InfoWorld: Windows Phone is worth buying

HTC Radar Thumbs Up

Robert Cringely at InfoWorld, a technology magazine, has published a superb article that shines Windows Phone in positive light - much like what we saw over at USA Today. Using the HTC Radar (our review) for a couple of weeks, Cringely has gained an insight into what Microsoft has up its sleeve to tackle Apple and Google. 

"Yes, it's true. For the last two weeks, I've been been playing around with an HTC Radar 4G running "Mango" (aka Windows Phone 7.5), and I have to say that -- despite every molecule of my being screaming in protest -- I am favorably impressed."

Of course, when talking about the Metro UI, live tiles are brought up and are the main focus on some platform praise with information being displayed at glance without loading apps.

"As for the software, the Metro interface is exceedingly nimble and easily customized; I love how it shows me how many new emails, calls, and messages I've gotten at a glance. I like how my calendar is on the home page and it shows me my next appointment automatically. I like how I can flip through the status updates and tweets from my peeps without having to load a separate, often buggy, application."

It's a really insightful read, especially should you be interested in purchasing a Windows Phone. Head on over to InfoWorld to read the article.

Source: InfoWorld


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InfoWorld: Windows Phone is worth buying


Everyword he said is 100% true of why wp 7.5 is best Smartphone and best OS. I for one have never had any problems with my WP 7.5 yet it still fast and Stable. I Laugh at my friends who have iphone or android and always have some type of problems. It also funny that my wp 7.5 has 1 ghz snap dragon only while my friend hasx dual core android and it sometimes lags while my Wp 7.5 never lags at all. I also see speed is same has dual core phones. So no need for dual core when wp 7.5 is fast enough

Has anyone but me noticed that all these reviewers are using the HTC Radar 4G and loving it? I am still considering getting that phone despite its mid-teir status. And with all these tech reviewrs on various site using it and loving Windows Phone 7 on it it is seriously making me think I want it.