Add 4th & Mayor to the Me Tile in Windows Phone 8.1

4th Mayor Social Checkin

Enjoy checking in when out and about? If so, you're likely a Foursquare user. 4th & Mayor is a premium experience wrapped up in an unofficial app. The third-party app is also ahead of the official client in terms of functionality, especially with the release of the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview. You can now integrate 4th & Mayor (Foursquare) into the Windows Phone Me tile with the new Social Extension app.

Should you be rocking the Preview for Developers and have both these apps installed, you'll be able to integrate 4th & Mayor directly into the Me tile's location "check in" function. All that's required is to download and install the social extension app. It creates a super-convenient way to check in and keep any stalkers up-to-date with your current whereabouts.

As a quick side note, 4th & Mayor has been bumped to version 3.19, which addresses some crash issues.

via: Windows Phone Daily

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Add 4th & Mayor to the Me Tile in Windows Phone 8.1


Lol stalkers. Did we lose multiple updating? e.g facebook and twitter at same time or it is just me?

Yes, it has been a topic of discussion since 8.1 released. They had a rather large article on the underlying cause yesterday.

I totally support the new Social Extension in WP8.1 and letting developers to plug-in their apps into the various People and Social hubs in Windows Phone. However, I don't see why this cannot co-exist with having the ability to post once to all social networks. To be honest I never had the need to do this myself, but I do understand why some people need this functionality.

Yes, I think that option to have both would make more faces smile :) I don't understand why did they also remove so many things, like panorama view in photos..

lol, how is that being fair? And I thought I explained a few of the reasons why the previous model wasn't sustainable in the long run.

For reasons unknown, they've crippled Facebook integration. Perhaps they're showcasing the way Me/People can integrate with third party apps, but as a result, if you want to post a comment or view a picture from Facebook, you get dumped into the actual Facebook app - it's a horrible experience, so much slower and less seamless than it was before. Losing out on multiple updates from the Me tile was another side effect of this change. It was really a terrible decision.

it basically ruined a lot of things that Windows phone showed all the other systems to be better. Why do they think Google integrates Chat into a single app now or HTC introduced the blink feeed

Yep. While Google is busy integrating it's messenger services together, Microsoft is tearing Facebook and WLM integration out of the Messaging hub. All these things that they did right, that other platforms are copying, they're removing. It's mind boggling. I'd rather see them integrating more things natively (say, adding Google Chat support to Messaging), not removing them.

It's not runined, it's just more flexible now. The original way of integrating social services let to lack of new feature/function support, and required fixing everytime something changed on the service. Now, ALL social apps will have tha ability to integrate into the People and Photos hubs; now you'll be able to share photos from any one app/service to the other without having to download it first. We lose the integrated chat for now, but Microsoft hasn't removed FB from Outlook or Skype desktop. Skype will likely become the Hangouts equivilant and include FB chat functionality. When is the real question.

Windows Phone for the front end (user interface and relaying user input to the apps), apps for the back end (getting the input and communicate with the server while staying invisible).
Let the apps return a standarized feed + formatting template and Windows display the content into People's Hub

Why can't Microsoft make it like that ?
Plug-in based OS rather than apps based.

We don't know something like that isn't in the cards, the currently is a preview and development of new functionality is not going to stop artist this. One immediate roadblock to such a function could be that every social network has different features that function differently.

It's now like Windows 8. If the companies have open APIs, someone can write an app to post to multiples. Fliptoast used to be on win 8 and did it.

I don't understand why people don't like the new I integration. I prefer the new method as it actually works now. If the app is required, it takes less than a second to load on my 920. It's much better now.

Just timed it on my 920. It takes about 3 seconds from the time you tap the "+" to go to the post details / comments of a Facebook post. From the me tile, it's about 2 seconds to make a new post in Facebook. This compares to the near-instant experience before. Is 2-3 seconds the end of the world? Of course not - but it's a lot slower and more jarring than the seamless, integrated experience we had before.


IMO, 8.1 basically changes Windows Phone into a glorified Android fork with a WP launcher theme.

Without the previous integration and Hubs functionality, there's no selling point anymore for the platform.

Personally, I think it's the beginning of the end for Microsoft's hopes in mobile.

Cool feature but will we end up with several social extension apps. One for every app that needs to share or add it's services

That's exactly what I thought when I read the article. Unless developers can somehow integrate it into the app.....the marketplace will be full of 'em.

At least it'll increase the numbers of apps in the store, so we can brag about it later when we reach the 300,000 app mark.

Well fb still takes you to a web page and yes it does have some integration with the peoples hub. Not sure if all developers have that option

I'm the developer of the app here: short story, yes, many apps will be able to just bake this in.

At this time I have not updated my primary app to Windows Phone 8.1, but have had some very strong and vocal users of the app (hundreds of e-mails!!!) requesting some way to get early 8.1 functionality ahead of time.

This addresses those folks for now. I still believe just pinning the "check in now" tile to start is the fastest way to use my app to check-in anywhere.


So Jeff, does that mean when u update your app to 8.1 the extension wouldn't be needed again and the updated app can do all??

For most apps, there will be no need once they release their main 8.1 app I believe.

As to my app specifically, I'm not sure, but I will use this to be sure to provide this functionality and integration for users who are very passionate about that choice.

For everyone else, there's nothing to worry about: they need not download the extra app at all.


Thanks for the update and giving us early adopters a way to play with the new functionality. Glad to hear it will get baked in at some point after 8.1 officially hits.


I love the way this new Wp8.1 feature is been exploited by developers. Very soon most official apps will enable us to share through the hub

I believe the API is not available to everyone; only the big social networks. The fact that the developer of 4th & Mayor is a MS employee may have helped.

Well, at least he is a MS employee, I think all devs should have the same rights... they should just release the API's to everyone!

Developer here. This app is not deeply integrating with the majority of the social experiences on the phone, I am only using this app to allow for selection in the "me" tile.

The extension for doing this is open to anyone and any app!

Well then like we said, if it's available to anyone and any app, the marketplace will double very soon. Do u think we should worry? Cuz if somehow a single 8.1 updated app can't do it (I know your app hasn't been updated to 8.1 yet so just saying) then all apps will have extensions and on WP, it'll be like download an app and download the extension file. I hope this wouldn't be the case :-)

Yeah I wouldn't overblow it, my guess is my little extension will be one of very few, if any others: I just want to provide users an option; a lot of my most supportive users are themselves developers and so they want choices and options that they know are there.

By the way this app is more of a shim, I've completely open sourced it, in case others are wondering how to integrate with the features on the ME tile for check in or post an update: https://github.com/jeffwilcox/4thandmayor-socialextension-app/

Hey Jeff,

Thanks a lot for the sharing the source code. Would be really helpful for many developers like me. :)


Correct. I have gotten hundreds of e-mails from users of 8.1 developer preview to offer something here, but I am not ready to release my 8.1 version of the app. The more passionate users will be able to use this if they really want that integration.

Ah thanks for your replay, that's makes a lot of sense!

Thank You, Still such a good app. use it nearly everyday.

Great! However, shouldn't these two apps be actually just a single thing? I wonder if we'll have to install a helper for every app tapping into the SEF.

They should be a single app, yes - just like Facebook and the Twitter Beta was before it disappeared. My guess is he doesn't want to update the main app with an 8.1-only feature until 8.1 is released to everyone.

This is what I was waiting since WP8.0!! OMG!!!

But first (let me take a selfie)... Why not just add this protocol within the proper app?

It was usefull for notifications and posting to both twitter and facebook. Now it just links to the apps. No need for it at all. Really.

Mine serves as my ID. It's a medium tile at the top of my start screen. Two small tiles on the left, two on the right. The rest above. First thing someone sees on my phone is me.

My phone is locked so I use Lost Phone Screen as my lock screen. Has my email address and for emergencies my wife's phone number.

Count me in, Jeff. Might try a reinstall later. Is the extension supposed to be executable? Nothing happens if I tap onto it to open it.

I have v3.18 installed but it doesn't work, and it crashed. When I update it to v3.19, it worked. But I understand why you make it separated from the main app to make it backward compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices.

Same, installed both and 4th & Mayor is the latest version..

EDIT: Reinstall of the extension fixed it after updating 4&M. Still gonna stick to the check in now tile tho, until checkin in with the Me tile gets more user friendly

This is kinda stupid when you think you can just pin 4th and mayor nearby places to your start screen especially if you don't use the me tile anyway

We'll see. Let's think of this as an experiment for now.

My inbox has been filled since the //build conference by people very directly requesting this functionality, even though I just prefer to use the pinned "check in now" secondary tile.

I just wish we can quickly like and comment again on Facebook statuses/pictures in the Me hub again without having to open the Facebook app. How annoying and slow.

Yep I believe by the time the official release is here Microsoft will have these issues worked out and put back the things they took out in the first place that worked fine.

Nice. Looking forward to more apps using the Social Extensibility Framework. Hopefully, contact card functionality is coming for official Foursquare and Instagram apps, etc.

Probably not, but then those of us who DID use it got a LOT of use out of it precisely because IT was the best aggregator for both incoming and outgoing feeds.  Perhaps you had no need to shotgun posts to multiple social networks.  I, in contrast, used that feature exclusively.  I can count on one hand the number of times I actually used a FB, LinkedIn or Twitter apps.  The Me tile gave me the access I needed without actually opening an app.  Now, that is completely gone.  If you go to the Me tile to post, all it really does is kick you BACK to the specific app to post.  A complete waste.

Amen!! THATS WHAT the Windows Phone experiance is about. Its the experiance first NOT the damn apps. If I want apps I can pull back out my iphone and spend time looking around for shit. The app lovers will stay with the app centric platforms. keep Windows phone unique! I dont need to go into an app to get the information I am looking for at a glance.

4th and Mayor has always been more snappy than is FourSquare on Windows Phone.  I tried the updated FourSquare and it was only marginally better. After 5 months of trying, I went back to 4th and Mayor. In contrast, Foursquare is super snappy on IOS. The location is almost always there as soon as you lauanch the app. FourSquare doesn't even know where it is on my Lumia 920 and I have to force updates several times to see venues near me.  Makes me wonder about the wisdom Microsoft is using to invest in this product.

This is such a useless feature.  You can have links for a mile on the Me Tile and it saves you NOTHING.   I just find it insulting that Microsoft is hocking this "extensibility" as a great thing.  It isn't.  All the Me tile has become is an app folder.  That's all.  It's a place to drop links to other apps for you to post.  How is this any different than just going to the app and posting?  Useless, completely useless.  Why go to the Me tile to begin a process that ends up taking me right back to the app I SHOULD HAVE STARTED WITH IN THE FIRST PLACE?  This is a waste of my time.

Another home run by Jeff Wilcox. Now I can unpin the 4th & Mayor check-in page and use the WP integration instead. The check-in experience now is the same for all 4 of my services, each with a different audience.

Thanks for your support. I think for now it is a decent tradeoff, though I still prefer the Check In Now tile myself ;-)

This app is SO much better than Foursquare's app! I'm impressed! I can actually comment on my check-ins and automatically push them to Twitter and Facebook. Although the social integration check-in feature isn't working for me. Attempting restart of my phone just to see... Otherwise, amazing app, great job!

Well, I think this is a good step for Microsoft, but thinking about the integration and seamlessness of social sharing... I have an idea of using a same class ID to share on many social apps at once. For instance, you want to post something on Facebook and Twitter at once, you just put a check on them, and write what you want to post, and when you hit Share button, WP8.1 will put your post on their corresponding app's class ID to post it, so the deep integration and seamlessness are still intact, while taking full advantage of Social Extension feature the Windows Phone 8.1 does have.

The problem with foursquare is that it doesn't know when you're leaving the place. And u might still be in that place but you're not physically there. I hate that.

Jeff, love your app and have had it pinned to the upper right corner of my screen every since you launched it. Keep up the great work!