IM+ bumped to v1.1, now supports Live Messenger

Well here's a nice little surprise. After dropping $5 to $4.99 (and ticking off some early adopters), SHAPE Services has just rolled out a v1.1 update to the fledgling instant messaging app. But the surprise is that they added MSN/Live Messenger support, something they previously mentioned as not possible (due to Microsoft's policy).

Evidently either someone was incorrect in that statement or Microsoft revised their position, because you can go and grab v1.1 right now in the Marketplace here. (Thanks, Philipp, for the heads up!)

ps For a laugh, in the Marketplace type in "implus" and see the result.


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IM+ bumped to v1.1, now supports Live Messenger


Awesome news. Now Miyowa can shut down their business and go do some other job, they really shouldn't program anymore after their abyssimal "official" Messenger app.

**** no they shouldn't its $hape $ervices that should shut down. charging $10 at first then not providing a trial and still isn't. what kinda chingadera is that? agile messenger got shut down a few years ago over the same thing.

charge for it fine but at least provide a trial so people can see how it works before buying it. its obvious they are ripping people off because they aren't even refunding the early adopters who paid $10. good thing I have mango now so id only need this for aim and yahoo.

I just don't think it's fair that the iOS and android versions got the $4.99 price and a trial version right from the start. when they updated to 1.1 they could've also provided a trial but they didn't. pendejos!!

it will always be MSN... no matter what name they name it !and the name MSN rocks! they should still use it!

what other improvements are in this version and how do i get the new version when i go to the marketplace from the link in the article it doesnt let me download it and when i search for it as implus it wont let me download it either

It seems to connect much faster to my accounts now i.e. it's actually an acceptable amount of time, even over 3G.Scrolling also seems smoother than before.Those little changes make it feel much more polished.

Hmmm, Mine won't update to version 1.1Keeps installing version 1, and doesn't give the Messenger option when selecting the various accounts... Is there an issue with certain devices?? Anyone else running across this issue?? 7.0.7392 HD7 from T-Mobile here... Edit- Installed after Uninstalling about 3 times now...

Generally speaking, pretty much all Live Tiles work. The problem is Windows Phone NoDo and earlier where there are problems with the endpoints in the registry becoming corrupted.In Mango, this seems to be fixed and yes, IM+ live tile works.

Thanks for the feedback.In your video, you said the Live Tile did't work. But it was the pre release versoin of IM+.I have a couple of LiveTiles that don't work properly for me. Would a hard reset of the device help?Don't have a developer unlocked phone, so regestry tweeking is not an option.

Hard resetting would definitely help.Correct, IM+ didn't work in my vid but that was b/c SHAPE hadn't enabled it on their servers at the time.

On my smartphone, an HTC HD7, since version 1.0 this app is very slow! Someone else is having this problem or you can be my mobile?? What can I do to solve this??