...I'm a WP7! getting a face lift and name change

I'm a WP7 getting a name change

Changes are coming to the popular Windows Phone app ...I'm a WP7!. Changes that will give the app a name change and a few design changes.

For those not familiar ...I'm a WP7! is a popular Windows Phone app that lets you locate Windows Phone users in your area, interact with them, share tips and tricks, have access to daily and weekly wallpapers, tap into custom ringtones and tons more. ... I'm a WP7! has grown so much since it's launch in April of 2011 that a core group of users have put together the "Uber Outsiders Guide for Noobs" to help guide everyone through the ...I'm a WP7! environment.

Outsider for Windows Phone

With Windows Phones moving to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 right around the corner, the developer has decided to change the name to better capture the nature and intent of the app. The version 3.12 update has been submitted to Microsoft for certification and will give ...I'm a WP7! a new name and slightly new look. With the update, ...I'm a WP7! will become Outsider for Windows Phone.

Why the "Outsider"? Since the app is heavily “unrecognized” by Microsoft and the Windows Phone Team, the term “Outsider” has been chosen in direct contrast to “Insider”. The app's concept and features won't change (well... the features will continue to grow), it's just the name.

Look for the update to be pushed out in about a week and if you haven't checked out ...I'm a WP7!, it's followers number over 300,000 and span 189 countries. It is a free app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Oh...and you can find the "Uber Outsiders Guide for Noobs" here on Skydrive. It's a OneNote document and is a work in progress.

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...I'm a WP7! getting a face lift and name change


Yes, we knew some fans wouldn't like it (at first), but most eventually love it. There is a big "vested" love in the name ...i'm a WP7! but it also misrepresents the app at this point. Many new users actually still think the app is a "Windows Phone user finder", and they don't realize that's only about 1% of the app now. :) Don't worry, though, having all the features of ...i'm a WP7! for you Windows 8 and WP8 devices (always syncronized, too) will make it all worth it. :)

Okay, I'll get use to it. :-) But those that think all ...i'm a WP7! app is good for is finding other users than maybe they should be using a MotoRAZR V3  ;-)

Trust me, we started down that road at first. A "name change" has been in the works for over 9 months. The problem is any of those "device-specific" names lock it down and often confuse folks, or require renaming/branding for every device. For example: Outsider for Windows 8 will be released this summer, about the time ...i'm a WP7! v4.0 with Hive Wars is released. Having the same name for the services and features will help folks understand that it's "harmonious" across all Windows platforms and devices. Also, the "Outsider" name really does describe the tone of the fans. :) ...they've already started calling themselves the "Outsiders"...hopefully S.E. Hinton won't sue ue. :) { join the revolution }

I guess I don't really like it because I don't identify with being an outsider. To me the word sounds like 'social outcast' or 'social reject'. i.e. "He's a bit of an outsider".
Or if you take it to mean someone who is new to something, then you're basically saying we're noobs :P
It should be Champion or Zealot or something that suggest a passion for supporting the platform... and that ties in nicely with the 'revolution' tagline ;)

Isn't there a "WinFan" movement already? That name does tie it down to "Windows", but it isn't device specific.

* "I'm a WP7 Champion", "I'm a W8 Champion" etc.
* "WP7 Champion", "W8 Champion" etc
* "Champion for Windows Phone"

I like the way you think.  Not that I'm against being an "Outsider" per se, but I'd honestly rather be a Champion.  :)
With that said, if the name change has been in the works for 9 months I doubt they are about to make a switch from Outsider at this point.  Oh well, as long as the app rocks and continue to get better and better.

To each his own. I don't mind being called an outsider because I realized that I don't think or act like most people. For example, I did my homework and realized that WP was the mobile OS that made the most sense for what I need a phone for and which launch device to pick up. Most people go into a store to buy the cheapest device and defer (with mixed results) upon the expertise of a phone store clerk.
Most people just blindly follow their friends, or "experts", in all ascpects of their lives, never really thinking for themselves. I don't like Reality TV, think Bing is better than Google Search, and think that both the Democrats and the Republicans suck equally, so I'm definitely an "Outsider". I look at "normal" people and feel no envy at all.
If you were to do a Venn diagram of me you would have circles labeled Outsider, Gamer, Nerd, Husband, Trekie, Brownie, etc. Labels I'm proud to have but the sum make up the whole not the other way around.

I think Outsider is a much better name. The current name is awkward, especially if I want to describe the app to friends. It's much easier to just say "Go check out Outsider sometime." I'm certainly not going to start referring to myself as an "Outsider" because of it, nor do I know why anyone would. I don't call myself a Googler, WP7er, Firefoxer, Xboxer, etc. To label yourself based on what apps/programs you use seems a bit odd.

I was basing it on the name... "I'm a WP7" --> "I'm a WP7 Outsider". When it says "I'm a" it's hard not to think it's referring to yourself :P BUT it looks like it will be "Outsider for Windows Phone" so hopefully that will alleviate that somewhat.

The "Insider" app name seems to say "If you're an Insider then this app is for you", and conversely Outsider is for Outsiders :P If the app was called Douchebagger wouldn't you think twice about using it? :P :P

It might be a silly reason, but I'm a fan of the name change because of the way the contrived ellipsis would locate it alphabetically at the top of the app list.

Yes, out of 320,000 users, about 7 have complained about that, but almost everyone invariably LOVED the "..." as it made it quick to get to in App List. For the record, it wasn't really "contrived". It was intentially supposed to show the concept of "after all the choices, after all is said and done...i'm a WP7!" Make sense? BTW, there have been dicsussions about naming it {Outsider} just to keep it at the top of the list. We guess  you oppose that one. :)

Really hope they don't use the "{ }" to keep it at the top. Id rather it was in the right place with the other apps that start with "O"

I hated this as well, but I never complained - I just uninstalled the app. I bet the majority of people who didn't like the ellipsis trick did the same.

I sweat. Its like they were reading my mind. I just yesterday messaged them on their boards that the app needing some updating to keep it fresh as I was growing bored with it. Perfect timing!

I guess i'm in the minority. I tried the app back in the day, then more recently when WPCentral profiled it. It really just consolidates some of the features of the phone. Aside from being able to find other WP7 users, I don't really see the point. I'm not sure what the point of a hive is or what a droog is.
Anyway, I'm not trying to hate. I just haven't found myself using it like other people seem to. The wallpaper and ringtones are great, btw.
I do want a text sound that sounds like when you level up in MW3. 

Users like you are EXACTLY why fans got together to create the Uber Guide. Sounds like you missed alot of functionality. Check it out here and see if it helps! Forums are your friends, too! :) http://sdrv.ms/OsdZrx

Actually might get me using it again. I find the app nice, but some parts are a bit iffy (a lot of photo-realistic tiles and UI elements that make things too busy). Also, weird thing but I primarily uninstalled it because it took up too much room on the app list, appearing above the "A" apps and because I have quick jump enabled, it hindered the ability for me to access a "B" app without scrolling.

Hm. Seems the commenting system needs a better foolproof, I accidentally did a double click on save and it posted twice :/

hold up, so u already got 1% users on WP8 and 1% on W8?! that's pretty cool, I'm running W8 RP on a tablet if you need more testers there..

Follow us at @imawp7 as we'll be doing another call for BETA testers for Outsider for Windows 8 in the next few weeks! :)

Everyone's an art critic. I like the new look. Mind you, I was a big fan of the old one too. It is the most used app on my phone.