Instagraph gets updated, adds Tagsdagram integration and more


Instagraph is a feature rich, unofficial Instagram client for our Windows Phones. You can create accounts, modify your profile, upload images, enjoy Metrogram integration, and more. The app was recently updated to version 2.5 which most notably brings Tagsdagram integration.

Tagsdagram is one of the top Instagram #tags listing sites and the integration helps finding the right #tag a lot easier.

Instagraph Screens

Additional features of the version 2.5 update include:

  • The original Instagram filters have been added to the image editor
  • New favorites #tag and @user list
  • You can now edit your profile picture
  • Caption size increased to 300 characters
  • Double-post check
  • Integration with Pictures Lab Windows Phone 8 photo editor where you can share the last photo edited with Instagraph

You also have the customary under the hood tweaks to improve overall performance of Instagraph.

Oh... and as an added bonus, in celebration of approaching the 1 million picture upload mark Instagraph is staying at the $.99. There is a trial version (now without ad banners) that will let you upload one photo daily if you want to try things out first.

Instagraph is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can pick it up here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Instagraph


Reader comments

Instagraph gets updated, adds Tagsdagram integration and more


Ciao Daniel, can I get to know please why I can't get any notifications or live titles on my instance app...all options are turned to enable it and its showing as running app in background ...:-(

Don't use them if they are useless for you.
I find original Instagram filters far better than Aviary or Instance ones, so this is a very cool feature for me.
Coming from iOS and android, I really appreciate to be able to use original lenses too:)

Is IT possible to fix the problem with foreign letters ? In Norway we use: æ,ø and å, these letters dissapers when uploading :-)

Good job to the instagraph team. Ever since the metrogram integration, you guys rock twice as hard :P I use tagram and it feels good to see the integration. The only thing I wish for is near instant upload like instance. But this app is more stable than instance and doesn't load as slow.

They are different, instance is a complete instagram client, Instagraph an advanced Instagram uploader with image editing and tag utilities. Instagraph has the original Instagram filters too and is quicker to open. I definitively use both.

I use both too.  I actually prefer to upload using Instagraph because it's faster and the filters are better (for the seldom instance [pun not intended lol] I choose to use one).  I use Instance for everything else.

Yeah, i just checked it on my WP, it has instagraph but it's not free. hahah! LOL, anyway, I'm intrigued with Instance app, but that one is not available for wp7.8, i hope 7.8 gets more new apps. 

Instagraph WP7 and WP8 versions are  exactly the same, except for the Metrogram integration (technically not implementable on wp7...)

Download "Instagraph" uploader, apply original Instagram filters, use top tags from Tagsdagram, get really famous and lot more happy :)