Iran censors WhatsApp because Mark Zuckerberg is a 'Zionist'

WhatsApp and Facebook

It must be that internet access is slow, because Iran just got around to banning WhatsApp because parent company co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish. Kind of. After, you know, Facebook bought WhatsApp over two months ago. The ban comes courtesy of Abdolsamad Khorramabadi, Secretary of the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content, which has the power to block access to sites and services deemed offensive in content, ownership, or… well, whatever, really.

Khorramabadi described Zuckerberg as "an American Zionist", which is apparently reason enough to extend Iran's blocking of Facebook to WhatsApp as well. Strangely, the committee has not yet got around to blocking Facebook-owned Instagram, despite it being a part of Zuckerberg's alleged Zionist enterprise for much longer than WhatsApp.

Nevermind that even though Zuckerberg was raised Jewish, he has since dropped religion and become an atheist. Though that too could probably be deemed offensive in the eyes of the committee; let alone his Jewish heritage, which too would probably be enough.

The committee's actions aren't without objection, even from within the Iranian government. Both the Iranian Communications Minister and President Hassan Rouhani have objected to the ban, though neither apparently has the authority to overrule the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content.

Just goes to show, the internet might be under assault at home, but it could always be much worse.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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Iran censors WhatsApp because Mark Zuckerberg is a 'Zionist'



Derek; this is not a recent news item. Today BBC reported that the Iranian president has overruled the decision and WhatsApp is no longer going to be filtered.

The Iranian official probably has a friend that runs a competing service. That's how politics works worldwide.

It's not about Zionists or terrorists... It's all about the racism... Plz stop saying all Muslims are terrorists... It's also a racism...

He wasn't. He was making a point saying that its stupid to call Jews or Muslims Zionists or terrorists because the vast majority are exceptionally normal.

You got the point bro... Sorry, i just misunderstood... But even US government can't understand it... It's not the correct place to talk much about that I guess

are you stupid? All muslims are terrorists, just as much all germans are nazis and all macbook owners are starbucks-drinking-hipster-douchbags.

Ah well...

I am muslim and i'm irainian 

Wahhabis(search about it if you want truth) are terrorists and they are created by israelis to make us look bad in the world. they kill innocent people in syria and no one cares about it

we are the good ones shia and sunni together

so we have reasons to filter this app because israel government controls this app

just think a little and dont trust israeli news

Yeah cos the Shia and Sunni Muslims never kill each other? So even before you get into talking about Israel your argument looses any sense.

yeah you are right

we kill people in gaza myanmar syria iraq ...

and you think american people never kill each other?

Americans don't kill each other over religious or sectarian differences nor do they kill innocent people just to make a point and they certainly don't do it in the name of God.

what's your religion? we never kill innocent people 

wahhabis do eveything to make muslims look bad in the world and they think if they kill one of us(i mean shias) they will go to heaven(what an idiot)

you should see the diffrence between shia muslims and wahhabis

THEY kill innocent people in the name of god and they are connected to israel

send your answer to my email plz



I know about Wahabis. You appear to be one of those Muslims who thinks that all evil in the world is ultimately because of Israel. You all blame others...Jews, other sects, "the Crusaders", etc. but never yourselves.

exatcly all evil in the world is because of isreal and zions

why should we blame ourselves because we do the right thing if i'm wrong tell me about our killing or whatever you think we should blame ourselves for that

i'm shia tell me what's your religion so we can have a better conversation

Your comments are so nonsensical I assume you are trolling because no sane person would come up with the nonsense you are; but then sanity and religion have never been close friends.

This site is no place to get into an argument about religion. I'll just end with it shouldn't matter what religion you are, assuming you have one, the important thing should be to repect your fellow human. People do bad things in the name of god, or the name of country, or some other made up excuse, in the end of the day it doesn't matter it's all wrong. Discussing iPhone vs Android vs Windows Phone is the only argument I want to get into any further; and even that I think quite stupid most of the time.

I'm Iranian and i don't see a bit of logic in your comments! so there is no point in having a conversation with you, because everything is clear for us, iranians. and it's very sad that a minority people like you are rulers of this beautiful country...

hope that it will change.

Now you can see the reason iranians suffer, decision makers in iran's gov are this kind of radical Islamists and they think exactly like him. Im iranian but me and most of people here don't think like him..

Exactly. Most Iranians are not like those in power in Iran just as most Americans are not like those who are here. My impression is that most Iranians are held captive by their government as we Americans are. Most of the Iranians I've known are warm, friendly, generous, smart and ambitious. The vast majority of Iranians want the same things as we Americans do. We Americans can really only blame ourselves for the state of affairs in Iran. We created the coup that ousted the democratically elected President of Iran and put a corrupt dictator (the Shah) in his place. This gave rise to the Islamic Revolution. So you might be wondering what this has to do with Windows phone, right? Well, me too.

I see you have been drinking the ideology kool aid again.  If we don't agree with you we are Zionist or under the control of Israel.  You need to get out more bro!! 

yeah like this one-

"A man died and went to heaven, st.peter is showing him around when the man sees a high wall and asks him what it was for

st.peter replies-'those are the apple users, they like to think they are the only ones here' :D

Common sense is not so common these days. You'll soon see russia blocking apps because they're "western"... LOLZ

1st. This is an old news, banning Whatsapp was overruled 2 days ago.

2nd. They didn't want to ban Whatsapp becuase Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew (we've got Jews in Iran too you know). It was all about politics. Do you know how much they earn off of landlines and mobile network operators each year?! Not to mention it's easier for them to wiretap us via network operators than via Viber or Whatsapp.
So stop this propaganda bullshit and don't believe what the f**k ever you hear in the news.

3rd. The reason why iranian gov. has banned Facebook or any other social networks for that matter is becuase they're afraid of iranian people. If anything were to happen in Iran like in 2009 people would notify each other via social networks so they won't get into trouble... more than 80-90% of Iranians are against the regime and the rest are those who are in power and by power I mean superpower...

PS: I hate it when Jews use every excuse to make everyone else look bad... they use Holocaust to get out of everything. I'm not saying that it wasn't a big deal, what i'm trying to say is that this excuse is kind of getting old. We also had seven years of war with Iraq while all western countries fed Iraq to defeat Iran... 
Do we bitch about it? YES! Do we bitch about it as much as you do? NO!

PPS: I'm iranian, atheist and I've got nothing against any race, nationality, ethnicity or religion.

Really you've got nothing against any race, nationality, ethnicity or religion? Cause you sound like you have something against the Jews when you say "I hate it when Jews use every excuse to make everyone else look bad. They use Holocaust to get out of everything". What is even more revealing is that you joined just to post this! 

YES REALLY!  and what i said wasn't a lie, you can do a little a little research and find out for yourself.

and yes i just joind to say this beacuse the news wasn't accurate and i felt responsible clearfy things. i don't see why should it matter?


ps: if you wanna quote something at least quote the whole thing, i also said "I'm not saying that it wasn't a big deal, what i'm trying to say is that this excuse is kind of getting old. We also had seven years of war with Iraq while all western countries fed Iraq to defeat Iran... 
Do we bitch about it? YES! Do we bitch about it as much as you do? NO!"

You didn't clear anything up, you just added your hatefilled 2 cents and made a massive and offensive generalization.


Whatever! you can take what you want from what i said... the impotant thing is that i know i've got nothing against them and that's all that matters. 

Who Cares about Iran? I don't. And I don't care much for Mark. The city Den Bosch in The Netherlands just got 1.200 Lumia's 925 for there staff and a Dutch financialTv channel RTL-Z got a new TV studio with Surface PRO 2 on their desk.
Love it.

Sorry, but 1200 Lumias for a Dutch city are more to care about than a country suppressing their people?? Strange attitude, I must say

Why should we care? It's their government and this has nothing to do with either Microsoft or Windows Phone.

WhatsApp is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and there is a WhatsApp app for Windows Phone, therefore this has something to do with Windows Phone.

Blah blah and blah.. Doesn't make me care more. The fact that we have an app (which is lame as shit) on Windows Phone, does not make this Windows Phones news.

Want an idea for a WPC update? The ability to filter what kinds of news the readers want. I'm personally tired of irrelevant crap and phone cases as deals of the day.

Hate to say it, but I do agree. It would be nice to filter what articles we want, including from the apps too. Also, a new commenting system to fix all of the current issues would be nice...

Agreed. Maybe I'm just not a moron, but if I don't want to read a story... Then I don't read the story. What I don't do is show off my moronic behaviour by making sweeping generalisations sprinkled with casual racism.

That's what most do now. What I'm saying is it would be NICE if they would include the option to do so, for those who want to filter out certain articles. If you don't want to filter the articles, then you don't have to. This is why choices are good...

I suppose the main reason for not including this feature is that those who are unable to filter out which articles they do not wish to read vs. those they do as they scroll through lack the intelligence required to read the article in the first place anyways.

Plus any "filtering" system would suggest all articles fall neatly into a category. They do not. This article, for example, could be in the "global news" category. But it's also "app news", also "Windows news" also "windows phone news" etc etc. just not worth the effort therefore when, as I said, most of the population here are intelligent enough to figure out which articles they want to read as they scroll through the list. WPCentral don't exactly write a hundred articles an hour.

You mustn't mind Lowrider and Mr Kessler, they're not callous and self obsessed. Oh and they are sane and compassionate and burdened with a sense of justice.

So what's your favourite flavour of puppy?

I think I'd rather have the option to filter whiny, self-centered comments like these. Oh, not every article written on the Internet is directly relevant to you? Oh the outrage! How rude of these writers!

Blame your and the other guys' failure to comprehend my first comment, before you act like good Samaritans in defence of the poor people.. What have you done to change the world, smartass?
I never complained about this article being posted, I only said that I don't care.. What? Don't I have the right to do it? What gives YOU people the right to judge me as a human being and person? The fact that you disagree? Keep hiding behind the safety curtain, thinking about how great and compassionate you are, at least I gave a good suggestion on how to improve the WPC app, so my comments are not a complete waste of time and bytes like yours are.
Over and out.

You're really going to play the "what have you all done?" card without knowing any of us...? Total sign of intelligence. #Sarcasm

Your question had judgemental overtones. I.e., you were making the assumption those who were acting as "good Samaritans" as you put it (I personally would call them being "decent human beings") had made no impact on the world as far as a view to make it "a better place" as they say.

This assumption is flawed in that most of the western population who have not given to charities, relief organisations, etc in giving their time, have in fact given in other ways eg. money.

Love this site and use it on a Hourly Basis lol but some o them articles like the deal of the day really cluster up the news. Filtering is a good Suggestion though

Sorry, we Dutch people have a strange view on the world, but we don't mean any harm, we are nice guys :)

Couldn 't agree more. But on a fun side: "You are so going to loose the World Cup this time again at the hands of Spain. Viva Espana."

I guess you're not afraid to show your idiotic nature. I'm not saying that because I'm Iranian, but simply because as a human being I think people should care about each other.

i kind of agree with him, it's his right not to care, just as it is your right to do opposite. why should he care, he doesnt live over there, he cant single handedly overthrow that government. Sure things  like this are unfair and stupid, but that does not mean people are going to go out of their way to feel bad about it all the time, thats a waste of time.

I mean no disrespect, but if you don't see a problem with your way of thinking, then you should go back to the drawing board and rethink your morality. It's this very individualistic approach to life that's behind most of the problems in the world. I'm really sorry that some people think like you do. If people cared about other people, well, it'd be a much better world to live in.

Let me be clear i don't think that way about many things, but im a realist and I like to think that way for (edit) Certain things. I personally think our government here in the USA sucks, how has complaining about it helped me in any way? a perfect world is a pipe dream, it will never happen, it will never happen since those with power will sacrifice those without for personal gain everytime.

Well, the more people think like you do, the worse the problem gets. Again, you think that way because life is so comfortable over here. They put you in Africa for a week, I guarantee you'll come back with a different mindset. I really like Luis CK, his jokes are about reality in the world. Watch the one about "The world is wonderful and no one is happy". Going your way, the society and civilization will collapse. As he said it, people will need to go back to the time of riding horses and dunkeys until they realize their precious common sense and logical lifestyle is not practical. Unless people realize that it's our RESPONSIBILITY to look after one another, well, we're gonna have a lot of problems in the road ahead.

as i said i only agree that worrying about it is a waste of time, since i cant seem to make a very significant difference in my own government. people do have that responsibility, but be realistic, how many people in the usa, canada, mexico, chile, guatemala, the carribean, cuba, europe, russia, the arab states, israel, or china, really practice this thing your trying to preach to me? im just telling you that i agree with what your saying about being caring and compassionate, i just dont see it happening. does that mean im content with it, no just that i am realistic about the current situation. my mindset doesnt make a difference its only the mindset of the people as a collective that matters. and until that collective reaches an agreement getting upset over the mentality of a few people on the internet doesnt serve your cause.

And how do you expect that to happen if everyone waits for the rest to start caring? :D
You change things small steps at a time. You can't suddenly change everyone and make them caring. It'd be illogical and unrealistic to wait for that to happen, don't you think?

i agree but i dont know i feel like with the few people i have met in my short and mostly miserable life, the evil in peoples hearts are very very deep. i want the world your talking about but, in my entire life it just seems to have gotten worse.

It's never easy to be good. Life is way harder when you try to be good because as you said there are people who will misuse or abuse your good nature. But, I think, it's well worth the effort.
Understanding the value of being good is a priceless asset in life!

I think your  thinking is what causing most problems in the world. Not caring about other's opinions. This happens in countries like Iran. Because there is no freedom of speech, things are messed up in countries like that. I wish people would accept other's opinions and freedoms, just like I accept yours (I am not against it, only showing you that you should not think that your opinion is the way to go, and others are wrong. I am not saying you should not have this opinion, it is your own choice and freedom!)

i never stated an opinion, just that i realize fact from fiction. when have i insulted anyone in this conversation? i am simply stating that i understand the difference between something that can be achieved in the current state of the world and something that cannot.

You're correct. People should be able to voice their opinions. Otherwise how else people would they find new and better ways. However, I'm sure you agree that at times you have to stand and protect people or more constructive ideas. Do you for a moment agree that saying "who cares about other people suffering" is correct?

I am not saying not to care I am just saying it won't work if you try to force them to care. People have to become involved otherwise it will be a waste of time.

I personally agree with it, but that is because we probably have the same ethical views, but keep in mind others have a different one. Who are we to say that ours is the only right one?

Well, we can think about it and decide. It's like watching someone make racist comments and say who are we to say he/she is wrong. Sometimes it is black and white. Sometimes some things are just wrong. Racism, child abuse, animal cruelty, murder, ....
Some things are just wrong. Saying the hell with those suffering or oppressed is also one of those things that's wrong.

Yes, but you wouldn't agree with him if you've seen his previous posts. He cared enough before to comment on a purely tech article without any politics or hatered envolved and somehow decided to bring in Putin and the Russian/Ukranian conflict into it. So in general I would tend to agree with you on the right part, whether exercising that right is correct or not is a totally different argument. In this particular case however, the fact that he has a right not to care doesn't change his hypocritical and silly nature. 

And I agree with the part in your previous post that people can't live a sad life just because there are sad things in the world. I didn't mean that people should sit and cry just because bad things are happening in the world. But to bluntly come out and say who gives a Sh*** about them is, I think, wrong. But in all honestly, living in a first world country (I live in Canada) makes people insensitive towards other people. When people find themselves in a desperate situation, they tend to realize the value of caring and community.

He was a bit harsh but as you said, people who live comfortably are people indifferent. i grew up poor, and in rough neighborhoods, so yes im a bit colder to these things than most people would be comfortable with. but as i said its his right to feel that way for whatever reason, not saying it is right, just saying he has his own individual rights.

That's also a generalization though. People in general care, regardless of net worth. You might not be able to put yourself in the shoes of a person who is worse off than you to an extend that you completely understand how they feel, but that doesn't mean you can try to relate to their situation on some level.


relating to how someone feels only gives you an idea of what they deal with day in and day out. making a difference is the only thing that matters. you could see a homeless person on the street everyday and buy that person food everyday, but until they are off the street and working and able to maintain, themeselves all they are is a homeless person with a free meal everyday.

Then shame on us all if a single one of them goes hungry for a day. Laugh at my way of thinking, I try my best not to blame and help unconditionally. Make them happy for a couple of minutes with a free meal, why not? You or I don't know why they're there!

theres a saying someone once told me, "even our good deeds are an extension of our selfishness" making him feel good for that minute is more cruel, i feel since once they are done and you go home to your warm bed while they freeze or cook in the streets.

And you're right. Encouraging bad behavior is bad itself. But believe me, not everyone is capable of understanding basics of life. I'm a neurologist to-be in a few months and had to take lots of psychology courses too. Once you get into some peoples heads, you feel really bad for them.

exactly, just the simple fact that we go to bed and feel safe is luxury that many don't have, for example. I lived in Philippines for about 4 years, we didn't have much and couldn't afford a safe place. I had to stay up all night every night to make sure no one comes in and kills my family.

Understandable, I do not disagree with you on that notion. I simply was defending his right to say how he felt particularly in this thread. Personally i wasnt planning on going through his comment history, to see what he has written down for as long as he has been a member. Everyone with the right to say what they want will say what they want regardless of how people take, even less so people on the internet. With no disrespect to anyone.

Oh, I wasn't expecting you to go through his history. Just wanted to let you know that this particular poster has a tendancy to post stupid things, without getting into the rights argument.

absolutely I in no way doubt your statement that he might be a bone headed poster, thats just simply not the point i tried to make in this situation. :P lol forgive me if i indicated otherwise.

i don't care about you mother fucker you are such a looser asshole

you are nothing you can't imagine how iranian people have been growing up in other countries looser

i said looooooooooooooser fuck your mother and father

They need to fix whatsapp first. I'm still getting delay notifications. I sent whatsapp an email and still waiting a reply just shocking there service.

You can't color an entire country with the same brush, even if the media paints them as one monolithic entity. How would you feel if you were likened to Berlusconi just because you're Italian?

One cannot govern with religion, that causes hate and control. Religion should never be in politics. Look shook through history all religions tried it and it caused hate murder and slavery.

Doesn't that just give you tons of confidence in the supreme court? I mean, it's not like "government shall not respect an establishment of religion" is in the constitution or anything...

ImmortalWarrior, the actual amendment states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
In other words, no preferential treatment. Scotus was clear that this is constitutional, as any religious group is allowed to give the opening prayer.

Inclusivity can't come at the expense of another's freedom. Everyone has to be responsible and sensitive to one another. Those are guidelines that can last.

Agree that is the truth. God and politics are two separate entities. But no religionists ever care to apply that sector of their believe

I couldn´t agree less. Almost every (if not every) country in Scandinavia has religion in there politics. In Denmark there is a minister of church and the rules the country is build upon (Grundloven) has many references to the bible. It´s been like this forever (since 1849) and Denmark is a very well functioning country.  

But... But... But... America is being ruined by religious zealots who aren't actually intellectually inferior to those high science atheists!!

(/s. I have nothing at all against atheism or agnosticism unless you actually believe I'm dumber than you because I believe in God)

Yeah, one of an illuminati kind. If they keep doin this...they wont reach nowhere. Come on. The whole system in this world is a shit

So sad to see my country which is so full of rich history being degraded by these stone-age idiots..

Agreed, while I have never been. I did get to see a pretty awesome travel video of your museums and architecture. Lots of your cities were just awesome and rich with history. A shame I will most likely never get to see it.

Hi Kamil712,

I'm not Iranian but I share your thoughts. Anyway, if that kind of authority is in power, is because of people, am I right? I don't know enought about Iran, but I see a lot of good people just trying to raise their children in peace and goverment only worried about this Jihad stuff... forgetting about their own people (education, jobs, health systems, etc)

See you


The thing is that after the 1979 revolution, many Iranians (especially the less educated) felt vulnerable and turned to their religious leaders, I.e. Imams, for advice on who to vote for. Naturally they told the people to vote for Khomeini and sharia. Since then the only achievements of Iran have been military and nuclear developments while the people have to suffer under sanctions... The only plus side to this is that the majority of Persians have seen through the appeal of theocracy and when the time comes they will never allow it to take power again.

Most governments just do it because they prefer people to pay for communication instead of have it for free. Block Skype and Whatsapp/Viber and people will have to use the landline or mobile.

Viber was an Israeli company. No Muslim country recognised Israel as a state, that is why they blocked Viber. But Muslim states are not against jews

They must be pissed off cause they arnt releasing update of WhatsApp on Lumia...matter of time before I ask my country to take same step :P

This... Hike zindabad... Made in India...super stickers... Super fast notifications... Have bought around dozen what's app users to Hike in last week

People need to look up the term third world before using it.....beside they're using the same rhetoric as any other nation. Not worth mentioning to be honest.

i am iraninan but i shoud say that iran goverment is suck but people of iran are great- smart -curious

you can find many iranian people have been working in famous companies such as facebook google and....

please don't insult to iranian

we hate you as much as you hate us


Seems to me that when the sentence starts with, "we hate you..." the last part of the sentence is nothing more than an incorrect assumption that I hate him. His sentence is not the same as saying "we don't hate you the same way you don't hate us." No. He's saying he hates me and assuming that I hate him. Wrong.

I dont think many people hate Iranian people. Most of us are smart enough to know the difference between the regular people of a nation and the goons in power. Although, at times the Iranian people have elected some goons. It happens, we have too over here in the US. Sometimes the choice is between goon #1 and goon #2.

I hope you´re kidding hopmedic. A republic simply means there is no king or queen in that country.

Just curious...In the US of A... Is there a right called "you have a right to remain silent"... What kind of bs right is that... As in who made this right... Seen it in lotsa Hollywood flicks...

There is no "right" that is called the "right to remain silent," but the Fifth amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits forcing a person to self-incriminate. In other words, you cannot be forced to testify against yourself (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution). You can choose to remain silent when asked questions whose answers would incriminate you.

The "right to remain silent" that you speak of is the results of Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436. In that case, the Supreme Court ruled that a suspect must be informed of his rights, including the right to not self-incriminate (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miranda_v._Arizona)

Every U.S. jurisdiction has its own regulations regarding what, precisely, must be said to a person arrested or placed in a custodial situation. The typical warning states:[3]

  • You have the right to remain silent when questioned.
  • Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law. (Modern readings have can and will in place of may)
  • You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning, if you wish.
  • If you decide to answer any questions now, without an attorney present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney.
  • Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miranda_warning)

*I am not a lawyer, and do not play one on TV, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express a few years back. My statements are representative of my understanding of the law and the Supreme Court's ruling, though they could be greatly flawed.

That makes sense... as in you can't be forced to talk by the authorities until you speak with your lawyer... damn hollywood... tries to hype everything... and make it sound cheesy and glamorous... you have the right to remain silent... yeah why not...lol... i wont talk or make any noise...

+928 so many Americans, including a majority of our elected officials don't have a clue about this and think we have a democracy. Sad really. Thanks hopmedic.

I'm Israeli-American and I don't think there is anything wrong or bad about the Iranian people only the oppressive regime in power.

Don't worry. We don't hate the people [ at least I don't! ]. But, we do hate the govt that attempts to curtain its people. I feel sad for you :(

Man, I was agreeing with you until I read the last statement... We don't hate you, but why make such statements?
~Greetings from India~

I think he was right... He said his hate for others would equal others hate of the Iranians. So if you don't hate him, he doesn't hate you either... :)

Who said anything about Islam, the article mentions Iran, Islam is not mentioned in the article at all. You're the one that made the connection by assuming that if the article mentions the word "Zionist" and Jewish it automatically has to do with the predominant religion in Iran. 

If Spain, or UK, or any other nation blocked FB or Whatsap, or any major service, it would be covered too. Surely you've seen the volumous criticism of the US' policy on the internet.

So are you implying that if WPC didn't write this article image of Islam wouldn't be degraded? Pay attention! It is Iran that degraded the image of a really ancient and commendable religion.

I read an article on another news site like this one before I saw this one. WPCentral didn't have to write it for the word to get out. They're just covering the news.

Hahahaha. Pardon me but any form of fundamentalist religious government - Islamic or not - deserves nothing but contempt and should not be allowed to force their superstitious dogma on anyone.

Not that this is right in any way, but of course you can be atheist and even non-Jewish and still be a Zionist. There are many American Christian Zionists, for example.

Arab's are that way... We are indeed lucky we got them, who would we otherwise laugh at for always being stupid?

Persians, the people from Iran aren't Arab, you realize that right? Not to mention that your general opinion of Arabs doesn't make you any better than the guy that banned Whatsapp in Iran.