Indigo for Windows Phone 8 updated, now launches from Windows Button


Indigo is a voice controlled personal assistant for your Windows Phone 8 device. The app was recently updated to version which gives the app the ability to launch the app from the Windows Button.

Now according to the change log you should be able to execute some predefined inputs by pressing the Windows Button but the best we could do is simply launch the app itself. Every time I said "Indigo + [your question/request], a Bing search was launched.  Granted my Southern accent could be getting in the way but it feels as a little more fine tuning is needed.

Asides from a few minor fixes, the update also allows the microphone to be opened automatically when Indigo needs more information on the request.  Indigo has also learned a few riddles to keep you entertained with.

While we weren't able to launch requests from the Windows Button, being able to launch the app itself does make Indigo a little more accessible.

Indigo is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Indigo; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Indigo for Windows Phone 8 updated, now launches from Windows Button


Uninstall/reinstall and the commands from the Windows start button will work. I had the same problem. I have quite the southern accent as well so that shouldn't be the problem.

When it wad first released to WP, they came out with an update within a day or two. Hopefully, they'll do that again and fix these issues.
I suggest everyone contact support to let them know its a widespread problem.
I swear it was working for a second.

Well this answers the "Maluuba/Indigo" question for me. Voice control apps are absolutely useless to me if I can't use the voice functions of the OS to call them. Stupid this wasn't there from the get-go. 

Yeah, it's astounding to me that none of these apps have had this. It's a non-starter. Of course, it doesn't work at all for me w/ this Indigo update. It doesn't appear in the list of apps exposed in the start button.

Doesn't each app do this automatically? Every app I own can do this and most of them are third party.

All apps can be opened by voice, but this allows you to use the apps features through the Start button... or its supposed to. I'm sure they'll fix the bugs soon as they are aware of it now.

Hi Guys
Gareth from Indigo here.
Sorry you are having problems, we will look into it the app not launching. I have just removed my dev build and installed from the store. 
I needed to have logged in to Indigo once, then holding the Windows Button down, and once ASR kicked in, said for instance "Indigo Weather" or "Indigo what does my day look  like" works a treat. Im using a Nokia 920.
It should also work for any of your favourites

The latest response I've received from the developer:
"We have found the issue , and will re-upload this morning.
May take a day or two to go through the app stores though
Thanks for letting us know, and please give the new app a test when its live :-)

Can someone tell me how to add twitter accounts in the VIP list. App is misleading. Signed into twitter but can't add those I'm following to VIP list.