iHeartRadio goes to v3.0 and is ready for Mango

Good news for those of you who use iHeartRadio, that radio-streaming app featuring "over 750 of America's favorite local radio stations", as it's now Mangofied. The app received quite a few new features and fixes including:

  • Background Audio Player
  • Live Station Tile To Start Page
  • Fast Application Switching Support
  • Facebook Fixes
  • Link to Feedback Page

We've seen a similar update with Slacker Radio recently and if Mango has done one thing right, it was making background audio and multiple Live Tiles an option for developers. Radio apps like these certainly show why Mango is such a great update. You can pick up iHeartRadio for free here (Web Marketplace) and check out hands-on video from late 2010 to see it in action. Thanks, ShipWreck, for the tip!


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iHeartRadio goes to v3.0 and is ready for Mango


Yeah, we're gonna come up with some easier system for both--the next version of our app will parse Web Marketplace links, so we'll just have a single link in a few weeks.

Thanks for this info. wanted to try Iheart radio but it is not awailable in Sweden :-(But I saw that TuneIn radio had updated their app to support Sweden :-) So I go with that app instead! Thanks!

It's not even available outside the U.S. !This makes no sense.I don't understand all these apps that are only available in few countries.

This is the only app, I know, to date, that looks much worse on WP7 than on iOS. Also where is the "panadora-like" search update? We won't need pandora if bring this iheartradio on par with it's iOS version. UPDATE!!! I wrote iheart radio:Original message First off thanks for the 3.0 update for your app on WP7. however I'm still disappointed that you have not added the Pandora like functionality you have in your iOS app. Also iheartradio is the only app I know that actually looks worse on WP7! Seriously the only one! Please let me know when you plan to address, first the functionality issue and second the aesthetic issue. Thank youMattThank you for contacting us. We are currently working on an update for WP7 that will incorporate these features. Stay tuned.