iFixit lands on the Windows Phone Store, helps you repair stuff


We've got yet another official Windows Phone app to show off to you. This time we're looking at iFixit (www.ifixit.com). If you're not familiar with the brand, it's a website dedicated to helping consumers with repairing pretty much anything. The new Windows Phone app will enable users to browse thousands of step-by-step guides with galleries and videos that make it that bit easier to follow along and not get completely lost.

What kind of equipment is supported by the app? If you own a tablet, phone, laptop, video game console, digital camera and more, you'll be able to check out handy resources for each product. There are some neat features in the Windows Phone app too. As well as being able to check out all the tutorials and resources, there's text-to-speech and favourites. Those who have iFixit accounts can also sign in using the same credentials they would on the main website.


Sure, it's a basic app but it's only the first release so we expect the developer to add more features as time passes by.  You can download iFixit from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, James, for the tip!

QR: iFixit


Reader comments

iFixit lands on the Windows Phone Store, helps you repair stuff


Wow sounds like a really awesome app to have and I have been on their website many times to read articles about new products and their "fixability". Another plus for WP!!!

Seriously.....if you want to fix your tablet use your phone to access it, if you need to fix your phone use your tablet. Can't believe I just posted this comment as yours does not really deserve a response!!!

Not me I been waiting on this I have a Nokia 920 with a cracked screen I wanna fix it and change to yellow, its a spare it works but with this its like a manual in my hand

I would tend to agree...I hate seeing so many apps named i....
In this case, I see ifixit just as ackwnowledging an attempt to be self-sufficient. (ie i'm fixing this...ifixit)

Agreed.  It's nauseating seeing iProduct names that have no connection to Apple.   Stop failing at trying to be trendy and get your own schtick.

I used thier site to help through the process of swapping the cracked screen on my wifes' 900 with my old one. I like working on my own stuff and they're a great resource for more than just phones, great to have an official app. Hopefully they do one for Win8 as well.

Superb application. Microsoft needs some kind of unity with its business plan, I see they want to sway ppl to wp8 from other platforms yet the unique software which could help do this they have given to the others, whilst I realize they are a software company they also show no loyalty to their own, they even neglect their own platform and show favoritism to the others, I believe the better business model would be to keep applications unique to wp8 for at least one year before sharing to other platforms and making said apps free on wp8 and cost a premium on other platforms. Ok rant over, what do some of you guys think?

So what your saying Microsoft has to act like google and apple to exclude everyone else so they would be forced to switch??? Microsoft is a software company. People should choose WP because it fit best to their needs and not because they have no other choice. Smh

Valid point, forced is a bit much, thinking more like the benefits of choosing this platform over the others but I see your point

Can it help fix the other storage solution? I can't download this app as I have no space. 3gb is in other storage and I have SkyDrive upload turned off, with no games and little apps, and yet the other storage continues to increase day by day.

Are we not even mentioning when apps are Windows Phone 8 only anymore? Or should 7.8 users just assume they are out of luck?

I'm happy to see more high profile apps like this making their way into the WP store.  Hopefully this trend continues.  All I need is a mint.com app and I'll be downright giddy.