India to see Lumia 900, Lumia 610 in Q3; 808 PureView this month

India to see Lumia 900, Lumia 610 and Pureview in Q3

Nokia India announced today at the Nokia Strategy Summit in Chennai that its Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 handsets will be coming to India sometime in Q3 of this year. The pair of Lumias will fulfill the desires of both those looking for a high-end powerhouse phone, in the Lumia 900, and those in the market for something more economical, the toned-down 610. Both phones run Windows Phone Refresh (aka Tango), but are much different in the hardware department. While the 4.3-inch Lumia 900 packs a 1.4 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 8 mega-pixel and 16GB of storage, the 610 has a 3.7-inch LCD, 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 8GB of storage and a 5MP camera. Neither a concrete arrival date, nor pricing, were revealed for either device.

Another announcement that came out of today's Nokia Strategy Summit was the mid-June arrival of the 808 PureView, which was originally revealed back at MWC 2012. The 808, if you recall, is the Symbian-powered phone that is equipped with a 41-megapixel camera. It was originally expected to hit shelves in May, but was delayed for unknown reasons. Nokia has put up a website to pre-book the 808 PureView, but has not made any pricing known for that either. It's an odd move for a device that is so close to its release date. The 808 runs a 1.3GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and 16GB of storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card.

The next few months should be pretty exciting for those in India itching for a new Windows Phone device, or a phone with a monster camera hanging off the back of it. We will keep you posted if any further release dates or prices make their way out into the Ether.

Source: FoneArena (Link 2); Via:Mobigyaan (Link 2), Thanks, ASM, for the tip!


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India to see Lumia 900, Lumia 610 in Q3; 808 PureView this month


Haha, yeah with that white background I thought the Nokia Lumia 900 was a new phone at first.  Does look like the Focus S now that I look again.

808 is already selling in UAE and India. 
India really isn't buying Windows Phones, they still miss so many features important there. That said 610 might just do something.

Oh my goodness, Nokia!  What are you doing?  You need to try as hard as you can to make you product as widely available as possible, like what samsung did and is doing with the Galaxy S series.  By Q3 people will be waiting fro Q4 and the Windows 8 products.  Isn't India one of Nokia's largest markets?  That should have been a priority.  Take down the 800, ship it
to smaller markets and get the 900 on shelves in your largest markets.

I agree, India being Nokia's one of the largest market should be dealt with carefully. By the time Nokia launches the 900 in India, Samsung would probably be preparing to launch one of its WP8 devices. Poor planning.

I suppose Nokia is taking a risk on Indian market as HTC, Samsung are yet to release the latest high-end WP7.5 phones here. But Nokia should note that for these two Android is their main vehicle to the market unlike for Nokia.
I suppose Nokia is waiting for Re to reach 60 to a USD and price itself out of indian market.