Into the Dead updates official trailer, now mentions Windows and Windows Phone

Into the Dead

In case you missed it, we have previously recommended an awesome zombie game for Windows Phone called Into the Dead. We must have been very preoccupied playing the game on our phones because we failed to mention that it’s also available on Windows 8! The game was originally launched on iOS and Android.

Into the Dead throws you into a dark field full of zombies and you have to run past them. Keep moving and protect yourself by any means necessary. Check out the updated official trailer after the break to learn more about the game.

Into the Dead costs $1.99 from the Windows Store. There’s no free trial, but we think it’s worth it. Check it out on your Windows 8 device and let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, bilzkh!


Reader comments

Into the Dead updates official trailer, now mentions Windows and Windows Phone


This game is so good. It have a lot of staying power and graphics is amazing.
I contacted Pik Pok about some some small tips to make more of the game and they replied very quickly giving thanx. So all in all a great game and no bugs at all on my L1020

I used my Bing Rewards points for a $3 windows store app purchase (thanks Microsoft!) I purchased the Windows 8 version. This game is awesome on a 24 in monitor! I like using the keyboard options, great game!

I'm about to play this on my big screen tv, connect my hdmi cable to my tablet now its a game controller... WOW its like a scary movie..

FLASHLIGHT MODE is still coming soon but it's available on the rest of the platforms. Hope to see this in a future update. PikPok also mentoned that this is a "premium release" on Windows Phone and on 8. :D