India's ICICI Bank releases official Windows Phone mobile banking app

ICICI iMobile

India-based ICICI Bank has released an official app for Windows Phone, titled iMobile. The official app, much like other solutions already available from international establishments, enables customers to enjoy a variety of mobile banking features and functionality on the smartphone. From viewing details of configured savings to checking out credit cards and loan accounts, iMobile for Windows Phone is a rich experience for those who hold an account with ICICI.


As well as checking balances on the go, it's also possible to make payments while mobile and transfer funds to another account. It's a big deal and we're sure many consumers in India will be pleased to learn their bank of choice now officially supports the platform. For more information, check out the ICICI Bank website.

If you actively use the bank, what are your thoughts on its mobile offering?

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Reader comments

India's ICICI Bank releases official Windows Phone mobile banking app


They don't need to. Bank apps are generally designed as one off with extensive testing (they can't afford bugs). And anyway I think were are better off than our iOS and Android counterparts in this case.

Their apps can only handle one login/user per mobile & that too is restricted to registered phone number. Ours on the other hand can be logged in with various users as the login system itself is better (it uses our net banking logins directly). Then you see the app design and you can instantly understand why WP design language is the best. iMobile apps on all OS follow simple designs according to OS design guidelines. As simple as the app's design is in WP, it has an elegance in the simplicity that the other OS designs are unable to match.

So I think this time, it's the other OS's iMobile apps that are not up to the scratch. I am very satisfied with the current delivery by ICICI. Now only one more Banking app is pending for me (Citi Bank). Though they did reply to my complaint that it is under development and will be released soon.

This was one of the most wanted apps on my list. Finally after a long wait we finally have it. :)

The UI looks very nice. The app runs smoothly but there is room for improvement and addition of more features.

According to the reply to the complaint I dropped a month ago to Citi Bank, they have already started the app development. They said that that it will be available soon even though they can't give a date...

Great news :-) feeling awesome ;-)

Now if Kotak Mahindra and Citibank apps come to Windows phone, I will feel golden :D

@CitibankIndia @CitibankIN Sun rahi hai na tu? Please somebody inform Citibank to work like ICICI for app development. They do not have time or what?

Finally!!! This is a BIG deal. This was one if the most awaited apps for WP users in India. Well designed app. Hope they keep updating it regularly.

I don't have a current account. However I saw that there is an current account in the accounts panorama. Actually inside the Accounts I can see the following pages:

Credit Cards

As you can see all the accounts linked to the net banking login are showing up. You should try to login and check again...

This was in the top priority list of application I was searching on windows phone.finally its there.but needs to add more features like adding / removing beneficiary in fund transfer section.otherwise great work ICICI bank.thanks a lot....

I have never seen a mobile app with Beneficiary adding capabilities. I think it's because of security reasons. So that feature probably won't ever come.

You are right.but problem is that its not showing all of my beneficiaries.its showing Only 5 of them.I admit that it is much better application than many other banks applications.again great job done ICICI bank.I was awaiting for this application since last 6 months since I brought my Lumia 625.

I don't know, it showing all my beneficiaries from all categories together in one list. I admit, I am a little disappointed by that, but I do see all them...

Finally, it's here. A couple of months back, i opened a savings account with ICICI bank. I received a call from customer care few days later and was asked to download an app for the mobile banking to which i replied, "I own a Windows Phone and except ICICI, most of the major banks have an app." And today, most awaited app is here. I'm sure many WP users in India who have account with ICICI Bank are happy. :D

Finally closing one big gap  :) .Nice UI but can improve functionality but i am pleased it have all features i want right now.but there is definitely room for improvement like credit card statement it doesnt show credit and debit explicitly (font marked in red and green).it may not be clear to user first

Great app developed :) But alot of vitial banks which operate in India their apps are missing.. kotak, axis, citi, stan c etc. I hope this message is sent to these bank's decision makers who are not willing to make an app on WP platform 

Security is still a big concern - I'm still skeptical given that several banking apps have had security issues.

Ahh.... ICICI bank... you live in good old ages. The live tile of your app looks so ugly that none of the windows phone users will pin it to their start screen. Please make a transparent live tile.. though I understand you will need another 3 years for the developement :-(

Not able to logon. Login attemt fails every time. However same login works on website. It may be because i have installed developer preview on my lumia 525. 

When talked to customer care; they done even know that iMobile is released.