Orange Lumia 630

Another image of the Lumia 630 leaked, an upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 handset

It was just last Friday that we learned most of the specs for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 630. The device is codenamed “Moneypenny” and is expected to be a budget friendly device. It’ll also be one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 handsets launched. Which is why it’ll pick up a lot of attention. Twitter leaker evleaks has just shared another image of the upcoming device. Orange is the new black right?

We’ve seen that green Lumia 630 before. In fact it was one the first images of the device we’ve seen. Add orange, yellow, white and black to the colors you’ll be able to rock on your Lumia 630. Here are the current specs rumored for the Lumia 630:

  • 4.5 inches touch screen
  • 854x480 resolution
  • Virtual touch keys
  • Size: 129.5 x 66.7mm.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Dual SIM (variant)

Not only is this going to be one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 handsets, but the Lumia 630 will also be first with dual-SIM support. The ability for a smartphone to operate with two SIM cards is big in emerging markets like India or Africa.

The rest of the specs for the Lumia 630 won’t wow anyone, but then again the Lumia 630 isn’t meant to win phone of the year awards. This is a device that is meant to move units and be an attractive option to those wanting to step up into a smartphone from a feature phone.

The Lumia 630 is expected to show up in China in mid-April. Expect an announcement at Build or shortly after. The device would make an attractive phone for developers to work with.

Source: @evleaks


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Another image of the Lumia 630 leaked, an upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 handset



Is this 630's orange color the same with the orange back cover in 1320? The one in 1320 doesn't look that good.

I'd use this for my daily driver.

I have a 620 now that fits my needs just fine. When the contract is up, I plan to get a mid to low range phone like this.

I would love it in Cyan, but Nokia isn't liking that color anymore, at least it seems like that ...

+925. I'm a huge Nokia fan, but I'm really starting to dislike their approach. Do they even listen to their customers? From what I've seen, not one person said they specificaly wanted the camera button to be gone. In fact, most people say it should still be a requirement. Also, this is just my opinion, but I don't really think Nokia has the right to call Samsung Samesung... Even I'm starting to lose confidence in being able to tell the difference between all these Lumia devices.

Yeah ! :( sadly, I'm hating this low cost approach, removing the camera and capacitative buttons :(
The camera button was the distinguishing feature of nokia !
Anyway, this looks a hell lot like 530 not 630 :-P

You are so right there, it makes me sick to think that this pos would be an upgrade to my 620. I can play 1gb ram games, whoopididooooo! No ffc, flash, cam button.... 530 indeed. IPhone colour copy, nice move there though

OMFG. This is a follow up on the 620's design which cam out before the 5C. Not an "iPhone colour copy". Can't people get this into their heads?

Who said they're dropping it? This phone is clearly not something you'll buy if you're one of those who cares about taking decent pictures with their device - there's no camera button, and no flash and I bet the camera module is not something to brag about either.

The mid and higher-end devices will surely continue having a camera shutter key, and of course a better camera module.

Definitely more. It'll probably be close the pricing of the Lumia 620, which this is replacing. The Lumia 620 goes for around $170 to $230 USD. Prices of course varied by market, but that'll give you an idea. Still an affordable phone, but not as cheap as the Lumia 52X, Nokia X or Asha phones. 

The Lumia 630 definitely has a newer and faster CPU than the Nokia X/L52x, but they also cut out a few things compared to the L620, e.g. dedicated camera button, hardware capacitive buttons and maybe even a front-facing camera. I think it may enter the market at a lower price than the Lumia 620, e.g. $200 (compared to $250 of L620) and steadily drop to less than $150.

I think Microsoft is much more confident with windows phone 8.1 that it will be challenging to android.... That's the reason... Microsoft allowed nokia to make an android phone..... So people can experience difference between the os in same hardware... One laggy and one lag free in the same price range... And with wp 8.1 app gap and feature gap wud reduce

What's the use of an App when you can't even use it properly because of Lag?

If ONLY Apps, is what you are looking for , then go with Tablets, Phablets, Laptops, or any other portables.

What are you talking about? We have have apps. Just not as many.

What's the use of a zillion apps when you don't have a fast phone?

There's a little bit of a flaw in that app argument in the case of Nokia X.

Nokia X is aimed at first time smartphone users, but first time users are probably those who care the least about apps. For most of them, that's not even a concept. Compared to an Asha, Windows Phone has a phenomenal app store.

Secondly, Windows Phone seems to do best with first time smartphone users, and in particular, first time smartphone users looking for entry-level phones.

Thirdly, in at least one of the markets where Nokia X is being pushed, i.e. India, Windows Phone even has good app support from local vendors and suppliers. These days we've been hearing quite a bit about apps from India. So instead of fuelling this growth with even lower end/cheaper Lumias, they're throwing in Nokia X.

So...somehow Nokia X with Android apps and lacklustre Microsoft services integration (in comparison to Windows Phone) is somehow going to ramp up first time smartphone users to Lumia? Why not sell them Lumia from the start?



In addition, pushing Android based phones is a good idea for Nokia. It will keep the money rolling. Many people I know are hesitant to buy a Windows Phone. The hype Android has! Its created a market for all age groups. People around 60-70's ask if phone is an Android? Real craze!

There's enough apps in the WP store now to get by with, so that has become a non-issue. However lag in low-end Android continues to be an issue so L..LA..A..AG..AG is still a BBBBBIIIIIIGGGGGG Android deal.

I think the 630 will be be halfway between the Lumia 525 and the Lumia 625. It should be an upgrade to the 525, and slightly more premium.

I keep hearing this argument about the Moto G (although I must admit only from comments and posts in blogs but never from reports by companies who's business it is to track these things), and yet this phone could not help Motorola's market share nose-dive from 3% to just around 1.2% 

Are you sure? The only thing I use the camera button on my 920 to launch the camera app, and then I use the OSD for everything. If I use the camera button to take a picture I am much more likely to get a tilted shot then tapping the screen.
But maybe I am alone in this?

No, you're not alone.  I use the camera button simply to launch the camera.  However, I like to launch it from a locked screen (on short notice), so I do have a need to for the physical button.

No it should NOT be a requirement as long as its allowed. It's a good thing for to skip it for those who don't need a camera button and don't want (or can't afford) to pay for one. As long as its allowed and people want a button, there will be phones with them.

I'll echo the disappointment of no camera button if there isn't one. I wonder how much that actually saves Nokia.

Then maybe trigger it by swiping another direction from the lock-screen? Might be, swiping down will trigger the camera from the lock-screen?

Just a suggestion though.

I want WP8.1-0xxxx now!
Does anyone ever wonder why I say "WP8.1-0xxxx"???.
It's like "WP8.0 GDR3 Black"....
I suspect that besides the WP8.1 update there will be an extra feature set for Lumia devices.. It may, or may not, come with the initial update, but Lumia devices might get extra features with the first GDR update.........
Or, maybe MS will stop the exclusive features for Lumia devices.. But, I doubt that...
Any other thoughts on this?

microsoft cant really stop it, as its not their choice, lumias get special features because nokia adds them on top of microsofts updates (unless your referring to after M$ gets nokia's H&S) but I think M$ will keep nokias features to the lumia line.. simply because a lot of those features are licensed

MS is the same length. Using the dollar sign is just childish. So stop getting your ass kicked ;)

Its annoying that even though the buttons are now on-screen there is still a large area at the bottom being unused.

Looks hideous. But that space isn't dedicated to just buttons, underneath is a lot of phone components..

I agree with you though, if there's a lot of place there, the capacitive buttons are a much better alternative.

Just like the Lumia 520 right? Nokia has phones for nearly every consumer. Just because you don't want this doesn't mean there isn't a market out there for it.

You and I obviously want phones like the Lumia Icon, Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520. But I'd be willing to bet there are millions of people out there that this phone is perfect for. 

I understand your point, but the Lumia 620 already had flash and Camera Button, the 630 should be an improvement, not a downgrade...

I think the problem is that this phone carries the 6xx name but is specced worse than the 525. Not sure what the selling point of this phone is aside from a different shape. I'd expect more than this for a 530, let alone a 630 which should be specced like a Moto G

how do you think this phone is worse than 525? camera button? Then what about a 4.5 inch screen and a snapdragon 400 processor?

I do think not having flash and ffc is a major let down. I hope Nokia is planning a 730, retain everything including design and bump screen to 720p and processor to snap 400 and not price it too far ahead of Moto g. Roughly$230-260 in the Indian market.

It's a low device!! 
Look at Lumia 520... "Poor screen resolution, no flash"... and guess what?! It's a success!

You can't compare the 520 to this as this is supposed to replace the 620 which was already more expensive. The lumia 520 found its success based on price, but nowadays you have moto g competing in this price range, with HD screen, ffc and flash. I'm afraid this won't be competitive.

I bet it won't be cheaper than the Moto g, which is already eating away market share to Android in the low end. Before Moto g the lumias 520 and 620 were always in the top spots of most sold phones at European Amazons, now they are much lower and the Moto G always at the top. People will buy the phone that offers better specs for a low price, and having WP isn't exactly an advantage as people generally prefer Android as it has more apps. WP needs to offer better phones for the same price, not the opposite.

but sorry...u might be wrong..previously leaked price in India was very low. So, this may not be an upgrade from 620...rather an entry level WP with a dual sim variant

May be Nokia is finished with 5xx series as they are expanding high end series with 1xxx upwards. Currently they have six-seven different series in the market, it is becoming very confusing. I believe that new 6xx series is going to be the new low end to compete with likes of Moto g and such and will be launched at current price point of 520, thus removal of hardware buttons, flash and ff camera. This phone is more closer to 520 than 620.

I think you're right about the 630 replacing the 520. That would make a lot more sense. But also the Moto G is priced a bit higher than the 520. In the US, the 520 is $99 and the Moto G is $179. Not sure about elsewhere, but I expect this 630 to be closer in price to the 520 and the new 730 to be priced like the Moto G with similar specs

Looks nice. Slimmer than the 620.
But I don't see any flash. Nor any camera button, but this one was to be expected, I only hope the high end ones keep it though.

Also, what is the black round hole at the bottom back?

Honestly, the lack of the camera button and the ratio size/screen quality (along with other stuff like flash etc) makes this phone only better than the L520. It's not worthy to succeed the L620 which was way better than this apart from the 512mb. Other than that I see no reason to buy a 630 over a 620. Unless you really want a double-sim WP.
They better not drop the camera button on the 930 or I'll be really p*ssed.

+920.... there are some lens/apps that work better with a button.. or try taking a selfie with the BFC

So, basically, this is a Nokia Lumia 525, with a lager screen, sans camera button & physical keys. The device itself looks nice, however, it seems kinda, "reductive" in comparison with the Lumia 625 (considering the 625 only has 512MB of RAM)

Now I'm thinking Nokia/Microsoft is going to lose. I thought the "no camera button" option was for other hardware makers (Samsung, HTC, etc) in order to recycle disigns of their existing hardware and put the WP OS in them. That was cool with me. But the camera button should never be romoved from Nokia phones whether they're high end or low end. If Nokia/Microsoft are going to start removing (and not adding) to the user experience, people may as well go to Android or IOS. And I've been down with Windows Mobile/Windows Phone since WM 5.0. #NoGoodMicrosoft

I think the 530 and this will be the same specs, with the exception that this house dual sim, so it should be significantly more

Yeah getting rid of things that attracted us in the first place is ridiculous--seriously wtf Nokia? And that putrid green color looks so android.

This 630 is already a 530. So it would make sense that the 530 would be even cheaper and therefore crappier. But if it gets too crappy, people will go with the Nokia X instead since they'll be better served there...and that wasn't the plan.

Yeah, there would be some overlap, although market roll out differentiation etc. will help. More importantly, Nokia needed/needs every single sold phone sold they can get. Maybe and perhaps even hopefully MS will quickly push X even lower in price or kill the line altogether.

1) it's not empty space 2) cheap phone 3) IMO they are not massive - imagine a bit of black screen space under the back arrow - similar to what e.g. the iPhone has.

If this is the real look of the 630, this not an upgrade from the 620, but more from the 52X line. All it got from 62X is the round corners, it has no flash and no FFC.

Nokia should remember that the 620 was praised critically and publicly because of all the features it has despite the low-end price.

I think the 530 and 630 are going to be identical in specs, besides the dual sim, which would make this one cost more

And mix in the 635. There's no way a smart 620 user will upgrade into this, because it's clearly not an upgrade aside from the RAM and screen size. I will wait for the 73X and 83X lines instead.

I can only find one reason for this: because the 720 wasn't that successfully in general (the 620 was a smarter buy) maybe they're moving the 6xx series into the 520 level but offering bigger versions of the 520 with dual sim (think Nokia X and Nokia XL for WP) passing what would be the successor of the 630 to the 7xx series.

Quite possible. Just a shift in nomenclature maybe. However, I do not know about the rest of the world, but in India, the 720 outsold the 620 by a lot. There is evidence for it.

It will be optional and certainly the phones below 5" will not come with it by default because the small tiles are pretty unusable and that would divert sales. That way those who insist in 3 columns in screens below 5" will have them. He UX for the regular users will remain unchanged.

This doesn't make any sense. If the 630 is called the successor to the 620, then it should be improved over the 620 in every single way. Removing the camera flash and possibly the front facing camera is unacceptable unless the new handset is significantly cheaper.

Agree. Is actually a downgrade. With this design and specs, I will rather go for Nokia X series.

price not lower than nokia x for sure...I said lumia 630 may be priced accordingly so that it would be a worthy buy. The leaks suggest launch price lower than that of lumia 620. If that's gonna be true it would be a nice buy with 4.5 inch screen,1gbram,snapdragon 400 processor and all new WP8.1. Isn't it?...then lack of flash might be excused as is the case with lumia 520

There's a chance, yes. Remember, this is a leak. And as much as evleaks has right, he, for example, had no idea the Nokia X+ and XL existed. So this may be the 530 and he got it wrong. April will tell ;)

I think Nokia should do a Lumia 430, but I think now they will call it 530 and the 530 is the fact this leaked 630.

I think this strategy can work, since now we can see more differentiation between the low-to-mid, mid and mid-to-high ends.

Lumia 530: pretty low end phone (< 100 dollars);
Lumia 630: low end phone (~ 150 dollars);
Lumia 730: mid end phone (Moto G true competitor, 250 dollars);
Lumia 830: mid to high end phone (~ 350 dollars);
Lumia 930: high end phone (~ 500 dollars).

Yes, something is wrong when the upgrade of the L620 is lacking important features like the flash and FFC. It better be a mistake, because right now this phone don't look like a upgrade for the L620. 

I just hope the high end Nokia lumia's with wp 8.1 have the dedicated camera button and no on virtual touch keys.

Virtual touch keys hope is just an options for device maker..I like current nokia buttons

Appears to be much nicer and thinner than the 520, hope this become the next 520 in terms of market success.

I'm sorry if this is being a NOOB question, but then again, Does this mean that all the in-store apps/games now needs to be updated to provide a Virtual Back/Start/Search buttons? Or MS will be providing them themselves? I feel so much good with the Windows Button seen all the time, I can easily access start screen anytime I want.

It is my understanding that the on-screen buttons will be displayed all the time and do not require app changes.  On lower end devices these on-screen buttons will not eat into the content area because the display is 854x480 (54px taller) vs today's low end Windows Phones  at 800x480 w/capacitive buttons.  Not sure how this will be handled on high end Windows Phones to come.  We should be learning more about all this come April.

Thank you for the quick response, but if that's the case, then that would be useless :O

I mean, what's the point in having a on-screen buttons, when it still takes up space and all of the screen can't be use? That would totally be still the same as the old one,.

You will see exactly the same content (nothing cutoff) compared to what is display today on a 800x480 phone.

The on screen buttons will have the option of disappearing like the Android ones. Think of them as the desktop toolbar on Windows. Normally it's always there but the user can choose to make it disappear to reclaim that stripe of screen. Current phones that have capacitive buttons will have it turned off by default.

Hoping this will launch at £100. Right now, The 620 is still £140 on some sites while the Moto G is £130 while having a 720p screen, Quadcore snapdragon 400 and 1GB of RAM. The only advantage the 620 has over the Moto G is expandable storage. The 630 however bumps things up to be on par with the Moto G with the same chip and RAM but ditches the camera button, flash, FFC and still has a low res screen seemingly more in line with the 5XX line. If this is priced even close to what the competition is bringing out with higher specs, no one will even look at this.

A) Looks fat compared to 625. B) I hope it's not unibody and comes with cyan shell. C) There's no camera button at the side ?

Yea, as far as I know of all the Lumias, the 620 has the widest range of colours:

-glossy lime green (yellow + cyan)
-glossy orange (yellow + red)
-glossy purple (magenta + cyan)
-matte cyan
-matte yellow
-matte white
-matte black
-matte magenta
-IP54-certified grey water and dust resistant

and I'm collecting them all like pokemons

Unless there is absolutely no other choice I wouldn't buy a phone without a HARDware camera button.