IM+ v1.8 with Mango multitasking support now available

Well not even a week after the last update which introduced some new features we get IM+ going to version 1.8 and adding Mango support for fast-app switching, at least according to Shape Service's Facebook page.

If there was any app that really needed this feature, it'd be IM+ just do to the nature of how instant messaging apps are used.

So how does it feel? Honestly, we still see a "resume" screen which doesn't make us feel too excited and there's no other advanced Mango features--no pinnable contacts, the live tile doesn't seem to be double sided, etc. It feels kind of the same as before. But hey, if you find anything new, hit us up on comments and let us know!

Grab IM+ v1.8 here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Sedp23, for the heads up!


Reader comments

IM+ v1.8 with Mango multitasking support now available


Yeah it's definitely got a lil mini Resume action happening there haha. Baby steps I guess.IM+ is becoming so useless to me. So mad I paid $10. Nobody uses these services anymore when we have WLM integrated into windows phone and FB chat becoming the top IM program. But **** I like to stay "connected" so I keep IM+ & Whatsapp pinned to the home screen.

i disagree.. i find the WLM and FB chat services integrated somewhat unreliable for long conversations .. i stick to IM+ and Whatsapp to keep online.

are u FN kiddin me? the integrated chat is far more reliable than this trash. I don't know if this version is trash yet but the last 3 updates sure were. glad I didn't pay for it.

I paid for this app and it's getting better and better. It still has a resume, but it's pretty quick. Scrolling is now fast. I think it's money well spent, because I still use yahoo,gchat,and AIM. If MS would stop laying on their asses and add these other service, this would be needed. So I'm grateful someone took the time to actually get this void, that was missing from WP7 filled.

why should they have to add anything else? hardly anyone uses the others, FB,WLM and Skype pretty much covers everyone.

I just downloaded the free version last night and it's a great improvement over the initial release, especially in regards to scrolling. It's a thousand times better. However, I don't see a update for this app on my phone yet. Hopefully I get v1.8 soon. Either way it's working pretty good. It's nice having my Skype, AIM, Yahoo, and Facebook all in one place. It really cuts down on the clutter. In fact with a live tile, toast notifications, and smooth scrolling, I don't see much of a reason to upgrade to pro.

If you have the WP7 app, you can hit the link with it, and it'll take you to the update page. I didn't show an update being available either.

Thanks for the info. It does seem like the free version is eating away at my battery life. If it gets too bad I might try the pro version to see if things get better.

The resume screen isn't the fault of IM but the result of WP's fake multitasking. In WP7 there is no possibility to have sockets connections running in the background. Therefore IM+ always has to reconnect to the ShapeServices servers when you switch back to the app which causes the delay. So blame MS for not implementing real multitasking instead of blaming the IM+ team.