IDC shows Windows Phone on a slow marketshare climb against competitors

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Market research firm IDC has released Q1 2012 data that shows fairly large growth for both Android and iOS, while Symbian and BlackBerry continue to fall into gloomy depths. Android stole the show with a Year-on-Year change in terms of shipping volume of 145%, with iOS in tow at 88%. RIM and Symbian, on the other hand, were hitting -29.7% and -60.6% respectively. Some fairly steep recordings.

But what about Windows Phone? It's sat on a respectable 26.9% increase, which is the point to take away here. While the marketshare has dipped slightly from 2.8 to 2.2 (includes Windows Mobile), the shipping volumes for the platform have seen a boost. We can see clearly the effect Nokia is having on Windows Phone.

"Windows Phone has yet to make significant inroads in the worldwide smartphone market, but 2012 should be considered a ramp-up year for Nokia and Microsoft to boost volumes. Until Nokia speeds the cadence of its smartphone releases or more vendors launch their own Windows Phone-powered smartphones, IDC anticipates slow growth for the operating system."

This is exactly what Chris highlighted in his report on Gartner's Q1 2012 data. Without repeating ourselves, check out the chart below for more details on how the platforms have progressed between Q1 2011 and 2012.

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It's looking positive for Windows Phone, which is the main thing to look at. Microsoft and Nokia are doing well with increasing the reach of the brand itself. We'll have to see in Q2 how the continued push from AT&T, recent launches of the Lumia 900 in and across Europe, as well as the upcoming release in Australia, affects marketshare and shipping numbers in future reports.

Source: IDC, via: BGR


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IDC shows Windows Phone on a slow marketshare climb against competitors


All I care about is q2 results, when we see what the Nokia Lumia has done alongside the Titan II and Focus 2. Lte is huge right now and its a good driving force behind sales..

I'm not quite sure how expanding slower than the growth of the market is a net positive. Sure, any absolute growth is good, but the market is expanding so quickly that Windows Phone is actually losing ground despite selling more phones.

Its a net positive when you factor I that the dumbass reporting lumps WinMo in with WinPhone. Everyone converting to winPhone from WinMo shows as a net neutral change, even though the base for the future has grown. Look at the numbers over time and you will see a "U" shaped curve that indicates this. From the looks of it, almost all the conversion is over now as the market share has grown past its lowest point and is now larger than it was before WinMo arrived. I won't be surprised if WinPhone doubles by the end of Q2.

No doubt this is a truly encouraging news, but again, it show how dumb all this research company are, always put Windows Mobile together with Windows Phone, don't they know this totally different? Or purposely do so?

Since WP is growing like crazy right now in Russia and China were it is ALLREADY bigger than the iPhone I guess the marketshare for Q2 will be alot higher than for Q1.

I don’t know I’m seeing a lot of people out in public with Windows Phones lately… Mostly Lumia 900s... though I have seen other models out in public too...

People need to wake up....this is NOT the same market iPhone, Android or even BB entered in 2007-2009. Windows Phone is a great OS, but it is up against other great OS with massive head starts and established mindshare among consumers and developers. WP doesn't offer anything as sweeping as iPhone did in 2009. So yes growth these days is going to be tough.

The key will be to see how strong OEM support (Nokia) will factor in with potentially better retail/OEM support for WinRT tablets and Win8 PCs. It seems like MS is poised to fare much better than Android in the tablet space, and that might be the driver to better WP sales (on top of Apollo and higher spec devices). A bit of an inverse on how iPhone pushed iPad.

Wake up to what?
Window Phone almost has an 10 % market share in Russia and it is bigger than the iPhone in China now!

Wake up to the fact that these numbers are not as bad given the market today, and remember that a climb up is a tough one.

With wp 7.5, Windows is getting more and more users. With wp 8 coming the future looks good

symbian is also named seperately. So which OSs exactly are grouped in the "Linux" part in the image above?

It's the Q2 results that I'm most eagerly awaiting. These results will include the Lumia 900 (specifically in the US), the further growth in China, and the amazing price drops of the 710 (alongside the continued push and marketing by Nokia for the 710 and 800) in the UK. Quite a few people I know, including my sister, have purchased the 710 at £129 ($200) SIM-free from the Carphone Warehouse.

My sister actually hadn't long purchased the HTC ChaCha, and had never even heard of Windows Phone, or realised Nokia still made high-end phones... but the minute she started playing with my phone, she listed it on ebay and went and bought a 710.

It really is the bargain of the year tbh!!

I think the growth is positive, especially as WinMo gets phased out and replaced by other devices. Lumping the two OS varients together showed initial market share, but also is why market share contracted in the last few quarters (my opinion). Overall I think MS really did themselves a disservice with the lack of WP 8 guidance in the tech community. So it is remarkable how Nokia was able to sell phones. I just hope there is not a backlash coming when the final word comes down with no updates being possible.