IM+ hits version 1.9 with more features and improvements

IM+ Pro

Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to give SHAPE Service some credit: they are dead set on making IM+ the best instant messaging option on Windows Phone. They consistently make updates to the app and they're not exactly inconsequential ones either. So it's always exciting to get an update from them and version 1.9 doesn't disappoint. Here's the changelog:

  • Mail.Ru Agent instant messaging service.
  • Option to select font size in conversation window.
  • Support for Facebook contacts in ICQ and AIM contact lists.
  • Typing modifications.
  • Added "Slide-to-dismiss" option for Toast notifications.
  • Options to block authorization requests and do not receive messages from contacts not on your contact list.
  • Russian localization.
  • Major performance boost and bug fixes.

Overall the update is quite nice and yes, it seems faster on our end. There's not too much we don't like IM+ which comes in a paid Pro version ($4.99) and an ad-supported free option.  Oh and before you ask, no, there's still no MSN/WLM due to Microsoft's request.You can find IM+ Pro here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, @jubbing, for the tip!


Reader comments

IM+ hits version 1.9 with more features and improvements


The update erased all my saved settings, deleted all my personalized away messages, and logged me out of all my accounts.  I had to manually log back into all of them. 
On the plus side it is much faster!

Nice but this one loves a phone battery. Logging out of IM+ services isn't enough. I noticed that by keeping background services running, it depleted the battery with a quickness.  Nice app, but be aware of a constant polling of services will drain your battery.