heart alone.

Me too. Can't conceivably see replacing my 1520 any time soon because I never got into the "I must have the latest and greatest" hardware and specs etc game..

Nokia doesn't have good build quality. Maybe in the past but not in the last decade. They actually have one of the higher defect rates. Bing or Google it. Also just read the WPCentral forums. The 1520 seems to have horrible build quality.

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My own personal experience says you are correct. I am on my 4th 1520. Having said that I only get certified good as new to replace my original new one.

920 is a tank.  Dropped that phones so many damn times and never had a breakage.  Two years and not a single hardware issue, only a few software bugs.  My 1520 on the other hand, seems to use good components but suffers from being very fragile (on two screen breakages at this point) and the SD/SIM slots don't line up properly but I blame that on the rush to get out a phablet to market, otherwise it's a great phone (again, hardware wise).  I love Windows Phone OS but it certainly has it's bugs but then my 4 year old iPhone had many more lockups and resets than either Windows phone has for me.

Yeah, if Microsoft doesn't turn things around soon, even the people devoted Windows Phone will start to desert it... and then it's dead.  Is it too late?

Yep, that's where I'm at. I've supported Windows Phone for over 3 years, but if I STILL can't get a flagship phone with microSD I'm leaving. I truly don't want to go to Android, but it's the only option left as I'd never go to crApple. It's really pathetic that only the ATIV has had microSD or otherwise I have to compromise by getting a mid-range or low-end device. Don't even mention those hateful phablets (1320 / 1520). Microsoft should change their tag line to "Windows Phone - you will love having to compromise in one way or the other"

The Icon and 1520 are both EXCELLENT flagship replacements.  Camera is better and they are both thinner, lighter, and faster than the 920 with an amazing screen.  Not sure what you want that is missing other than Qi charging (which I learned to live without in order to have a better phone than my previous 920).

xPhone sounds fIne, but how do they go about integrating OS across all platforms? Soon we will have universal apps and one consistent interface on all phones, tables and desktops. How does this work with the "X" brand.

And then Apple Watch appeared :)

Branding surely is massively important, I agree with you. But there are other factors influencing a not so relevant growth rate of Windows Phone within some major markets worldwide.

  1. How Microsoft is seen (brand) by the public in general
  2. Past mistakes (Windows Phone 7 and last versions of Windows Mobile)
  3. Company born in a different era
  4. Sometimes they take way too long to react (e.g. initial iOS)

"why can you buy an iPhone or galaxy in every carrier but not a Windows phone?" Simple, because apple and android sell so many handsets that they can pretty much dictate to each carrier what they must sell, not so for Microsoft unfortunately.

Uh I call bullshit. Microsoft has stores. They could sell pentaband phones that would work on all carriers.

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+925 they open stores all over the US, but there's much more support for Windows phone in Europe and emerging markets. They should be much more supportive in their key markets for the release of new services and products. Why is Cortana available in markets where WP penetration is marginal? Same for the Microsoft stores.

Everyone talks about the Galaxy S5, S6, S7...  Lumia's need to be renamed to simpler models that roll off the tongue... Lumia 520? 1020? What do these numbers mean?  Make a flagship phone with tomorrow's technology and name it Lumia X1.  Next season's model X2, then X3, etc.... Get rid of this nonsense Lumia 12020, Lumia 62046, Lumia 54657, Lumia Icon (is this just a random word they threw into the mix?? why?? what next, Lumia Moon... that's another random word they can use as a phone model.... -_- ).....

Thank you. I've been saying this from day one. This is lunacy with all these multiple phone names. Get one Hero phone and build on it year after year. Also, stop trying to sell it as Windows phone. There are too many people who thinks that's grandpa's stuff. :)

If you applied your brains, and followed Windows Phone a bit more closely, you'd know that Nokia's model numbering scheme is only one that makes sense and says a lot about what to expect from a particular Lumia.
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Nokias have always used numbers. The system isn't that difficult - first number is the series and last two is the generation. They could easily last 5 years with this naming system, probably more.

And talking about samsung..

There is Galaxy S, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Core, Galaxy Duos, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy S Neo, Galaxy Grand Neo, Galaxy Star, Galaxy Young, etc. 

Is that really ar better way?

Hear, hear! I hope Microsoft takes note.  Nokia X didn't help either. Caused a lot of confusion and damaged confidence in the Metro platform.

What Microsoft (and Windows Phone) needs is a hit. A bonefied hit.

A cool phone with a cool name that all the kids want.  Something like "Xyb0rg" or... "Xyclops"... or... you get the point. 

Something that can rival the iPhones and the Galaxy phones. Once they have a "hit," then consumers will be more willing to give it a chance. But "Windows"? Ugh. It's not going to be easy.

Surface phone, tile phone, xphone, xsurface, Lumia one, Lumia x, Lumia pro, box phone, Lumia L, Lumia XL, Lumia M, Lumia S, bone phone, just forget it. MS ain't gonna listen or care anyways.

I still haven't seen a drastic decision or product from Nadela that wows people. Is he the right guy for the job?

I'm sure there is so much more that goes into creating a new product than we realize. We may not even see the first product, from start to finish, under his tenure for another several months.

thats the point u dont need to try hard n produce a new product just see what samsung is churning out n how succesfully. abc1 abc2 abcneo etc etc. upgrading specs in short intervals. MS may work on the next bug thing and meanwhile they shd hv come out with upgraded 520, 620, 720 within 6 months/year, same design just upgraded specs, they took too long to get a 525, 630, 730 is yet to come.

Nokia X diverted too much resource and delayed the introduction of the second wave of WP8 phones. Consequently Microsoft lost much needed oxygen and momentum.

I gave up on wp also. my 920 has been sitting on my desk collecting dust mainly because microsoft is just  too  slow to bring the OS up  to feature rich as the other OS's. also besides  the tiles the OS is just ugly. Its black and dull. Battery life is  probably the #1 reason  i quit. The OS just isnt optimized properly  or app  developers have no  clue what  theyr are doing because the same apps on my android use far far less battery life than  on my lumia.

I have an iPhone 5s and its just collecting dust. I use my Lumia 810 over it. The iPhone is the most OVERRATED crap I have ever used.

I picked one up the other day at a store. It was pretty, had a pretty display, but it was so small. I was trying to type in my account information into Netflix, however I made so many mistakes typing due to its small size, I gave up. Of course this is coming from a 1520, however I get plenty of practice from my wife's S4, and my son's Samsung flash focus.

Haha I feel your pain, I broke my 1520 screen and used my old iPhone4 while the 1520 was in repair for two weeks and I couldn't believe people use that damn phone for anything.  Keyboard is so ridiculously small all I did was make 10-15 mistakes for every simple text message I tried to write.  And I love to read news articles on my 1520 during lunch but good luck reading the microscopic text of a news site on an iPhone...I'm sure most of the iPhone users hate it but because they're all so cool I'm sure they ignore it.

I was at AT&T yesterday... They only have two WP devices (1520 and 1020). They were pushed into the far corner of the store...none of the salespeople knew anything about them. More phones, and SOMEONE who knows about these phones would be helpful.

That being said, my 1520 rocks whether or not 300 million other people have the same phone.

MS doesn't treat WP right when it comes to promotion. They spent $500 million at the very start on WP that had the wrong marketing strategy, since then they haven't done shit to truly market the platform as someone who uses and loves the platform I say fuck Microsoft. WP had the aesthetic advantage now the more popular platforms have copied it.

Pretty much. A great OS. But the first app besides the dialer, texting, email, and browser that had to be great was the music player. XBox Music was incredibly weak. After the digital rights errors that I frequently received with the XBox Music subscription, the issues when importing my own music, and then them giving up on on the original XBox Music and releasing the terrible new XBox Music I couldn't take it anymore. Microsoft should have kept Zune around until XBox Music was ready. It was a good player (Zune). There are other things I could also gripe about, but music and podcast issues are why I left the platform.

Windows Phone isn't good.  It just isn't.  And it shows no signs of becoming good.

Can you honestly say that Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 is better than Windows Phone Mango?  It is better in many ways, but it certainly isn't better in every way.  And that's the problem.  With Windows Phone, MS giveth and they taketh away.  Depending on the features you value, your WP experience might actually be getting worse.

Mango had wireless syncing.  It could open and edit binary Office documents.  It had a fantastic built-in music player.  It had social networking integrated into the People hub.  Sure, there's lots of things WP8.1u1 has that Mango doesn't.  But on the whole, I am hard pressed to say I am overall happier with my phone's capabilities than I was two years ago (well, the swipe keyboard is probably enough to push me over the top, but take that away and meh).

Windows Phone is a colossal sales failure because it is a colossal OS failure.  That is made all the worse by all the promise it held.  But that promise is being whittled away at.  And meanwhile, Android went from being a laggy, insecure mess to a highly polished, highly capable and yes, highly secure gem.  I would say the gap is wider today than it was way back in the Mango days.

MS need to get off their duffs and make WP better.  And only better.  Unfortunately, it is now probably too late.

It looks like you're deriving a value of a phone based on 3 features that were important to you. By that token, the ability to manage media files, to have an integrated personal assistant and a notifications centre are incredibly important to me, and WP 8.1 brought them to me, therefore WP8.1 is an exponentially better system than WP Mango.

Seriously, this line of thought isn't objective and is confined to what you and I might prefer and not necessarily an evaluation of the OS as a whole.

You're missing his point. He already said it's better in many ways (which is your point). His point is that MS also remove features, for some insane reason, without replacing them with something better. Change = bad for users, and you'd better put something better in if you're making a change. Removing without replacing is the ultimate worst case of this, and MS seem to be happy to do this all the time.

I disagree with you.  Windows Phone is quite good... and there are a lot of iOS and Android users that LOVE features of Windows Phone and how clean and bold the OS is... but the reason they don't switch is because... well, it's Windows.

I mean, seriously, in the past two years... iOS and Android look more and more like Windows Phone.

You are absolutely correct. They started copying and copying it since the last two years. iOS copied theme color concept and games hub concept. That's why iOS has just got lucky by using this step into the iOS7. Apple tries to make it's iOS7 more colourful. Till the iOS6 iOS is dullest looking OS in the world with its dull bluish color.

I guess you haven't used an Android phone for a very long period of time. Lol I have and the more you use it the worse it get's the more laggy it gets, even with the new hardware. It's the new Windows XP, reinstall every 6 months. Every time Android updates they intoduce more bugs and more lag.

Highly polished, highly secure gem? Lol go buy one and post here again in 6 months.

I didn't buy just1. I bought 2.

It's quite apparent your confused about this. Not all Android phones lag nor do all Android phones lag after time.

What drew me to WP was the integration and the hopes of a completely better experience than what I was having before. That didn't happen unfortunately,and since going back to Android with completely different manufacturer I have found a really great device that works better than any including Apple or Windows phones I have ever owned. That's something I didn't think was possible. The same for my wife.

Don't be so biased about one or the rest without trying them all. Everyone has different needs and likes and dislikes,that doesn't make any os better for all.

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I truly prefer 7.x over 8.1. The only thing I prefer in 8.1 is the ability to save apps on SD card. They have ruined the music, photos, etc. I still can't believe they got rid of the album's year in Xbox music. That drives me crazy!!!!

And just like regular Windows, the updates are pretty good, if they actually work and don't break a lot of other stuff in the process. :(

Sure, we get updates and with them, FINALLY, new features we've all been waiting for. U just have to FDISK, FORMAT, REINSTALL everything to even get them applied properly, lol. If that even works. Oh but it's beta/preview software, so it's not a problem. Just hard reset your entire phone with every update. Just like regular Windows, just REINSTALL everything every several months.

Or maybe even revert to the older version of the OS by flashing older firmware and apply every single update manually again. Yay! But don't complain, u have a backup function built in the OS. It doesn't backup 99,9% of the app settings etc, but it's there, making having to hard reset and even flash older firmwares a breeze! [/sarcasm]

Better release everything as beta/preview, so you can release everything broken OUT OF THE BOX and tell people not to complain because it's preview.. Cause that is the association people have with Windows nowadays anyways, broken out of the box, unsecure etc etc. With recent developer preview issues, I wouldn't recommend the OS to anyone. Last entire stable release was GDR3 on my Ativ S.

The last beta/preview is what gives us new features to compete with Android/Ios. Without the recent additions, the OS feels old instantly. I mean, 8.1 compared to 8.0 GDR3 feels like an entire new OS. WP8 GDR3 had less UI customisation options and other options that should have been in the OS ages ago. (notification center anyone?)  Also, it might not be all MS's fault, but still, bad experiences with an OS last longer then the good ones. I've been using WP 8 for a year and a half now, and it's been a bumpy road.

Don't get me wroing it's good to see updates that push the OS forward, bad to have problems with almost every single friggin update. Worse is that these issues don't seem to be getting resolved or even acknowledged and all MS says is: "we are working on it". In my case, with my Ativ S the last several months: Broken bluetooth to a point i can't even use it or it crashes the entire OS. Worse battery life with 8.1.. Ringtone defaulting @ every reboot? Not being able to even install 8.1 GDR1 because of partitioning issue.. "We are working on it!" is what Microsoft says. Sure, the first 3 problems are entirely Samsung firmware related issues, but doesn't Microsoft have ANY leverage with Samsung to push them to FIX their products when they get broken due to an update? And it's not like issues like these are entirely Samsung related, HTC users and Nokia users have been having issues aswell from what i read. And Huawei users are still waiting for some updates what i've read. :(

The 8.1 GDR 1 issue.. "Solution" for the Ativ is to flash 8.0, and then apply GDR updates, developer previews, restore backup, restore every other setting manually, and hope any app you paid for hasn't been pulled from the store in the mean time. Seriously? Oh, and u might lose your warrantee by doing that. Dandy.

this. mango was less feature-rich, but it was actually the better, more seamless os. there's just too many things they messed up with wp8.1 to the extent where the essence of the os is lost (i guess technically it's a different os anyway). many reviews have said and it's perfectly true that wp goes one step forward, two steps back. the only reason i stuck around is the L1020's camera, but beyond that i can't say i derive nearly the same amount of pleasure from the experience as i used to

well said.. but if there was a downvoting system you would have got several downvotes here.. no one here accepts the fact... its just not good enough.. I hope it doesnt turn out to be another Kin...

It's far from a fact. Windows phone is definitely better suited for the great majority of consumers. Why it sold less this quarter is obvious : A mix of no new devices launched with a transitional phase from Nokia to Microsoft and not so great marketing. I am willing to bet next quarter will be much better

I disagree on no new devices being the reason. They have a great lineup of phones already. Their marketing is to blame along with exclusivity like 1520 only being available at at&t.

Yeap, they are opening more MS stores so for the US they should just offer the plans themselves for their flagship phones for the carriers that don't offer them.

The biggest problem is MS not being able to leverage its other products to produce a complete seamless experience. MS have windows OS, Xbox, office, Skype etc but their implementation is poor at best making a disjointed and mediocre experience overall. No amount of sexy hardware or gimmicky software (I mean u cortana) will offset that. MS wake up u idiots. Learn from apple. Leverage your great products to produce the ultimate user experience across mobile and desktop.

Oh! Yeah really. What the f**k you are saying. iOS7 is completely copied to the windows phone interface concept such as theme colour concept, separate games hub concept by giving their gamecenter, etc. More and more. I can't even count them. Otherwise "till iOS6 it looked like the DULLEST OS IN THE WORLD WITH ITS dull bluish color". This quoted opinion I am giving after I have seen windows phone fir the first time about 4 years ago.

I dont see why anyone is blaming anything...this is not terrible news...Apple lost 1 % of their market share and sales...no one is taking issue with that...this is how it works in phone sales...eventuallly you are going to have an off month or quarter...next quarter could very well be better ...also dont think its too late for MS....they will never be the market leader but they can be very successful with the niche they have now... these quarter sales figures are subjective to a lot of things in the market....and when MS has this issue again...and they will...we will just be hashing the same speculations over again...MS is doing fine..this doesnt mean a thing....mark my words..


Before asking people to mark your words you should read thoroughly what you are posting about: Apple sales were up 4 milions units.... From 31.2 to 35.2.

You are right. Let me tell you the fact. The fact is "Android has the 80% marketshare but still it doesn't affect the iOS sales, reviews, etc. from the people who particularly prefer iOS instead any other. In most of the developing countries people buy an apple product just to show off their status level to other public. That's why apple's profit was nearly $7bn more than Microsoft's $31bn profit." For example if you will go to buy a iPhone 5S(16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB) you will find that at every storage upgrade they are charging $200 extra, Isn't this a complete mockery? Their manufacturing cost for the iPhone 5S was just $1 more than the iPhone 5 but their MRP. has the huge difference. Manufacturing cost for the iPhone 5S is just $260 but you can see the actual price in your respective countries. That's why they are making huge profit. People just choose apple to show their status. As far as windows phone is concerned I think it the best OS worldwide after getting windows phone 8.1 update 1.

Wow i never thought i would be happy that all carriers here in the Philippines suck, because there is no competition really... If the phone we wanted is offered by the other carrier, then we'll switch... Doesn't matter, same trashy experience anyway.

Or we just buy the unlocked versions. We can usually pay 6 or 12 months with 0% interest. So basically it's the same with buying from carriers.

Thank you jbestman. I came here to say something similar, but you saved me the time and did it well too.

Yes, we should all just enjoy the phones we have and love to have.

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I find the blame game funny too but truth be told, the unified windows experience is still far from where MS needs it and their marketing, though much better since 8, is still far behind the exposure needed to push them toward the kinds of numbers that will rival android and apple. I was interrupted at dinner last night by an older gentlemen who just had to find out what my Lumia 1520 was because he wanted a large phone. I told.him its a Nokia windows phone...he looks at me puzzled and said, "an iPhone?" I said no, its a windows phone and I loved it and he said thank you and walked away. I agree, I love my phone and that's all that matters, but until everyone knows what a windows phone is, the numbers will always be the same. MS knows this and when they have their vision fully realized, and they can proudly flood the market with advertising that showcases what makes this OS the best, well see the tides turn. I still believe it will happen, but whether it does or not wont change what I buy, I'm a WP user, I always have been and I always will be! Kin to Focus S to 920 to 1520 :)

The problem is, even though that guy would appear to be a future WP user after ogling your 1520, he might be SOL if he's not with AT&T because of exclusivity, and I doubt he'd switch carriers just for that phone.

I agree! That's a huge issue in the U.S. and one "android" has already fixed(i.e. Samsung). You need to be able to get the same flagship phone on every carrier to spread adoption and awareness. That's how Samsung exploded and how apple has been able to continue its success! WP needs the same thing desperately!

Very good comment. I would only add that it might not be possible to enjoy your phone for too long if this downward trend continues because the platform might cease, Microsoft eventually throwing in the towel... Who could blame them?

They dont need to become the dominand OS. They need to get at least at the same level as Apple is. 10/15% marketshare. That should´nt be to hard, if Microsoft steps up its game at least!

this is a good point. i first got windows phone because it was the odd one out. the aesthetic was fresh and different and i literally haven't met anyone with a wp at that point yet. maybe this is okay

Rightly said.My friends keep teasing me why i bought nokia when i could have bought an Android but now I don't care.I love my phone.

All their problems are marketing related in my opinion as u have said, their advert's are crap compared to Samsung, lg and apple and do nothing to entice anybody to buy. Apple has many adverts just for the iphone focusing on different features of the phone and WP needs to do the same. The 930 has excellent video audio recording but potential buyers don't even know that bcoz its not something advertised.

I doubt IDC would report AOSP(Nokia X) as a windows phone.....

it had MS services but its not a windows phone. It would be in all the other android numbers

Yes it does actually. The Nokia X ended up being a low-end phone with identical hardware to the Lumia 520 and was unleashed in the very kinds of markets the Lumia 520 was doing fairly well in, notably India, Vietnam, etc. In other words, the Nokia X ended up diluting the Lumia effort in key markets and price-segments, so yes, Nokia X had something to do with the loss.

I don't understand why so many of you are surprised. Microsoft is in a transition time, selling of Nokia's stock and producing new phones. Many people are waiting for better for less, the only "new" phone that has come to the market since Microsoft took over is the 930/ icon... From now on we can count or blessings because only the next quarter will have phones that count towards Microsoft efforts because from now on the engine will be fired up with all phones 8.1 pre installed and lets not forget many OEMs jumping in......

15% market share by 2018 is what they predict and I believe it. WP is awesome and if you don't believe me then just look how wpcentral is doing the past years. More and more news to cover, more and more apps in our store, more and more developers produce apps for us and more and more comments on articles..... WP IS VERY MUCH ALIVE..... Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride (~.^)

You really think Microsoft is going to start building better Window Phones than Nokia? The same company that thought Surface RT was better than an iPad? And when Nokia gets back in the phone business in two years, what do you think they'll be selling? Yup. Android devices. Microsoft just bought the handset business and licensed the name; they didn't buy the parent company. 

Surface RT is way better than an iPad.  With an iPad one user can only do one thing at a time.  Want to share it with a spouse and each have your own email and FB accounts?  Nope.

Or copy a file to it, from a USB storage device or from other computer or a NAS, using a full file system (that you can safely ignore if you don't need it, but if you need, it is there).

Or see the thousands of websites, some even from government, that still use Adobe Flash.

Or watch a movie without having to held the tablet all the time or use a fugly cover (kickstand is awesome! I use constantly).

Or increase the on board storage cheaply with a micro SD card up to 64 GB.

I use my ipad to browse the internet. Check social media. Play some casual games. Look up stuff quickly. All from the comfort of my couch at home. One hand holding the device, one hand for interaction with the screen. For other, more heavy usage, i don't want to fiddle around with a tablet, since it is underpowered compared to.. Well, almost everything.

I think my tablet usage is typical for a lot of people. For other stuff like downloading music/movies, serious gaming etc, I use a desktop for that. Or a laptop if i want to do these things on the go. Also, from a usablility perspective, the remote desktop tool to remote control your workstation also works great using an Ipad for example. For emergency use you know.

Who says Nokia is even remotely interested in selling (smart)phones ever again? They sold of that business becouse it was no longer profitable and a distraction from all the other (profit making) devisions of the company. They trimmed the fat for a reason, they are never comming back! And they sure dont have the facilities any more to produce phones one a masive scale (they sold all there factories you know!)

And that Android remark? Why would they ever try that? Very few companies make a real profit on it. Apple and Samsung share like over 90% of the profit made in the smartphone market the rest is fighting over 'the bread krums the big boys drop chewing ther big fat sandwiches'.


My thought exactly. People know the quality of a Nokia and the low cost Nokia Android phones took share from higher cost Nokia WinPhones.

Nokia X was a big distraction. The Nokia mobile acquisition and late relase of WP8.1 stalled new WP products in the first half of the year. However now with WP8.1 adding essential smartphone features, Lumia 530/630/730/830 all releasing at very low prices, and all these new low-cost WP OEMs, I expect WP market share will see a bump in the coming quarters. The WP app store has also doubled in size in the last year to over 300K apps. Windows Phone definitely feels like it has momentum post-acquistion. The biggest stumble I see thus far is the failure to deliver McLaren for the holidays.


The Samsung patent negotiations could bring a nice agreement for WP as well. Galaxy phones running Windows within X days of Android availability? Marketing support for WP Galaxy devices? Hopefully Samsung's marketing support of WP will improve in lieu of proceeding with litigation and we will see them use a brand that is more meaningful to consumers like a Galaxy _? Motorola could eventually also come online as a WP OEM once Lenovo has completed it's buyout process. Lenovo is growing fast in the smartphone market and they could be a great WP OEM using the Motorola brand.

Thank you...

Multiple stumbles by MS.   No new hero phone released at the same time as 8.1 misses the ability to build buzz around the phone and Cortana.   The 930 lacks Glance and a SD Card Slot, let alone it's stuck on Verizon in the US as the Icon.   We have no idea if there will be a new high end phone this winter for the 920 owners that will be looking to upgrade, MS may wait until Windows 9/WP 9 in Spring/Summer 2015.

So stagnant, of course stagnant.  That was absolutely to be expected.

Motorola....    I've loved Motorola for years and was very unhappy when they were sold to Google nor am I pleased they were sold to Lenovo.   I've not liked seeing classic American companies like the IBM PC division and Motorola sold to Chinese companies.   On the plus side having Motorola out from under Google's heel means the likelihood of a Motorola WP device goes up.

I agree and I'll add, I was in the market for a new phone. I wanted a windows phone. Guess what? Unless I wanted a year and a half old phone or a GIANT phone, there was nothing. I guess  could leave my current carrier and start over with verizon, but that ain't gonna happen. The icon isn't good enough to warrant that. No SD, no glance. The truth is MS isn't selling phones because MS has NO phones most people want. Unless you want a low end phone, find me a phone that's AVAILABLe to me and MS will sell it. There ain't one that isn't old. That in a nutshell is why MS isn't selling me a phone or most anyone else. You can't sell what isn't available.

Did you choose a phone on another platform? What was your result? In my case I still have my 2 year old Windows Phone instead of upgrading.

As for Glance, I don't think you'll find that on any other platform either, so I'm curious if you left WP, for another OS, what would you use in place of Glance?

Yes, it is in the past tense "I was in the market for a new phone".   And your question and the implied contradiction of looking for Glance yet going to another OS that doesn't have Glance is a good question.

That said I do think there's a hole in the top where a Lumia hero phone should go, and the 930 is close but not quite that phone.   It's a great feature and a smart move to create something that so many people find so valuable so quickly.  I wasn't sure I'd like Glance at first, but now I find it quite compelling.   If I were to compare it and the dot cover for the HTC One, I prefer Glance a zillion times over, it is so much prettier and more elegant.   My hat off to Nokia, but as they've done so many times before they nerf'd their phone with weird omissions, the lack of a SD Card Slot on the 1020 and Icon/930 and no Glance on the Icon/930.

It's not so much looking for glance and moving on. I like glance but I also like the led notifier.   It lets me know it needs attention. That's what I'm after. Thing is, I want a phone in the 5" size that's not low end, with sd support. There is NONE with wp. I can't buy it if it doesn't exist.

And I agree. There is a giant hole in their upper end phones and even their middle tier phones and the ones they have are carrier restricted or missing major features like sd card support. That's a non starter for me. No sd support, no buy. 

Yes I did. I went with a blackberry z30. Always liked the bb and the z30 has most everything I want. Really like the bb10. Not much for apps so that didn't make a difference to me. There's enough for me. If MS decides to produce phones in that range AND make them available to us, then I'll look again. Until then, if it ain't there, I can't buy it. I don't mind ordering from the manufacturer as you can tell from me buying a bb. But if it's not even available to use...

Too much criticism of Lumia Icon/930. Completely unwarranted in my opinion. Google Nexus 5 and Apple iPhone 5s also lack SD card slot for example. Lumia Icon/930 has many features Google's and Apple's flagship phones lack like a 20MP camera and 4 microphones for recording. I don't see Google/Apple fans trashing Nexus/iPhone flagships and they have even less technology than Lumia Icon. The US carrier exclusivity is a legitimate criticism though. I was/am hoping carrier exclusivity can stop now that Microsoft owns the devices.

The 930 is a fine phone and I would be happy with it if it had a SD Card Slot and Glance.  I am far from alone in that opinion.  I really don't care in the slightest about the Nexus 5 or the iPhone 5s as there are many factors to analyze in determining why something sells well and so it is not compelling to argue from the idea that they lack an SD Card Slot so it's ok that other phones also lack the same.   It's a piss poor analysis.   Are you going to say that the iPhone 6 shouldn't have a larger screen than the iPhone 5s?

Well Thought Out and very uplifting, I to agree if several of those things come to pass we should see margins uptick and a better push towards brighter days for WP, (esp with a better intergration of the ecosystem and continued improvements thru the OS.) +920 

All good points 4tiles. My comment here is basically the same as yours. The next quarter till 6 months will be telling and I also expect a bump. Not a huge one but a bump


I also blame carrier exclusives. I want a 20 or 40MP on t-mobile... I have the 925 and its a great phone, but I want an incredible camera also. This camera is great, but I want more. Add insult to injury... ATT gets the exclusive and doesn't even promote the phone... So annoying. Sales staff don't even recommend it. Customers have to walk in knowing they want windows.

My question to you Blackhawk, are you telling your co workers to act different with customers and give them a choice of all phones and let the customer decide? Also are you sort of forced to sell Android or iPhones above WP by your employer???? And if you show Windows phone to clients that walk in your shop, how easy is it for you to convince them?? I ask this out of curiosity and experience from what I have seen in stores

Exactly. Tons of mobile phone studies are constantly taking place. I believe I read one where, when customers don't have much or any prior knowledge of the phone they want, they will buy what the salesmen recommends ~64% of the time. Meanwhile , salespersons only recommend Windows Phone ~7% of the time, while recommending Android a staggering ~70%-ish of the time.

As is obvious, I don't remember the numbers exactly (so don't quote me on anything, and I highly encourage everyone to explore such a study for them self!), but they were somewhere in that ball park.

Very telling, isn't it?

Yeah.. Very telling.. There are people out there who don't care about gaming on their phone... They just want a great phone for messaging, calling, and camera... WinPhone is great for that... Especially if they ever get Skype working faster. I use Skype for text, calling, and screen sharing with co-workers.

Yup. I had two friends who were totally going to get Windows Phones, but both ended up with Androids because they don't know much technology-wise and the Verizon sales reps convinced them.

They both still are constantly confused on the Android interface and how exactly to use their devices. :/

Samething happened with a former colleague, I convinced her to get the 1520 when she asked me what would be the best phone to get her boyfriend as a present and next day she tells me that she got the Note 2, because the salesperson told her it has 0 apps - can't play youtube videos, doesn't have vine, instagram, twitter or even facebook. I was shocked at the all out lies... this what window phone has to contend with lying spastics -.-. As long there are bias sales people, windows phone will suffer.

The only remedy is to be extremely aggressive in marketing and have windows phone plastered everywhere, but to do that.. we need heck a lot of new phones. I looked into the Qualcomm Reference Design solution for OEMs, only currently Low end to Mid end SOC's are available... so I don't see many high end windows phones coming any time soon from other OEMS, however I am hoping that may change with WP9 / Threshold though.

The lumia 930 on display in Australia always seem to be off, and won't turn on in the store... Something fishy

I agree with you 100% Robert,I would've bought a Lumia device long go if Sprint offered one,I just can't see myself switching carriers,and I also think in the U.S. people aren't too excited with all these low-mid tier phones.Everyone is waiting for the successor to the 1020 because lots of folks find the 1520 to be too big, I know I do, even though it's a BEAUTIFUL phone,love Nokia desgn,hope they don't screw things up! You are also ABSOLUTELY right,no recommendations when it comes to windows phones,NONE!

Why it has certainly nearly nothing to do with the Nikia X-series given their numbers, it has all to do with the pathetic hardware lineup at the beginning of 2014, beside the 520, but even that was already mature.

This has nothing to do with X or handsets. This is all about being three years too late and lack of apps. Period.

From a consumer prospective there are not any apps lacking just fads like candy crush, people say there is an app gap because it may have the games that is enjoyed in their social circle. However when it comes to specialist apps developed by schools or used by corporate entities then there is an app gap.

I blame not enough marketing dollars spent, also a marketing company that obviously can't create catchy commercials. I think Microsoft should go on a multi billion dollar advertising blitz over the span of 3 years. It worked for Samsung with the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone.

you should blame the huge difference in growth pace between android and the rest.  it's not that Windows Phone shrunk, just others outpace it. it was bound to happen and it makes sense.

Nah Windows Phone is just establishing itself as the cool underground OS. We all know it whips the llama's ...

Keep pushing out those low end bullshit spec phones! That's how you build a pedigree. Maybe more crazy colors!

Yup! just like Google. Remember how after millions of devices sold, Google was hardly making money off of Android? They make all their money off of your info by selling it on ads.

Actually a lot of privacy experts care that Google is collecting and selling your personal information.

Won't do any good to try and tell them that. They would sellout their own mother for a free Obamacare card.

Wow 2.5 % Vs apple 35% and android 85%.....wp doesn't stand a chance! What's going to happen to WP share when....new android comes out ! Lets not even bring up new iPhone next month! What do many here think next idc report going to be? At this rate....wp is doomed!

And you should read it as well: Apple shipped four milions units more than the previous quarter. Market share is determined by the size of the market, that in this case is growing.

Well, if you consider it that way then WP has also grown, by 7 million units. Read. Growth is there, only the pie has gotten bigger.

You should probably check your math...

Android: GS5, HTC One, LG G3, galaxy Note 4. There are tons of android flagships. If you don't release a product, people can't buy it. Apple has a great supply chain and regular releases. Microsoft doesn't have either if those :(

Yeah, and Apple are great at delivering on the hype. Hype it up and RELEASE it within 2 weeks WORLDWIDE. Microsoft announce it 6 months early, wait for the hype to fade before releasing it in the US first, then spend the next 6 months rolling it out worldwide except with half the promised features not included as they're US-only (again), and finally roll out 80% of the features by the end of the next year. So what Apple does in 2 weeks, MS does in 2 years!

That is a big problem. Cortana? What's that? MS said it was great stuff...six months ago. But the number of WP customers who actually have it is vanishingly small, even in the US, where the 920 hasn't been updated. Yes there's developers preview, but few regular customers are going to get into that.

MS has forgotten all the lessons of its history, and forgotten everything that's been learned since as well. It built its business on software that ran on anyone's machines, and selling regular updates direct to the consumer or business. They didn't depend on Compaq or whoever to approve updates and provide them for free.

They don't understand Apple's business model - sell 3 good phones at a time, sell them on all carriers, move toward single SKUs; something that's been duplicated by Samsung and others.

I bought a 920 last year, and while I like the phone and OS, I'm engaged in activities every day for which there are iPhone and/or Android apps available but not WP. Stuff like Coursera, Meetup, banking, trail maps, etc.

If I could load Android on my phone, I would. I think it's inevitable that MS will discontinue WP and do something like the Nokia X, an Android phone using MS services. The purchase of Nokia will come to be seen as a huge mistake, Ballmer's last of many.

Yeah, I agree with everything you said. The longer I stay with WP the more I think it's dying. It's nice to see Nokia phones with WP in the wild, but they're few and far between. As soon as I talk to techie people they just sneer and laugh at Windows Phone. Non-techie people sneer and laugh at anything that isn't Apple. Windows Phone is stuck in the middle and it's hard to convince people to buy them.

They not doomed, overall there are more and more WP users, they are growing. Problem is not fast enough to get a bigger piece of the pie due to the fact that Android is making that pie larger.

Finally someone said it. Pie is growing. Windows phone isn't shrinking. Devs that ignore it are throwing away money. I'm becoming a dev LOL.

Interesting, maybe you could enlighten me about how is it possible that WP is growing if units shipment in the Q2 2013 was 8.2 M and in Q2 2014 7.4 M....

I mean this is basic math.....


It is well documented that they are the fastest growing mobile OS. This quarter was bad but if you remmeber not to long ago, the numbers came out for Year over Year growht and it was something like 150%, Dont remmeber the exact value. But they are definately growing. I just came back from a trip from the caribean and I was super surprised to see a lot of people with windows phones, That has also been documented how they are performing in emerging markets. The problem is that Android sheer might makes the pie bigger over time, henceforth the slice WP has will only get smaller or stay the same, unless somehting super drastic happens to increase asoption. 

You keep talking about market share which, again, is determined by many factors; I am talking about units shipped: if units shipped have decreased... where is the growth?

You're right, this is basic math. Let's say at the end of 1Q14 they had ~60 million users (not saying this is correct, but probably within 5-10 million of the actual). At the end of 2Q14 they now have ~67 million users. That's growth. It may be less growth...but it's still growth.

Besides, these numbers will likely explode in 3Q14 as the new low cost Lumia's are already selling well, and you have a dozen new vendors coming on in emerging markets where you will probably see a couple million or more growth from those alone.


Oops, I just saw this post you explained it well.. Also I thought your name was "falconcrap" at first LOL although that'd be kind cool for some reason. I guess falcons are pretty rad.

Enlightenment: If I give you 5 candies today, and you eat two but then I give you 4 more candies tomorrow, has your candy stash grown or shrank?
5 - 2 = 3
3 + 4 = 7
7 > 5.
Although it hasn't grown as much as the first day, it will have overall grown. I've built in the people leaving the platform as the two eaten candies.

The total number of WP users has dramatically DECREASED, not increased. Microsoft / Nokia is shipping fewer and fewer units, even in the "emerging markets" where they used to be strong. In Europe and the US, they're completely irrelevant now. What's happening to WP8 at the moment is the same that happened to Blackberry. And as Blackberry showed a year ago, there's just no way to recover in this market. Once you're struggling, you're a gonner. 

Yep, get rid of it! I am!! Even though my phone is perfectly fine now, and there are literally millions and millions of users, this news indicates that the platform is doomed. /s