Instagraph uploads on hold but server fix is coming soon

With the launch yesterday of Instagraph, the unofficial Instagram app for Windows Phone, some issues were to be expected—after all, this isn’t just a simple Instagram posting app. Indeed, there are two big complaints right now including delays in posting images and having the wrong image posted instead of the user's own.

Despite some ramblings on the internet it’s not other people’s images that are being accidentally posted by Instagraph, but a demo one, which while annoying is not as sensational as some have made it. The problem was server-side, has been patched and will be back online in the next 12-24 hours (maybe sooner).

In the meantime, the link to the Store has been disabled and the developer has asked us to not promote it until they're back up and running. Once the server comes back, all pending uploads will be given priority and processed to be posted.

As to delays, obviously on the first day there would be a lot of users hammering the servers, and until things even out and server capacity meets demand there could be some slowed processing. In the long run though that should be a minor issue and chalked up to growing pains. We’ll revisit the service in a few days to see if things have improved.


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Instagraph uploads on hold but server fix is coming soon



Maybe you should have read the articles and understood that it was a massive undertaking. There is no way they could have truly stress tested for such a huge hit at once. Try and be reasonable, they are working a miracle here and bringing a huge app to WP that no-one else was willing to make. They deserve some patience from the user base.

I understand the effort in fact I will not ask for a refund. It's only that it's just not good enough as I expected. Photoplay works perfectly and can share on facebook...

But it doesnt share on instagram (and thats the point);  it doesnt even save photos to camera roll.
Get over photoplay, eyeEm tried and at the end of the day while the service itself ticks all the right boxes it just doenst have the user base. Its like you telling us to stop using facebook and use myspace.

They should have released it as a trial/beta to stress test and then started charging.
I myself did not purchase this app. Lost interest when they said it was a workaround and you need to use another app to view and comment on pictures. You also can't make an account from the current version of the app and you are only limited to 3 uploads a day. If this was a unified browsing and uploading client, then maybe I would have bought it even with it's no signup and 3 upload limit. I'll be sticking to fhotoroom and Photoplay as a secondary. Once Instagram has their own legit app, I'll throw that in as my secondary and push Photoplay to the bottom of the rotation.

That still would have hit them pretty hard for the servers. 
They did what they had to and they are doing what they have to do to fix the issue.  I understand people are looking for things to complain about but seriously, there really wasn't a better option out there (at least I haven't come up with one and I haven't seen a better one suggested). 

As a matter of fact there is! There are plenty of tools and services out there to do stress tests on web services. They probably didn't, because it's a lot of work to do it properly and it can be costly.

Personally I'm interested to see how well this Instagraph service will work. They say they don't use the Instagram's API's to upload the photos, but do abide by the Instagram Terms of Service. The public API doesn't have upload endpoints, so that's unusable. The private API that Instagrams own apps use may not be used by third-parties and Instagraph claims they aren't spoofing the API call (i.e. pretending to be the IOS app).

So only two option remain: use Mechanical Turks (i.e. have some actual people do the posting using the official Instagram apps) or use the official apps and run them in some emulator. You can, for instance, run the official Android Instagram app in the BlueStacks Android emulator and write some code to automate that app to post the user's photos.

I hope they will explain what their magic is.

Buy the app, they tell you exactly how they accomplish this. It's not the Instagram API, and it's not through an emulator, nor is it through manual means.

It's not yet available in my Store, so I cannot buy it. But please tell me the method they use. The only thing I could find was that they use their own services running in Windows Azure. But that's not telling us anything at all.

This comes straight from Instagraph's Privacy Policy pivot page and I quote in part:
"..All devices are headless and located on unattended rooms on geographically distributed server farms.  Requests could be temporary queued on Instagraph servers in case of high load, all requests are deleted just after being executed by the connected Instagram TM App.."

Vague... Does this mean they use actual connected Android devices instead of running emulators!? That's not very scalable... I don't buy it.

Because these are physical devices, they're probably running android shell scripts on each device to launch Instagram, passing user info into it. I'm guessing but would really like to nail down how.

That was just about retarded. He's saying why not use Photoplay as an alternative to Instagram, not Instagraph. My goodness man. 

Issues were expected with an app with such a coveted feature (uploadongw to instagram). Thanks to the devs for working hard on this.

Why?  Why should issues be expected on an app that costs money to purchase?  If they are charging for it, it shouldn't be a complete mess.  If they wanted beta testers, release it for free. 

" Why should issues be expected on an app that costs money to purchase? "

I'm pretty sure every piece of software, paid or free, has bugs and issues especially on initial release (hello, Skype). If the devs are actively working to fix it, then I don't see the big deal. Just leave a bad review until it's fixed, get a refund or wait for reviews of apps before purchasing them.

Yeah, no.  The single desireable functionality of this app didn't work.  That's not a mere bug, uploading was the raison detre for the app.   
Why does everything have to be so rah-rah in the comment section here? 

"Yeah, no. The single desireable functionality of this app didn't work. That's not a mere bug, uploading was the raison detre for the app.
Why does everything have to be so rah-rah in the comment section here? "

Are you kidding me? The server was overloaded so they are fixing it. It's not a bug, that's load balancing, at best. Moreover, the comments here or on any primarily windows phone site IS NEVER rah-rah. It's always bellyaching and troll infested. It was like that for Android in the beginning too (as an Android Fanboy, I've had this IDENTICAL argument many times on Android Central and Android Police). You want to be complacent, fine. Expect some kind of blow back for your position. Better yet, be prepared to defend it. Same thing goes for people who are overly positive.

...and has been out for a long time, is powered by one of the largest corporations on the planet and it still sucks. And technically, Skype has payment services.

I was just saying.
I know it's another discussion but I think MS have dropped the ball removing MSM and replacing it with Skype. They need a Skype Lite as well, as it seems bloated, overloaded and overkill for a lot of people - and without some features that MSM had. Plus they've not metrofied it yet. Plus the bugs. Too early to do what they are doing.
Back on topic, I'm really in two minds about Instagraph. As a programmer I applaud the devs for finding this workaround and bringing this program out for people who want to use Instagram. But surely an official client is coming and so this would be a short term solution at best and just seems like a lot of unnecessary cost and expense. I feel Nokia or MS should step in and help the devs, give them servers for free, help them remove the bugs and get this out for free. I know $2.49 is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but for a service that should be on WP and free, it just seems like the wrong approach.

Clearly you haven't followed this app's development. You're paying to support the dev and the cloud servers they're using to make this hack happen. Paying for this is more of a "put your money where your mouth is" prospect. If you actually care about supporting the idea behind the app you'll gladly spare a couple of bucks.

You call something like this donation. You could still donate even with free apps. but i see his point.. using buyers as first testers is not a good thing. on the other hand we have wp7 users that are the same thing :)

+10000 and I don't understand the complaints on the actual price. It's $2.49...it's nothing if you have a smartphone then you can spare $2.50 to support the servers and the devs

Clearly I have or I wouldn't have bought it in the first place on its release date. It is not asking a lot to expect uploading to work.

Yes, everyone expected an untried hack to work perfectly right out of the gates despite developers obviously being cautious about whole thing. Riiight...

If you've ever played any online game (WoW, Everquest, SW:G, AO, TOR, GW, etc) you'll know that bugs come with the territory.  Things can be tested and tested and tested in a beta environment for months only to have it go live and go up in flames.  It happens.  If the app were a hundred bucks you'd have a valid argument but it's pocket change.br>
To me its less about having the app and more about giving the devs props for being able to come up with it in the first place.  So the app doesn't work at the moment.  I'm sure we'll all manage a little longer without it.  :)

Yup. The game "Defiance", which I recently purchased is dealing with those issues...it's annoying, but i can wait a few weeks for things to stabilize. Everyone just has different levels of expectations--it's not wrong or right either way, but it's just not something I personally get worked up over.

+100 on your point. I guess people will never get that beta testing will never eliminate bugs. SimCity comes to mind right now.

Yes just what I was thinking. After experiencing the Diablo III and Sim City launch issues recently, I just laugh about it. Maybe they should have open beta tested instagraph to prepare better. I know people were using it pre launch successfully. Server load is a crazy thing.

So amm you saying tht grand theft auto IV for pc was tested .tht is cra&* dude if it went up in flames it was not !!! Properly tested get your facts right :)

the company i work for sells software for hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes millions depending on the client).. and believe me, every client we have right now is a beta tester
not only that, those companies have way more on the line using our software than someone posting the wrong image to instagram to $2.50

I love the fact that these guys are shoving it up Instagrams ass. They are clearly committed to the cause and I'm sure they will get this sorted out

an online chat with a customer service representative will sort everything out in 30 seconds. great service from microsoft there. that's why I am WP8 user.

wow, that's a mature comment. imagine there are people out there who can't even afford a mortgage, so, yeah, I bought myself a good breakfast instead.

Not going to lie, I want my money back if this isn't fixed in a matter of hours.  It hasn't worked yet. 
Their customer base is primarily buying out of spite for instagram and desparation, and we're all likely to get jobbed when instagram releases its official version (hopefully soon).  You need to deliver a good experience in this situation. 

It's not so much expectations as some of us are taking a more "wait and see" approach. There's no reason why these issues in the first 24 hours can't be solved, and indeed, they supposedly have

I'm not saying people are wrong for wanting their money back or who are disappointed, just that some of us have more patience and aren't too concerned--it's $2.50, not enough money for me to get worked up over..

Or buy an android or iPhone :) I own all three platforms so this is not a problem. It's fun to own a different platform on the side for this reason.

Kids these days (I'm assuming most are young adults that are complaining) can't wait for a long period of time. Its all the instant gratification you get from the internet and tv.. They want it now now now. It's only been out one day its never been tested this much. Aldo it's not a hack, more of a work around. Im still buying it later when I upgrade this weekend.

Wow, its pretty impressive how quickly their servers got overloaded. Hey Dan, the last instagraph post, I thought I saw a double-wide metroradio tile. Is there something you want to share? :-)

Yes please!! I'm not a instagram fan but understand the importance of having it or something similar. I'll probably get it anyway just to support the amazing work of the devs.

And to think people pissed at the 3 day pic upload and look at what happened with just that. Whole reason they had to trickle uploads to try to avoid this and it still happened. I hope the best with hammering the first round issue and obviously it shows the demand for the app.

Many of us have paid for the app to support Devs that are actively working on our platform to show that there is demand for WP apps from the community. Many of you whining are ignorant tools. If you can't afford a few bucks to help the platform, then why do you own a smartphone? Go back to Android and download illegal .apk files /rant

While I have no interest in Instagram, who are you or any one else to tell somebody what they can or cant afford? I am here supporting the platform, but doesn't mean I can afford to buy every app or game I desire. Family and bills come first.

I agree with that, I'm talking about those who have willingly paid for the app and complaining. They knew it wasn't free and took the plunge. Not many initial releases, paid or free are free of glitches. Even if they have had public beta's.

I own a WP to take pictures of random hot girls and mms them to my friends. The camera button makes it easy to take pictures while pretending I'm on the phone :P ..I paid for the phone's features not for apps that fill in the operating system's lack of features.

I don't own a smartphone to help a platform, I own a smartphone to make calls, text, chat, video conference, listen to music, play games and take pictures.  It is not a religion or a cult and I owe no debt to Windows Phone or its devs, they need to deliver something to me in order to get paid.  
So when an app is released and it doesn't work, if I complain I should be called names, not be able to use WP8 anymore and should be forced to switch to Android?  Is there a loyalty oath or some initiation rite required to use this platform?

Internet is free, yet you pay to access it. Nothing is free cause there will always be a cost somewhere.

You're not paying 3 bucks for someone who actually tried to achieve what seemed impossible and yet you forked out 500-ish dollars or more for a smartphone.

Everyone talks about supporting developers.. why not support Photoplay.  it's a superior app right now..  (and no i don't work for them or know anyone who does).
Everyone is ragging on anyone who complaining about Instagraph (but they have the right to since they paid for it) especially since failed miserably upon launch.  Major privacy issues with cross-posting of pictures.  I'd be pissed.  They should have launched a small beta test at least first with a few hundred users.  Ridiculous.  
At least they're trying to fix it ASAP and are giving out constant updates.  Good customer service.

As Dan has stated, no cross-posting has occurred, instead Demo stock photos were placed into Instagram due to server-side issues. It does suck as we wait for it to come back online, but no privacy issues have happened.

"but no privacy issues have happened"

You mean, none that you (or anyone) are aware of. You need to enter your Instagram credentials into this app and they can basically do with this whatever they want. Did you notice that they ask for your e-mail address as well? (Instagram itself does not!). Maybe they are trying to use your Instagram password together with your e-mail address assuming (rightfully so) that almost everybody uses the same password for all services.

Fun times ahead!

The people that are complaining are the "this is a slap in the face" people that flood the WoW forums when a patch breaks the game. :P
Patience is a rare commodity these days.

I'd rather pay for a service than have it copy down and sell all my info. Thats just me and of course, i'm doing both by paying for this app and uploading to Instagram.

How can people want a refund for like $2 that's probably in ur couch right now give me a freaking break! I knew this would end up a bigger headache due to the lack of people being reasonable on here you complain about not having apps yet say ever paid app cost to much you won't even buy this app for 99 pennies I need to treat this site like YouTube don't scroll to the comments cause it's becoming more and more ridiculous

Are we assuming an official instagram app will be any better I don't think they would care as much to fix issues as the developer of this app but that's my opinion

Why so much advertising from WPC for this app? It's a shitty app and keep promoting it will just ruin your reputation WPC

Not advertising but look at the amount of comments we're getting...nearly 500 for the link post, another 400 for the announcement post...clearly our audience is interested in it, so why would we ignore it? Also, this was more a status update than app promotion. We had info, wanted to share it with our audience. No regrets there.

I agree with Daniel, here is WPCentral :)
Is the APP  a good one for photos? YES
Is the Instagram? NO
OK, We need the REAL Instagram.

Close, we do it to meet demand of our readers who are clearly interested in Instagram (no matter how dumb it is). It just so happens that driving traffic (and giving our audience what they want) equals more hits...

The good news is I'm not paid on amount of traffic to the site, so my editorial decisions are not based on such considerations.

Lol am don't wana be rude but can this app only upload im confused if so that's daylight robbery ;)

Sorry to disagree with those wanting to give Instagraph a pass, but this was an collosal failure out of the gate.  WPC and the maker can spin it as they wish but the fact that they did not offer a trial period of limited users AND the fact that it failed to post properly for so many people, makes it embarassing at best.  
This wasn't a "stress" issue, they should have caught this in testing.  Doesn't seem like this is some kid writing code in his underwear in his bedroom.  I get the impression this is a seasoned operation.  So no excuses.  This is business and its a paid app.  Customers shouldn't be so accepting of this from Instagraph or any app being sold on the store.

It's nothing to be sorry about, just people have different levels of expectations, that's all. I don't begrudge that some people are upset/want their money back. But this is technology and sometimes you bet with your money, that's life.

When i walk into a restaurant, I expect a certain level of service.  My reservation was recorded and table is ready, food is served within about 25 minutes and is hot, etc.  It's not an unreasonable expectation.  If the food comes out in 40 minutes and is the correct dish and it's hot, that's still acceptable and not a failed experience.  Never getting served or receiving someone elses meal, fail, fail.
When I buy software I expect it to work as designed and advertised.  If it has some performance issues or minor bugs in its 1.0 release, that's acceptable and not a failed experience.  Not working at all or getting someone elses photos posted.  Fail, fail.
So I guess if your expectations do not see either of those two scenarios as a failed experience then ok.  Just realize you're probably a minority

I'm not even disagreeing with you, so not sure why the example is given. Having said that, I think going out to eat vs. software not working are not nearly the same and the lack of human interaction and immediacy of the situation, makes a difference.

Just trying to make a point on your comment about expectations.  Might not be a perfect analogy.  Also, I might be a little hard on them.  But I I own a software company and know what can and can't be done to develop, test, and successfully deliver a product.  This didn't have to happen.  
Say what you will, but this is sloppy product development and unacceptable.  If this is just a bunch of young guys experimenting with an innovative idea, then I forgive.  Good for them for taking a risk and innovating.  Their courage will take them far.  However, if this is a real and established software company who was sloppy and decided they could use their customers as paying beta testers, then shame on them and I hope they get what they deserve in this brutal business of software development.

Daniel, I hope to get an answer from you now. I was just wondering - is it the official Instagram app splash screen on the Ativ S? Or what is the app running on the Ativ S?

World of Warcraft was a massive collosal failure at launch day, massive disconnects, massive, lags, massive login failures and massive waiting ques. They stressed tested it a lot and still failed on launch day. Blizzard is a very seasoned operation yet they still weren't prepared and even then expansion after expansions, launch day of all their games still is a failure. And yet people still accepted and play.
Enjoy life =)

That must be because they have a good product and it's unique (when finally working).  That causes people to still buy it in SPITE of the problems, not regardless of them. 
Instagraph is not always going to be unique.  As soon as Instagram creates their own for WP or someone else duplicates what they did, then poor product quality at delivery will hurt them. 
It's just like the restaurant scenario.  A unique restaurant can get away with mistreating their customers a bit.  Olive Garden cannot. 
If the product uniqueness gives either of these software developers a sense that they can use the customers as paid beta testers, then shame on them. 

All these people willing to give this failure a pass just highlights the level of desperation in the WP platform.  The comments about supporting the platform always make me laugh, because a big corporation is behind the platform.  IMO people bought a WP device because they liked the UI not to support MS,.and thought the app situation would improve over time.  It's not Instagram's responsibility to help WP succeed, it's MS.

Every time someone looks on this webpage or refreshes, this website get money. Talk pays itself, be it something useful or controversial.

Just shut up pbroy, if you think that this topic is a waste of time, good for you, stop reading this and stop trolling the comments. But obviously this topic is of huge interest to the community (judging by the amount of comments) and so wpc reports on it

Never said its a waste of time. Just saying how it is. Even if I am trolling, it's getting people interested in replying and wanting to hit the refresh button. Look at all the Xbox crap that's being spread on the internet. People want a piece of it to generate add revenue and post their own FUD. I actually support this website and submit tips to help it be first to have articles. Walking Dead commercial... yeah, that was me. Ease up and have some fun. It's just a comment section.

Want Instagram app. WPC tells you about one to the moment it releases. You get a wetty. App not working. You blame WPC. I see no sense.

The reason no one will use photoplay as an alternate is because the point is for friends or people you know to actually see your pictures. No matter how many pictures you post on photoplay, the only people that will see them and be friends with you online are hot Russian girls. Which I guess isn't that bad now that I think about it lol

We understand, shit happens. Thanks Instagraph for bringing the Instagram experience to Windows Phone. Here's an instahug ... *hugz* #nofilter

Ha ha ha ha ha ha yea yea yea maybe the official app will be out by then. Guess they figured there would be only a handful of people uploading.. Thumbs down (ebert)

We're not talking about $2.50.  Do you know how many people bought this yesterday?  I have no idea, but lets say for arguments sake that they got 10,000 users to subscribe.  Thats $25,000.  Not a bad days pay. 
Again, what makes this bad is it was a paid app.  This is not another free facebook app that is quirky. 
So they are using Azure.  big deal.  That's a cloud service that charges you by the amount of compute time and storage space you use.  No upfront investment to speak of. 
The way I see it, the makers just advertised and marketed an app, got a bunch to sign up, made a nice days pay, and still, as of now, delivered nothing.  Not good

Wow so many people whining.... What did you expect on day one with this huge undertaking? People are way to sensitive now of days...

I expect shit I pay for to work.  Go buy a car and not have it work and go shit on the people who would tell you to be patient.  FUCK YOU.

Um ok....longleggs you just proved my point dumbass...
Plus your whole phone app to a car is like comparing apples to a fucking horse. Grow up.

  we are about to start processing all queued requests, when finished, services will came back regularly (little more patience ;).
We apologize for the inconvenince, to be refunded, contact us at our support email.

Thank you very much for your support !!


Some people have no patience. I'll be buying this app this weekend when I upgrade. Thanks for all the work you put into it. And your other apps. Really appreciate turbo camera, And security toolkit.

Thank you for the hard work in rectifying the issues. I look forward to supporting your work from now and future.

Meanwhile, the guys at Instagram are laughing their nuts off at the whole situation. This is like a Kickstarter project for an app: pony up and brace for disappointment

The biggest problem with this app is that the developer has not given a trial period or maybe just upload 3 pictures for free .I have never bought an application without trial period, can be the best app on the earth but without testing in never buy, and i like to support the developers what app i like a buy.
The situation is similar to Diablo 3 launch :))

Everyone should just quit their bitching and just have a bit of fucking patience. If I had a WP8 right now, I would buy it even if it doesn't work at the moment. The developer is obviously working on fixing it. He's only human and I'm sure he has a life, so quit whining over $3.

^this. Also it looks like more people got the app then expected and we crashed it :) this is a good thing it shows WP is worth supporting.

Agree. Ordering my WP8 tonight. Lumia 822. This will be my first purchase for the phone (after installing the ones already on it)

With tax this app cost me $2.70. I lose that much in loose change every week. Some here act like they invested their life savings.

The devs are to be commended on such an effort, it's quite disheartening to see them being shit upon when they're clearly in the process of fixing things. Personally I have not bought the app yet, but it's not because of the cost. As soon as basic upload/browsing functionality is included, I'll gladly hand over the 3 bucks to Venetasoft. Whether or not Instagram eventually comes to WP8, the devs should be commended for taking up the slack. That's assuming we get an app from them with reasonable feature parity between the Android/iOS versions.

With prices so low, when does a thing/service get so low its worth nothing? And who can live on nothing?

It's a shame they didn't "open beta" test this for a while to avoid moronic (attention starved) bloggers like the Verge clowns.
Rubino has full rights to "go postal" on the audience here. The idiotic hate on display is unmeasured.
People WANT/EXPECT instagram posting capability from their phone nowadays. and WP lacked it until now.

I'm surprised so much love for this company  Are these just company employees singing kumbiya?    I'm sure Microsoft wishes they got such slack :) 


and WP lacked it until now.
I just tried to post something on instagram and as far as I can tell, WP stil lacks it. 

When you pay for something you expect it to work.  I am sorry for those who are saying have patience, you can't ask for any amount of money and tell people they have no right to complain.  It may be 3 dollars, but it's money.

Simply stating "it's money" isn't supportive of your argument. Are you saying if the 3 dollars WASNT money the situation would be different and you would be less disgruntled? Isn't three dollars ALWAYS money? You may need to work on your ability to form arguments, however quantifying the amount (in the case 3) does allow us to realise the trivial amount of which you are so up in arms about. Get a hobby.

@longleggs... Exactly. It doesn't matter if it's 3 cents, 3 dollars, or 3,000 dollars...principle dictates that if you're going to charge for something, it better damn well work. If the server goes down that's not my problem. I paid for something and services need to be rendered accordingly. If you want me to have "patience", don't charge my credit card.

I thought it was pretty clear in the way this was described it is more of a Kickstarter than a finished product. Everything about WP feels beta, so anyone who buys an AP and expects the first iteration to work flawlessly just doesn't understand the hardware we're working with.

Agree.  they should suspend applying charges for the $2.50 until it works and is re released.  Don't hold your breath but that's a fair thing and symbolic gesture.  
Should have known something was up when the offered no trial.  If you don't have enough confidence to let someone "try before you buy" then it can't be that good.  We sell all our software with a 30 day trial and no money down.  Very rarely have a customer not buy afterwards. 

Well my credit card hasn't been charged yet... It always goes through a few days later... Same as yours. Or you could just use carrier billing and pay for it at the end of the month...?

They didn't have the resources to expand server capacity until the app went on sale. I just hope this pushes instagram to do something.

again folks, this does not look like a scaling or server or stress issue from what we can tell by the symptoms.  Azure is very dynamic.  You can add a virtual server, or a worker process in seconds.  You can add processors, storage disks, etc. just as fast.  You also don't pay for anythng until you use it.  Virtual Servers are charged based on CPU even if you don't use them, but he rest is billed at the end of the month based on usage. 
Hard to believe this is a "resources" or "funding" issue.   Most likely they simply blew it and didn't test the product well enough.  Why?  Because that IS where most of the cost was.  Developer time to build and test.  So they took a shortcut and decided to use us to test it.  That's fine if they had called it what it was (a beta test) and not charged us. But they didn't.  This is obviously not Release software.

Yes, Azure is very dynamic. But the solution you roll out onto it has to be developed so that it is scalable. If you don't do that, it doesn't matter if you host it yourself or on Azure.

True.  I'm making some assumptions that it was designed to scale.  if not, they have bigger issues.

I still don't quite understand how they are going to make money. Pay $2.50 once and upload pictures forever? For that matter, I don't understand how Instagram makes money either. For the official version its FREE with no ads! Maybe that's why Instagram isn't in any hurry to make a WP version. More users means they just lose money faster :)

$2.74 (with tax) and I havent been able to use it. not blaming anyone just stating facts. theres always good and bad when being a windowsphone user. In the mean time my 920 goes unused because Im waiting on nokia to fix the update they pushed out almost 2 weeks ago.

I think the big issue here isn't about Instagraph but more about people seriously wanting the Windows Phone to be as well rounded with the same apps as the iPhone and the Android! What cracks me up is the idea people are so scared the developer would get offended and am sure they are scrambling to fix it asap! And also sure they are aware people are uptight... I will wait until everything dies down before I purchase it!;)

I don't see WP as rough around the edges.  It lacks features but those features (on my WP8 920) work virtually flawlessly.  In some respects it works better than the iPhone I replaced it with. 
Nothing is perfect.  This isnt about not being perfect.  If Instagraph starts working tonight with a 24 hour delay then this will be forgiven by most .  However, if this false start goes on for days or more, then they need to cancel billing and just start over again with a fresh batch of victims, um I mean customers :)
Next time offer a trial period (e.g. 3 photos over a 24 hour trial period.) to show you are confident in your product

posted and it took less than a minute.  I shall now update my review of the product. :) i wish they'd lift the 3 upload limit soon... 

Yes a test photo I posted right after it went live finally showed up overnight.  Hopefully it will work consistently now.  Hope they learned something from this.  Wish them well and hope they make money for their efforts.