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InstaCam is a Windows Phone Instagram client

InstaCam is now in the Marketplace

InstaCam is a Windows Phone Instagram client that just hit the Marketplace yesterday.  It allows you to take pictures on your phone, add different effects, and then share them via Facebook, Twitter or email.  You can log into your Instagram account to check "likes" and comments on your uploaded content.  You can also view other people's photos and leave comments, or follow them if you're a fan of their work.  The search function can find photos based on key words in pictures' tags.  Not an Instagram user?  No worries, you can still use InstaCam to browse content anonymously.

This first iteration of InstaCam contains a lot of features, including a couple exclusive photo effects.  However, there are more features on the way.  The developers are already planning on adding geolocation search, view changes, and more.

InstaCam is free and can be downloaded here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, peestandingup, for the tip!

QR: InstaCam


Reader comments

InstaCam is a Windows Phone Instagram client


Not really a nitpick. But I wonder what Samsung says about this considering they have a photo app called Photogram as well for WP.

If I have an Instagram account, will this app attach my photos to that account?  Or only to Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

The filters right now aren't great at all. I'm sure they'll add new ones in the future but right now I think you're better off using HTC Photo Enhancer to edit pics.

What bothers me is the question whether my photos are uploaded and accessible for the Instagram community when i don't have an account. Cause actually i just like the effects and thought about using the app for that purpose....

Thought I would chime in since I've been testing this app for about an hour. First, this app doesn't allow you to upload photos to Instagram (currently no 3rd party apps do). The onboard filters are merely there for saving photos to your saved camera roll. You can however do just about everything else it seems (log into your account, like & comment, view you & your friend's feeds, search, etc).
And yes, if you don't already have one, you can only sign up for an account through the official Instagram client (unless you do the dev sign up thing, but I'm not familiar with that). And since its currently only available on iOS, you'd have to do it through one of those devices.
Hopefully this is all changing soon & the rumors of an official WP Instagram client are true.

Um....but it's my understanding that you can't actually UPLOAD TO INSTAGRAM.  Which pretty much makes this app completely pointless.

Whats up with this instagram hysteria. I use Thumba or just share a pic straight away, is instagram adding something special?