Instagram for Windows Phone updated with 'performance improvements and UX refinements'

Instagram Windows Phone

They’re few and far apart, but they do come from time to time. We’re talking about updates to the official Instagram (“beta”) app for Windows Phone. Today we’re looking at what appears to be the third maintenance update to Instagram beta.

Let’s check out what’s new.

The official Instagram app for Windows Phone originally launched in late November. It was met with lackluster reactions, but we were very glad to at least have an official app in the Windows Phone Store. Since then it picked up an update to bring photo tagging support. Then a rapid update came out a few days later to fix some bugs. That was over a month ago in December. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find Instagram sitting at version with the following new features:

  • Performance improvements
  • Crash fixes
  • UX refinements

Still no Instagram Direct support, but an update is an update. Instagram cites UX refinements, but nothing jumps out at us right away. There’s also performance increases and fixes for crashes. If you notice any changes sound off below!

You can grab the official Instagram app for Windows Phone in the Windows Phone Store or by using the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip Kjell E Wian!

QR: Instagram Beta


Reader comments

Instagram for Windows Phone updated with 'performance improvements and UX refinements'


Before to see following news you had to pull up the app bar but now they added it at the top with the regular notifications.

This is what 6tag is for. Instagram will never devote as much effort to this app as their iOS and Android counterparts.

You can count on Rudy though.

Oh yeah, absolutely. I use 6tag actually but even that app has its limitations (e.g. video filters, et al)

Forget 6tag Instagram is here to stay. On the long run they will out program 6tag. This update is good.

Rudy and 6 tag is a thing of the past. WP is at it peak. Thanks Rudy. But the truth is Instagram is here. Rudy and his team better find another niche. Instagram is here to stay.

His team? lol you are deff new around here.

If you pay close attention many people here admire Rudy because he is a one man team. Everything he codes/releases is done by him and only him.

That's right! Though I have both the official Instagram and Vine, I only use 6tag and 6sec since they're so much better.

UI is purely visual, UX is about the eXperience (user flow, information architecture, performance and stability, etc)

No, User Experience describes the flow, animations, visual style, and usage of the software. UI refers to visual style.

The frustration over Spotify is building. Im recommending the app to friends who use ios and android and the new features are not even available on Windows Phone!!

Um...What about Having a camera first? To take a photo, you hate to use the Microsoft camera, and then crop it, which is crap tbh.

Bought 6tag 2 days after trying it and would even buy it again instead of instagram for free. If a third party app is better than the official, that's what I use.

+1! Noticed this straight away as it always annoyed me having to hit down the bottom to find the "followers" news setting.

It is still a shit version no uploading videos no last features like on android or ios.

I am glad there is Rudi Huyn with 6Tag thats a real instagram app.

Only i can see to the people buy 6Tag


6tag is great...but missing video filters. There is something about an 'official' app that just pulls you in! When it finally gets video and direct messages then I'm pretty sure im going to dl and try it out.

I always love when you people get on your soapboxes how windows phone needs this app and that app to be a player and when there are steps, albeit small, you guys promote 6tag to a point where it becomes suffocating.  I'd rather have an official app rather than 6tag.  We have choice, but shut up.

Speaking of soap boxes...anyways....why would you rather have the official app and not a really good third party app?

Ridiculous logic. Should we not complain that we're getting a sub par experience with the official app? And then not mention a third party alternative that's developed by just one man that bests it in every category? If the app was up to scratch you wouldn't see any complaining.

I would rather have choice, choice is good. I do have the official client installed but I prefer 6tag instead.

We have choice to not shut up also :) if 1 man alone (Rudy) can great a much better than official app, then what are the lazy 30 or so instagram developers doing for their wage? The only answer i can think of is: making beautiful ideas or changes to ios apps come to fruition, leaving WP at all times behind

I'm not sure if the official iOS and Android apps do that but i don't think it is coming, i use 6tag not to crop pictures :P

I'm glad we have the official Instagram app', but lets be honest, 6tag walks all over this. 6tag is so good i feel like it is the official app.

Is it just me, or to the bars/headings seem too big? A lot of wasted space, you have to scroll to see the comments on the photos. Pretty sure ios you can see a lot more on screen without having to scroll. Tone down the giant headings!

Installed the new version and quickly had a look at it.
So far here is what is new:

-The Notification Section is now broken into two sections with a banner on top , one section for Your Notifications and one for People you Following.
The option was there before but hidden in the options menu. Now its a banner on Top.
-You can now Share a Picture you previously posted to Instagramregistered Social Networks as there is now a "Share" option when you hit the Picture submenu of your own posts. Before only the "Copy Share U" option was URL available.

Finally, I cannot confirmed this because I do not have the old version anymore but the Top and Bottom banners, where the Home, Most Popular, Notifications, Search, Refresh etc. icons are placed)  looks much more polished and optimized for the HD screens screens.

The last thing you are talking about is the same thing i'm wondering, but i can't look back because of the updated app :P nevermind, the app is a bit better now!

Seems smooter, there is a new following option at the left of 'you', and the app don't act anymore like my internet connection is slow, thankfully! :D

Definite improvement in speed. I like 6Tag, but I feel its days are numbered once the official client gets video support.

Oh come on, Instagram... add the ability to post videos and also add direct already! I do like the UX changes though (most notably, having a quicker way to see your "following" news).

Another thing they need to do is make the status bar at the top blue. Currently it's black and it really annoys me!

The app seems really better. Working pretty fast on Lumia 620, even better than 6tag.

Of course 6tag have more features but this is more user friendly, I don't know :s

Sorry but windows phone is pile of shite. Trying to register, but it wont accept my email address and it says the username is available but when i press the tick icon it then says username is unavailable...

I only upload photos to Instagram so it has all I that I need except the camera. I do not need Instagram Direct asap because nobody uses Instagram direct anyway

I'm on a Windows Phone hiatus right now (I hace an HTC One). When Instagram launched their WP app I didn't have my HTC 8X so I never tried it.

How is the image quality with Windows Phone uploads? On Android they are terrible. Uploads on HTC One or Galaxy S4 don't look like photos upload with iPhone.

Photos on Android look jagged and over sharpened, specially in photos with straight lines or text on them. I hope the quality on their WP app is better.

I think the only thing missing in this app is Video upload, Direct would be nice to have but its pointless anyway. I like this app better than 6tag simply because I can see comments on the feed without having to navigate to other page IMHO.

6tag is feature rich but I love the original Instagram logo on the live tile over the 6tag logo and the colour of the original 6tag tile. Sea green, seriously?

I'm sticking solid with 6tag with it's ability to pin profiles to the home screen and also to save pictures.

I thought after 2 months it would move out of BETA as well as give users the ability to post videos and all I see in this update is performance improvements and UX refinements. WTF is Instagram upto? Looks like for a year this app will remain in BETA only.

Whoever is saying Rudy to go away should stop saying that because he has single handedly made 6tag which better than instagram

Not an update for me, the Instagram team seems so lazy. How can they tell us that this is an update and in what way has user experience improved?! The answer is no commitment, I'll start skipping their updates until they bring something worth my data consumption. Thanks to guys like Rudy, companies like Instagram would have made us think coding for wp8 is a near impossible task.

Wow. I'm so embarrassed whenever I read the comments thread for any WPCentral news item to see how many people just whinge and complain about every great and wonderful announcement. Hopefully not too many iOS and Android users read your petty drivel of nothing ever being good enough. The rest of you that just embrace the wonderful new and great apps and updates that come to windows phone, good on you guys keep it up, that positivity is what teh platform needs, not these god awful grinches that have nothing better to do than moan that nothings good enough for them.

The new things I notice is notification menu where you now have notifaction and feed. Earlier you had to swipe from bottom to get follow feed. Also you have lockscreen icon :)