Intel reported to be a part of Microsoft's May 20 Surface event

The Intel-powered Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft is reported to have been working with Intel on a upcoming model that would slot into the Surface family of Windows tablets. The tech giant is expected to unveil the new Surface Mini at an upcoming event later this month, but CNET's sources state a new Intel-based Surface tablet may also be present. The Intel technology used would most likely be Haswell, rather than the chip maker's mobile device-focused Atom processors.

Should Redmond announce a new Intel-powered Surface model, it's not expected to be of the same small form factor, at least enabling Qualcomm to have some of the spotlight. The current Surface Pro 2 utilizes an Intel Core i5 processor, which is also a Haswell chip. That said, the Qualcomm-powered Surface Mini would also be a first, with RT tablets from Microsoft previously using Nvidia components.

We'll have to see what Microsoft pulls out of the bag at its Surface event later this month. Stay tuned as we'll be on the floor.

Source: CNET; thanks, Sarang, for the tip!


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Intel reported to be a part of Microsoft's May 20 Surface event


Overkill??... Seriously. When will you guys ever learn...
First you guys said the retina screen was overkill. Then you said that 720p was impossible to distinguish from less, and that it would kill battery life.. Then 1080p screens were nonsense, and that they would seriously kill our batteries..... Possibly jealous comments from WP fans just because our hardware wasn't cutting edge at the time... IDK.
So, now I sit here with a 6" 1080p Quad core 2gb ram WP device that basically goes against every hardware rule that some of you like to cap mobile devices at...
So,,,,,,, have you learned anything?

Well, that's good because you don't have to buy anything you don't want.. That's the magic about all this.. Options for everybody... But, its sad because some of us are selfish, and think everyone should want only what everyone else wants... What's wrong with those kind of people.

The only objection I had was the abuse of these specs. Science is science. If you can't detect the difference between an HD and a FullHD display, then that's it.

It's not just about having "options" available. It's about abusing people's simple minds, thinking a higher number is necessarily better. According to what we know about the human eye, there should be no difference between an HD and a FullHD resolution on a 4" screen. Any difference should come from other qualities of those displays.

Samsung specially kept abusing this lack of knowledge as a marketing technique. There was a time when Samsung just HAD TO top everyone else in every benchmark, to the point that they were the first ones who started cheating the benchmark apps.

So you see the point; 900 PPI is not "choice". It's idiocy.

I can see that if that were the case, and you're right.. People should only believe in what translates into real benefits for real world usage..
But, what bothers me is that some fans are to quick to dismiss higher specs, and new technology, because they time after time think that it won't be beneficial, or even might hinder performance... Well, I haven't seen that with new WP devices, and higher screen resolutions, more ram, and better processors have only improved my WP experience.. Like I said, the 1520 practically goes against what all those closed minded WP fans have said for years about what WP doesn't need.. To tell the truth, I can see where the sharpness, and pixilation can be improved on my 1520, and I would love a 2K screen..
IOW, I don't need anyone telling me what my eyes can, or can't decipher, and I hate that "You can't physically tell the difference" line.. That simply hasn't proven to be true, and its actually proven to be wrong.... Just let me "See For Myself".... Lol❕

Nope, they're different. QHD is 2560x1440 (not to be confused with qHD, which is 960x540).

4K is generally regarded as 3840x2160 (exactly double 1920x1080) but in cinema is actually 4096 x 2160.

QHD at 7.5" would be just under 400ppi, which is absolutely fine (and would blow the iPad Mini Retina and new Nexus 7 out of the water, which would be nice). 

Anywhere between 300 and 400ppi is the sweet spot, really. 200-300ppi is more than fine on cheaper devices though. Over 400ppi isn't that neccesary but it looks nice. I'm sure once we hit 600ppi devices the race will stop though.


And the desktop would be completely worthless on such a small screen unless you plug it into a monitor. With the desktop being pretty much unusable, it becomes just a regular surface mini running intel instead of ARM.

Really, why?.. I use Remote desktop on my 1520 to view my W8 desktop.. And, if that's so worthless then why would MS develop this app for WP devices 6" or less?..
How about you let consumers decide what fits them best, and what features they want.. It's simple, if you don't like it don't buy it.. It's most likely if they make a Pro Mini, then they are going to make a RT Mini... You choose the one you want, and let others choose the one they want... Does that sound unreasonable to you?

I was thinking this. A 7 inch Surface could work, but there's a problem already with the regular Surface Pro with the screen size and resolution for usage. With a 7 inch screen it's a but ridiculous resolution wise, it's a bit pointless to have full "desktop" Windows. Reviews will focus on this, no doubt.

It is my opinion that it wouldn't be a good design choice, but in any case, the decision is ultimately theirs. That's for the "should" or "shouldn't". I'm just pointing a potential usability problem.

8.1 pretty much fixed UI scaling in windows itself, although at 7" they might need to increase the maximum % you can scale to. Now its just the apps that need to be updated to take advantage of that scaling. Depending on what you are running, it could be perfectly fine.

I got a hunch that we will see a 7.5" Surface Mini based on the Snapdragon and a 12" Surface 2 ProX based on the Haswell i5 processor.  There is no need for another 10" model sitting between Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro.  The price of Surface 2 Pro could be lowered $100 to $799 and the 12" model could be priced at $999.  I also predict that the new Office Reader which supports Nook eReader and megazines will be announced.  The Surface Mini with a active stylus is tailored for that Reader.  It could have a LTE version also.  These are all my wild guesses but could potentially happen.  That's my hope anyway.  :-)

I think you're right about the Office Reader and Nook.  Barnes and Noble stores have not had the 7 in. tablets in stock in a while and salespersons have no idea why.  Wouldn't be surprised if BN starts carrying surface  mini in retail stores.  Surface mini would be a perfect product for the university bookstores too.

BN has been officially out of hardware business.  They are concentrating on marketing the eBook/Magazine services for other platforms like the Surface Mini.  Office Reader should be a hot product.  I'm thinking to trade my Dell Venue 8 Pro for the Surfice Mini if it weighs reasonably.

I don't think it could be more than an official MS laptop, no. What makes the Surface line special is the design and the versatility of the form factor, but it's still first and foremost a tablet.

Hazwell again? At this point, shouldn't we wait for what ever comes next? Any rumors on release date for Intel processors?

While this is usually true, broadwell is due out in just a few months and should bring some nice power savings.

Really? I've been looking for news on that for a while now and haven't found anything related to release timeline. A link would be much appreciated

Personally I would buy a 12"/13" Convertible Surface immediately; Slate format does not cut for me.

Why? If the laptop is with a screen somewhere in 11 to 15"  it would be very much complemental.

A surface doesn't HAVE to have a type cover and kickstand you know. Like the upcoming mini.

I would love a surface laptop.

But a Surface is not a laptop. What you want is the Laptop laptop. It comes with touchscreen and Windows 8, of course.

Says who? Only because they haven't released one yet. You're right - I would love a laptop, but one with Surface branding. Just because it's only been 10.6" so far doesn't mean I can't get a laptop with the Surface Aesthetic.


They need to/should release a 12-13 inch form factor

Makes perfect sense for this event too. They have focused production of their first ever brand computer for the past year, they had to introduce the Surface brand with one form factor in mind to pave the way.

The way its paved now, the production time lines, the vigorous tests, that's all in place now. Surface Mini and Surface Pro Book make PERFECT sense.

My hopes are high for this one lol 10.6in just isn't comfortable enough for me.

What I understand is that with Surface Microsoft didn't intend to get into the hardware bussiness all the way, they just designed a product that would, as it did, perfectly exemplify the use paradigm of Windows 8 in a tablet format.

Then the rest of the hardware producers basically made their own version, there's plenty of touchscreen/hybrid tablets now.

If they enter the laptop bussiness, well, it's going to be a good laptop, but it's a bigger bussiness than they want to get into, IMHO. It's hard to offer a product that stands above the competition only with design features.

part of what? a slide that says:

"that was then, this is now"....then Satya rocks in with a qualcomm logo shirt against an electronic beat BG music?

jokes aside, surface pro 2 has been the biggest POS device I've owned from anybody. After nearly getting bricked by MSFT firmware updates, still randomly reboots after sleep and still doesn't properly support MST hubs for DP 1.2. Let's hope that they will anounce SP3 and this time get it right. This thing needs to head for ebay ASAP.

But I'll take a Surface 2 like device with an intel chip today. SP2 remains too heavy hot and noisy compared to the elegance of Surface 2. However after using windows rt for a year with the original surface, I want nothing to do with an ARM device on a tablet ever again.



I wouldn't say that. It would make sense for MS to use the next gen Nvidia Tegra for surface 3. But I guess anything can happen.

I think you're right.  RT will be reserved for anything below 8" (including Windows Phones) and Intel will be used for anything bigger, whether tablet, laptop or PC.  That's my guess.

Makes no sense, as Windows would not have an 10'' tablet ARM offering anymore. Chances are people go back to Android/Apple if they do not get an 10'' ARM or do not switch at all.

I certainly would have to re-evaluate my next tablet decision if Surface 3 will not come with ARM SoC.


I don't think anything changes. However I do have high hopes that the Surface 3 gets the QUALCOMM 805 SoC when announced

And to be picky, I would bring down the screen of RT to 10 Inches on the mark lol not 10.6 just cause

Here's what i want, a Surface 2 styled design, with the same thickness, thinner if possible, kickstand without 2 stages but instead you can put it where you want, Intel Soc (x86-x64), 2 or 4 GB ram, 64 GB SSD minimum, included stylus, maybe an ever higher resolution, Improved battery life, altrough it is awesome right now, and please Microsoft, a second USB port!

Because x86 uses the same or less power than ARM. The instruction set doesn't actually matter. Bay trail uses less power than tegra 4.

Right, but that's not the whole story. RT is a lighter-weight OS than full-fat x86 Windows, so you need a more powerful x86 processor for it to feel the same as RT. And that doesn't scream thinner to me.

Let me guess, you want all that at the same price or lower because microsoft should be selling devices at a loss to build up marketshare?  How exactly do you get a 2 stage kickstand that you can put anywhere? If you can put it anywhere, it is not a 2 stage kickstand. It is a variable position kickstand.

No, i don't need the latest and greatest Intel Core ix, Just give me a decent Intel Soc, then it  will be possible to price it right.

And you misunderstood me, i mean a kickstand that you can place at any angle, maybe a little bit further then the Surface 2's max. Sorry for my bad english, it's not my primairy language :)


This is supposedly going to be powered by a Y series chip, which should offer power savings over the U series in the Pro/Pro 2. That could mean a fanless design which is also lighter and thinner and if priced at the same level as the original Pro with around 7 hours battery life it could be a good seller as it effectively removes the need for an atom powered 10" surface. Anything above $600 though is too much, too close to the SP2 in price to be worth the performance trade off.

Atom's biggest draw is the price. It's plenty strong enough to handle the needs of 85% of consumers.

I want Wordflow, Transparent tiles, and for the love of god - Opacity control of the on-screen keyboard, and better miracast support.  Other than this, Im super happy with my Win8 tablet (DV8P ftw)

Me too. I would love to get WordFlow and transparent tiles on my tablet as well. If they can release a 12-15"surface pro with bigger ram, memory like 1tb, and higher processor, 2 3.0 USB ports, why the need for a laptop? Can't that serve as a laptop hybrid? My brother would certainly love to have 1

I will personally like a 13inch Surface Pro. The 10.6 inch on the current surface pro is a little too small to be productive efficiently. The ASUS EEE SLATE EP121 I had 2 years ago with it's 12.6 inch screen was great for mobile and touch productivity

does this mean that they are going away from the RT for their entry model? Is the rumor that, it will be a intel based atom like the samsung's? that way  all the surfaces are full pcs exept for the mini?

I'm surprised. I personally rather have a Windows RT Surface, at least I think there should be one as a cheaper alternative in each product line.

RT surface should be super cheap, like the Lumia 520 of tablets. They could probably use cheaper materials to keep costs down too. After my original surface RT I'd prefer a device that can run traditional desktop apps/basic games, but I can certainly see a market for budget ARM windows devices with office preloaded.

Definitely, but let's be honest, compared to the competition, the build quality and design of the Surface RT is worth it.

will be disappointed if MS does not release what vivotab note8 provides plus interagted LTE and stand...happy to pay 1K for that

as far as resolution goes for 8" my eyes prefer 1380 x 768  

i have venue pro 8 and its awesome except it does not have integrated pen/LTE and stand