Introducing the Nokia Luna (nope, didn't misspell it)

The Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phone definitely turns heads but did you know that Nokia is offering a matching Bluetooth headset? A headset that is sure to turn heads as well?  The Nokia Luna is a button sized Bluetooth headset that is paired with a base that doubles as a storage case and charger. And it's not only the looks that makes the Luna an impressive headset.

Nokia is rating the standby time of the Luna to be 60 days in the storage case (we're guessing the case holds a maintenance charge) with standby time out of the charger at 35 hours. The Luna is also NFC in that you can pair it by laying it flat against the back of a Lumia Windows Phone.

The Luna is available in five colors to match your Lumia handset and just looks cool. We've been told that the Luna is "coming soon" to the U.S. Market. No words on pricing but Euro versions are being imported for around $90 (when you can find them). Once we get our hands on the Luna, we'll get a more detailed review up. In the meantime, hit the break for another Luna video that also highlights the Lumia 800 color choices.

source: Nokia; Thanks, Ellis, for the tip!


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Introducing the Nokia Luna (nope, didn't misspell it)


I was hoping these would come to the US. I was planning on buying one online for my 900, but ill just wait til its released here now.

It always looked so big in the press shots, now it makes more sense after seeing the video haha. I want the white one!

Nope!!! At least not as of yet lol. I kept reading the article over and over wondering if I wasn't dreaming or something!! Ha!

Yeah, I don't think this article was thought through.  You can pair it with an N9 because it has NFC, but the L800 doesn't.

True but not completely irrelevent. The upcoming LG Fantasy is confirmed with NFC support and that's due for release in months.

In other words, there's nothing wrong with future-proofing your BT headset for devices coming in the next 6 months.

In fact, if you were in the market for a new BT headset, why would you not buy one with NFC support?

Wow, I forgot how much I hated the dubstep nokia ringtone ever since it won that contest... until now. Thanks. God, it's horrible.

Didn't know WindowsPhone supported NFC... Last time it wasn't ready yet.
Maybe you meant Nokia N9 ? (which is shown in the video)

You're right... I was so enamored with the Luna I didn't notice the phone.  Windows Phones will get NFC support eventually.

Wish they would come out with a red 900. May get the cyan version but have to see it in person first...so many different shades in pictures and it doesn’t seem to match the blue tile very well.

I'm lovin Nokias new products, but I'm hating the names they are choosing. Sounds to Mexican... Sorry if that offends anybody, but here in America we like our products to have cool powerful names, not named after George Lopez's grandmas Chihuahua! Lol... Luna :-/

I think you just won stupid comment of the week, and it's only Tuesday
even without the racism, products in America have strong names? like iPhone and iPad? It looks like strong names are reserved for failures (HTC Thunderbolt comes to mind, no one seemed to like that one) , all that matters in a name is that people can pronounce it and remember it

Delete your account and never speak for us again you miserable bigot.  The name is fine and the product looks awesome.

Do me a favor, shut down your PC and internet modem please!
And, for your sake don't come back!!!!!!!
Kthnxbai :-)

Right. Rodney was appointed by President Obama and confirmed by Congress to be the US Technology Ambassador. Rodney was just appointed and doesn't yet have his PR team in place but when he does, they will walk this comment back.

Are you entirely sure that 2nd video is real? looks pretty awful to me...
Amongst the dodgy text texture at the beginning and the wrong name for the magenta phone colour (and inclusion of unheard of variants + exclusion of the heard of white variant)
The close ups of the wp7 screen are blurry too :/
I mean "...making battery life several months" ... thats not even proper english!
did i miss a post where we all debunked this already or something?

I thought I read somewhere that it had the hardware but it was dormant since WP7 didn't support it yet?  I could absolutely be remembering that wrong though.

Have plenty American friends who are not in love with "powerful" whatever, so I think he shouldn't have said "we". Don't mean to offered anyone either, but Nokia (and even WP), are not redneck products, they are cosmopolitan devices. I stress it again, don't mean to go all high horse, it's just what it is. Imo, of course.

I've seen the Cyan, Black, and I think Magenta phones before. Never saw the red or green. OMG the red and green are sweet. I want a red one so bad. The black slate phones are so 2009.

If I ever wanted to use a bluetooth headset I would definitely get one of these.  Except I don't like using bluetooth headsets.  They look so pretentious.  This design, however, definitely less so.