Instagram updates official Windows Phone app with photo tagging and maps

The official Instagram Windows Phone client has been updated to version 0.2. While the app itself remains in beta, we're already seeing some improvements being implemented to better the experience for consumers. That said, we still anticipate a major upgrade to bring the Windows Phone app up to speed with both iOS and Android.

So, what's new in version 0.2? One of two new features team has included in this release is the ability to tag people in photos. Now when uploading content to the social network, you're able to include the names of friends and followers. Not only that, but there's also now the option to use locations and add photos to maps.

Instagram Update

Along with the two new features, you have your usual bug and crash fixes and some user interface improvements. See our previous hands-on footage for more details on the app and service.

You can download Instagram from the Windows Phone Store for free. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Reader comments

Instagram updates official Windows Phone app with photo tagging and maps


I dont think so.. I mean, sure 6tag has more features, but instagram official is even more smoother scrolling and I prefer its UI more than 6tag

My problem with the official app is that it skips a lot of pictures. I think there's only a few new posts, then I open up 6tag and see all these posts from friends that instagram didn't even show in my feed! 6tag & Instance are FAR superior still.

Really? 6tag has NEVER lagged or crashed on me...however the official app lags like crazy and doesn't feel smooth at all, especially when switching pages.

6tag crashes a lot during photo input and editing. Official app never crashed once for me. But 6tag has awesome features.

They both have their advantages. Rudy (6tag) has had a huge Headstart however Instagram is going to be given additional help by Microsoft which will allow the app to catch up sooner rather than later.
Rudy will continue to receive my support as long as he keeps creating third party apps like snapchat that are still missing in our ecosystem.

Well, I have both apps. But the that sits atop my start screen is 6tag... The official is snappier, though.

And you can see photos you are tagged in on your page.

Isnt it just direct messages and video upload thats left?

That's the only reason I am not switching from 6tag. Getting notifications every half hour is better than getting no notifications at all.

Push worked on mine before, sometimes not all the times. But not anymore, in these few days. Dunno why... Tiles are confusing too. Sometimes 6tag's tiles update are faster... Enabled background task on both apps. Not a big deal anyway... :)

I can now access my gallery thru the camera button, finally! All i can do before is using the share menu from my phone gallery to post. Looking for more updates! ;););)

Happy they didn't just drop an incomplete app and run. Not too far from catching up with iOS/Android now!

I honestly can't see why people say 6tag is better. It's all the same to me. I'm just happy to have more than one option. I would like to see a better (official) Facebook application though because the Microsoft Beta version is still a way off from being ideal.

Some day it may be up to speed with 6tag, which is highly ironic...
I don't know why they don't release a version with the same features as ios and android

Because Rudy pays to host his own server that plays middleman to format/upload the images to the service as he doesn't have the ability to use the private APIs Instagram uses.  You don't want to pay for that fine, but don't act like he's ripping people off.

Off topic, I know, but is anyone else having trouble with the website? I haven't been able to get that site, except ads on the home page, since Friday. Did they fail?

One stupid thing they need to fix: Browsing pics sub-folders! They only show the pics on the top level of every folder.

I will only use the official now, it only needs a lens support. I uninstalled 6tag because I think supporting the official application drags more frequent updates.

I still have a problem with the search feature on 6tag. I can never search for people with their names. I can only do so using their usernames.

I hope when the non beta version release, we will get in app camera. Without it... Its nothing...

It is still an unfinish app NO VIDEO upload NO instagram direct rubbish long live Rudy whit his 6tag

Instagram shamed on you

Good to see updates already out. Most wanted feature is, video capture, and video from library, but these might not be available until wp8.1.

I still get "couldn't refresh feed" while on WiFi.
Edit: more than half of the feed loaded this time, if I had kept hitting refresh for 10+ minutes it might have loaded more.

I used to use 6tag and when the official Insta app got released got kinda excited, until I find out that it doesn't support image saving. Uninstall right away, 6tag still rulz!

Is the add to map feature the same as the iOS one? See the same option is in 6tag...but that seems to then geotag the photo to where I posted it rather than where I took it...whereas the option on iOS reads the existing geodata on the image and tags it there.

6tag still best option for me...i know, that those are just little things, but for example appearance of the 6tag when you scroll down, lookin for new posts, that main bar just disappear, so you have enough space for comfortable browsing - such a simple and elegant solution...but in Instagram beta, that bar is still there, and for what? navigation? i don't think so...even monkey can remember, that you can simply navigate between those 4 sections by swiping...and whats worse, there's even second bar with author of the photo, that blocks your view... Bottom line: you can't fit even one whole post (photo + tags, comments) on screen, and that's at least annoying.

Can we upload full resoultion pictures not being cropped to square? I do not like my pictures being cropped to square like a profile photo.

Real live tile (not this shitty icon+digit), video capture, video library access, wtf, where are all of this?

Design and speed is very good. Other is not