In Two gets updated with loads of fixes and a few enhancements

In Two

If you're not familiar with In Two, it's a unique song and artist guessing game that utilises the Nokia Music service. Developed by Scott Lovegrove, an update has been pushed to the store that bundles numerous fixes alongside a few enhancements. Let's jump right in and see what's new in version

Here are all the fixes that are included in the release:

  • Improvements made to the answer checking
  • Alignment of guess boxes now lines up with album cover art
  • Ad removal text now shows the price (for UK)
  • An error occurs on startup if no data downloaded
  • Most recent scores not showing if playing for fun (not sending to scoreoid)
  • Track now stops if you try speaking your answers
  • Corrects a problem if trying to use an unsupported language for speech recognition

As for the enhancements, you are now able to share your score with Mehdoh, request a hint in-game that will show the album art, and have In Two launched from other apps. Pretty neat. You can download In Two from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only - free to donwload, ad-supported with option to upgrade).

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Reader comments

In Two gets updated with loads of fixes and a few enhancements


Thanks for the feedback, I'll make it less sucky in a future version. Now if only I knew how, maybe I'll use one of your suggestions.

It has promise but so far none of the songs they sampled are memorable enough on their own for me to know who the artist is let alone care. Cookie cutter pop songs didn't make the grade for me enough to care about the intent of the app. It needs to go to 70s, 80s and even 90's tracks to stand a chance. I also think a progression to a longer sample and less money is a better incentive than two shots and you're like the guy kicked off in the Weakest Link. It needs work and get rid of the stupid ads.

Have you tried changing the genre to be one that handles your particular taste in music? You can also change how much of the track plays (up to 30 seconds), have you changed that too? The ads can already be got rid of, just dig deep into your pockets.