Instagram client coming to Windows Phone? [Update]


Details are a bit fuzzy on this right now, but developer Bil Simser has been working on an Instagram client for Windows Phone called Metrogram. Instagram is an extremely popular photo client on iOS, analogous to BubbleGum for our phones, that allows users to apply somewhat kitsch filters to their photos and share them within the Instagram network (and Twitter/Facebook). File it under "arbitrary but must-have apps" for Windows Phone.

What's interesting is how quickly Simser coded the app, once again demonstrating how easy it is to write apps for Windows Phone. According to his Tweets, it did not take very long at all:


"58 minutes later an a new wp7 Instagram client is born. I think that's a record for me" "Writing the Instagram client for #wp7 has been so freaking easy. 2 hours and I have a fully functional client"

By the sound of it, this isn't just a viewer of Instagram photos but rather something to create photos with directly. However, we're not sure if this is official (and Simser was hired as a contractor) or this is just a side project. Looking at the name Metrogram, we're betting unofficial. We've reached out to Simser to hopefully find out more info, so until then, just relish those screenshots.

Update: Developer M.Saleh Esmaeili chimes in that this is just a viewer-only, as Instagram APIs restrict access (though some sites do interact with Instagram). Hopefully we'll hear from the developer soon.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Amir, for the heads up!


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Instagram client coming to Windows Phone? [Update]


Please be trueee!! Not a necessity but would be nice to have and add to the Windows Phone has no important apps battles.

i think i read a couple of days ago that microsoft promised that all top 25 apps from iphone and android will be available on windows phone this year. Isn't Instagram one of them?

I was just thinking about this yesterday. If you think about it, logically Instagram should come to Windows Phone before Android. Let me explain. The Instagram guys are VERY picky & want a seamless consistant experience. I honestly think that's why they haven't brought the app to Android yet, since its fragmented all to hell. There's a million different cameras, UIs, etc. They probably don't want to tarnish the app.
On the other hand, WP7 is very tightly controlled, has consistant hardware, camera spec requirments, etc. So I think it would be a much better fit for this app.
This is an essential app that needs to get on the platform. Basically IMO, what Microsoft needs to do is back up a dump truck full of cash & drop it on Instagram HQ & work with them to write this app for WP7 pronto.

Makes sense.  I wonder if WP users are actually sending e-mails to the Instagram developers to let them know that there is interest?
I don't think that I would ever use Instagram, but for those that would, it just seems pointless to complain about not having the Instagram (or any app, for that matter) instead of actually contacting the developer to let them know.
Which reminds me, it's been 4 months since I sent an e-mail to Zynga, so I'm going to send another one to them today!