IM+ gets bumped for Windows Phone 8 & Indigo gets some minor improvements too

Indigo Windows Phone

IM+, the popular multi-client instant messaging app and Indigo, the personal voice assistant, have both received updates today.

What’s new? We hope to find out.

IM+ and Windows Phone 8, booya

IM+ for Windows Phone 8

IM+, which was just recently on sale for Windows RT, has received some updates for their free and pro versions of the app. Version for both releases is now available and features the following changes:

  • Lockscreen notifications on Windows Phone 8
  • Portuguese localization
  • Option to automatically set "Away" status when IM+ is in Push
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

We’ve also heard from reader techiez that there is some 7.8 support in there as well, but we have not been able to verify just yet.

The addition of Lockscreen notifications is obviously a huge feature, as any messaging app needs to give that option to users to be truly effective (you hear that, Kik?). We’re kind of psyched to start using it again, especially since we picked up the Windows RT one on sale this weekend and we could imagine both will play nice on our new hardware.

You can pick up IM+ (free) here and IM+ Pro ($4.99) here in the Windows Phone Store.



Indigo beta also bumped

We’re not actually sure what changed in Indigo, the new and pretty awesome voice-controlled personal assistant, but we’re pretty sure it falls under “performance enhancements and bug fixes” as no new features are evident.

Indigo, which is available on multiple platforms and can share information thru your account to numerous devices, launched just last week but it looks like the devs are on top of keeping it in tip-top shape, as this is the second update since release.

Version is now live in the Store and Windows Phone 8 users can pick it up here. Thanks, Oxymoron428, for the tip!

QR: Indigo


Reader comments

IM+ gets bumped for Windows Phone 8 & Indigo gets some minor improvements too


Good that they added the lockscreen option, I guess. Not a fan of the new tile, but the old one was broken on the 1x1 size (yellow tile became a blank, theme-colored one). Still going to use this app, while hoping Trillian eventually shows up.

Wish they would make the initial greeting in Indigo optional.  Cute the first time, then it gets annoying.  Slows you down

I'm pretty sure it let's you know that it is loaded up and ready. Do you just want a "ding" sound or something?

Nothing really. Once it loads just do nothing so I can press the mic button and ask my question. Better yet, go directly into "listen" mode so I can immediately ask my question. Its annoying when it says "Good to see you again Mike", etc. Wastes my time because you need to wait until the greeting is done.

Other than that this Indigo app is the best in its category. Very well done with fairly good speech recognition

I have and the qr code pulls up on my phone and does not come up with an update button.  Guess I'll just wait and try later for.23

About that argument I was having with some of you about 1080p vs 768p... I had a very long side by side comparison with my 920 and a GS4 with a 1080p screen.. Now, I could actually tell a difference in sharpness, but it was the most insignificant difference ever.. My eyes are very good, but I had to really try hard to see any benefit of the 1080p screen. As a matter of fact, everyone agreed that the 920's screen was much brighter, both on max, and had much better colors! Our Lumia 920 screen is superior. After looking at the GS4 screen for a while you can tell that the edges of some text, and graphics, are slightly more pixilated than the 1080p screen of the GS4, but this is not noticeable with "casual" viewing... I will note that with the GS4 screen you can absolutely not see a pixel, or jagged edge, at all.. So, I was wrong. There is extremely very little difference in the quality of the two screens.. But, in all fairness to the GS4 it was technically sharper... So, now I'm excited that WP will be getting 1080p screens because if a Nokia Lumia 920 screen is overall better than the GS4's, then what will a future Lumia 1080p screen be like?? Amazing!!!

1. Why is this not posted in a relevant news story, or (better yet) on the forums?
2. Yes and no on the colors, I guess. I thin kthat the lime theme looks horrid on the 920 screen, but it looks much better on the 822 my sister has. It's like the 822 looks like the rind and the 920 looks like the fruit's innards. The 822 is a more appealling lime green, plain and simple.
I agree and get that the screen QUALITY is better on the 920, but the colors aren't so outstanding.

1. Because it was just a casual post before that was in the comments.. So...
2. I'm talking about comparing the Lumia 920's 768p screen to the GS4's 1080p screen. What are you talking about?

I'm speaking to the general coloring comparisons of IPS and AMOLED, unless the Samsung switched up their screens from SAMOLED without my knowing.

Oh, I see what you're getting at.. I'm pretty sure the GS4 has a amoled screen.. But with the brightness of the 920's ips screen colors just look better.. Its like the amoled had a grey overtone.

Well, I tried IM+ and I received this:
"Hi Claudio,

Someone recently tried to use an application to sign in to your Google Account - xxxxxx@gmail.com.

We prevented the sign-in attempt in case this was a hijacker trying to access your account. Please review the details of the sign-in attempt:"
Which is, clearly, really funny.
Does ANY app exist for using gtalk on windows phone 8? :D

It's just that it uses a proxy in Canada, which trips Google's suspicion.  If you go into google from there and tell it to authorize new apps for the next 10 minutes, it'll allow it to go through without issue.

Anyone having problems with IM+ not clearing the notifications on the live tile or lockscreen?  I get a notification, I go into IM+, I read the message, I leave the app and the live tile and lockscreen still say I have notifications.  In fact, even rebooting the phone didn't clear them.  It now says I have 13 messages waiting in the app, which isn't true.

I am having htc 8x. after updating to IM+, still i cant have option of Lockscreen notification... I am not able to see IM+ as a option to select one of 5 notification. i have even reinstalled it. but of no use. anyone facing same problem?

I am unable to select it as one of the 5 notifications as well on my 920. Starting to wonder if by lock screen they just mean toast notification that comes up. 
Edit: I have tried reinstalling as well and stil no success seting it as an notification icon on the lockscreen