"...I'm a WP7!" updated to 3.5, brings Foursquare check in

The popular Windows Phone social app "...I'm a WP7!" has been updated to version 3.5, which brings with it the functionality to "check in" on multiple social networks at once, including Foursquare. It has only been just over a week since 3.4 came out, the speed of development and implementation of improvements is impressive. 

What's new in this latest version?

  • "Über Check in" - check into all your social networks, including Foursquare and "...I’m a WP7!", at the same time
  • Threaded Messaging, use it as a true SMS alternative
  • A new mini-game "Yarbles"
  • In-app How To/Tips & Tricks Videos
  • The fix for the "French Saving" bug that was a major issue with some regions

You can download "...I'm a WP7!" from the Marketplace.


Reader comments

"...I'm a WP7!" updated to 3.5, brings Foursquare check in


Also added is you can now sort people in your hive. Touch and hold the screen and the menu appears. You can sort alphabetically, by distance from you or last updated. I know because I asked the developer to add the feature! XD

We'll take that as a compliment, right? :) Although we are considering changing the name to Windows Phone "Outsider". :)

Another new feature is we can now sort people in our hive. Touch the screen for a second or 2 and the menu will appear. Sort by name, by distance or last updated. I know because I worked with the developer to add the feature! XD

I would reinstall this app, but the "..." in front of the name is annoys me, since it pops up at the top of the app list on my phone and all the other apps don't have it, so there is no consistency there. ;)I hope the developer sees this and changes(/fixes) it. I also hope I'm not the only one who isn't a fan of the "...".

UVShane, over the last 7 months, and almost 140,000 users, you are officially the 3rd user to say they are annoyed by the ellipsis in the name (although I'm sure there are more) but most folks say the love it like that, since it's a "go to" app for them...make sense?

Believe me, he's not the only one. I have two phones: main/personal and development, and only installed the app on my development one - because this "..." thing bugs me that much.

Although for some, it's convenient, I'm not an advocate. I've now got 3 apps that use some form of "." or ".." or "..." or "@", etc. in order to push their way to the top of my apps list.Now, if all devs start naming their apps this way, then it'll pretty much render the alphabetical grouping of apps useless. Like UVShane said, if I want quick access to the app, I'll pin it.It's like the businesses that would name themselves something like "AAAA Plumbing" just so they'd be at the top of the listing in the Yellow Pages. Those were the businesses I definitely would *not* call. My reasoning being that if they gotta resort to those kind of tactics to attract customers, the product probably isn't all that good.That having been said, I enjoy the ...i'm a WP7! app a lot. I'm just annoyed by the "..." Oh, and while we're on the subject...the "i" in "i'm" should be capitalized ;)