It’s Official: Windows Phone Users Hate Macs

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Two weeks back Mobile Nations ran a survey asking all of you to tell us a few things about your computing and mobile device ownership and buying plans.  I’ve been digging into the data which is especially pertinent given today's iPad announcement.

Admittedly, those of us who fill out these surveys in the first 48 hours are often the most enthusiastic tech people of the bunch.  So we can’t go too crazy drawing conclusions.  But still, the data is interesting.

We had just over 1100 Windows Phone users fill out the survey.  The percentage of those people who use a Mac versus a PC is quite small, at only 5.1%

Across the entire survey population (over 7500 results), Mac has 17.7% market share. Without doing the math, this sure looks like a statistically significant result to me.

This may not be too shocking of a result to many of you, but I think we can safely say that Windows Phone users dislike Macs more than the average person.  A lot more.

The goal of the survey was to understand tablet adoption plans.  And it seems that Windows Phone users are slow to adopt tablets versus the rest of the Mobile Nations crows.  Let’s look at the data.

Most Windows Phone owners who filled out our survey do not own a tablet (54.1%).  Compare this to only 21.8% of iPhone users who don’t own a tablet.  What about Android users?  Only 32.6% of those surveyed do not own a tablet.  Even WebOS owners who filled out our survey have massively adopted tablets with only 15.4% not owning one.

Or how about 13.7% of BlackBerry owners who don’t own a tablet?  Although this metric is probably skewed from the free Playbook giveaways that have been commonplace at BlackBerry Devcon and BlackBerry World conferences.

Why have Windows Phone users been so seemingly slow to buy tablets?  I think it comes down to brand loyalty and product availability.  Without going through all the numbers (perhaps something for another article), the data tells us that users tend to buy a tablet that matches the OS of their dominant phone.  So Windows Phone users appear to be waiting for Windows 8 tablets to hit the stores. 

In fact, 85.3% of Windows Phone users in our survey plan to buy a tablet this year.  And a whopping 91.8% of that crowd intends to buy one that runs Windows 8

I’ll admit to having been negative on the future of Microsoft in the mobile world.  But this survey data (all the data, not just what I covered here) has convinced me that Microsoft remains a very important player.  They’ve still got more momentum than I gave them credit for.

Cheers to brand loyalty.

(Chris Umiastowski is a contributing writer to the Mobile Nation network. You can see the rest of his posts here at AndroidCentral, iMore and Crackberry.)


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It’s Official: Windows Phone Users Hate Macs


I've installed the Win8 consumer preview and the minute a Win8 tablet is released I'm buying it. I'm willing to wait because I see tablets still as a want and a gadget, not a need, so why should I invest and buy apps in another inferior technology/OS ;) just for a want when I just need to be a little bit more patient and I'll soon be able to play with the real thing. From the Win8 CP I know the Win8 tables will be awesome so bring it on.

Depends on the user, and their needs/intent.  If you just want the typical " modern tablet" experience then the Arm will be perfect (and honestly, this is the vast majority of tablet buyers).
If you need more power and the ability to run your real applications in addition to having a great interface for touch, then you'll want an x86 x64 based tablet.  This is more power user and business users tablet needs.

Got the preview as well! Really loving it!! I actually bought a tablet (EXOPC Slate) off eBay a few days ago just to get my hands, literally, all over it (well worth it). if there's any other windows 8 adopters out here I just opened a UserVoice page to collect feedback:

I am one of Metro fans, looking forward to upgrade all my Windows 7 machines to Windows 8,  buy Windows 8 Ultrabook and couple of  Windows 8 tablets in the family.
The wait is long, but worth it.  I dont see much value in moving to iXX or Android in near future,  Windows Phone is great and so is Windows 7 for now.

I've spent over 2.5 grand on my laptop and spent over 3 grand on building my custom desktop.
I can easily afford Apple's shoddy hardware, but I don't because I hate their products.

Wow, no offense, but I'm a happy Mac user, who has been a happy iPhone user.  I'm now a happy WP7 user.  
I hope Win8 will knock it out of the park, but I like my iPad quite a bit ...and that's not a shoddy product/hardware by any extent.

I agree iPad continues to set the mark in its segment but I won't buy one. I did buy 3 kindle fires as they are a screaming bargain and do 90% of what most use a tablet for at 1/3 the price. I would love to run Win8 on a fire and hope to add a Win8 tablet this year. Android just isn't that great.

I'm curious why you would refer to their hardware as shoddy?

I've had a $1,000 MacBook for four years (the is the most basic model btw) and I've had zero hardware issues. Meanwhile my parent's HP and Dell laptops have had all kinds of issues with the WiFi radios and speakers and the small trackpad (seriously, there's no reason trackpads should be that small on Windows laptops).

In fact, I think that because the software and hardware are so tightly integrated it's made for a better overall experience for me. Not that I hate Windows but I think what you're saying is unfair.

If I could afford a mac I would just install windows 7 and put a two button mouse on it. Or screw it just build my own PC with 2x the processing power and the ability to update my gfx card etc.

I own an it consulting firm and whenever some asks me what tablet they should get I always suggest they stick with whatever OS their phone is running. Why go through the hassle of having two different market places an apps that are from the same developer but look and feel completely different. It just makes since.... Keep It Simple Stupid

Maybe you should recommend an OS that doesn't allow third parties to upload your address book and photos without your knowledge. If I was your client I sure would like to know about that! Keep it secure stupid.

If their phone is already insecure, what more harm can an insecure tablet do? If you have a big hole in your roof, why not open the window too? :D haha

I'm one of the WP users holding out for a W8 tablet. I love the UI on my phone. iOS and Android just seem so clunky to me. I can hold on for a W8 offering.

I'm with ya on this one.  I didn't know about the survey so didn't fill it out but I'm definitely one of the people its talking about.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Apple or its products, however, my loyalty is with Microsoft because I like Windows because I've used it for so long that I know how to fix it if something goes wrong (unfortunately Win7 has been rock solid).  Thats unfortunate because I actually love fixing PC issues.
I'd be totally lost in the Mac environment so I choose to stick with Microsoft.  I love my Zune 80 and just can't say anything bad about the Zune desktop software.  Love my XBox 360 and my Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone (although I'm gonna upgrade to a Lumia when I can). 
Sadly, I don't have a real need for a tablet, but honestly neither do any of my friends (yes I know its a minescule sample)  that do either but they love them.  I likely will get a tablet but only if its a Nokia and then only if its offered in a size a little smaller than an iPad.

Its not so much brand loyalty, its just that I am hesitant to get a tablet with iOS or Android and then have to work in two different ecosystems. I would rather have a windows tablet and stay in one ecosystem.

I tend to agree with much of the sentiment and the conclusions drawn in the article. In addition I am a Windows 7 user on my Desktop and Netbook; a Mac User on my work laptop and work desktops; an iPad user in the classroom; and of course a Windows Phone user (Go TITAN!)
With all of that I come home to my Desktop and boot into Windows 8 Consumer Preview, curse at&t for not getting me the latest WP update and imagine replacing my aging netbook with a Windows on Arm tablet and a bluetooth keyboard.

I definitely hate Apple with a fiery passion but beyond the fact I just really enjoy Microsoft's products, I don't have much in the way of brand loyalty. I own an HP TouchPad and a Blackberry Playbook. Both of them purchased after they had their massive reduction in prices.
Can't beat a 64GB Playbook for 300 dollars that plays .MKV video files.

Actually you can beat it... :)
How about a HP TouchPad for $5 that plays MKV, M4V and AVI?
I got another one for $149 when I ordered a 64GB HP TP and HP cancelled the order and they substituted a 32GB TP for it. So two tablets for under $160 - not too shabby ;)
With that said, I'd love a Win8 tablet running Metro - looking very forward to that. If I could find a way to dual-boot my TPs between webOS and Win8...<body shivers> nerd nirvana...

I've been using W8CP since it was released and think that it is beautiful and relied on you being intuitive, which is what we've always envisioned computers being. I don't miss the start menu; if you put your cursor in the lower left corner of the screen and right click, you have options to everything the start menu gives you in WIN7 start menu.

I was/am/will always remain a Windows/Microsoft fan till the end even if Apple:-/ gives all their products free to me.

Sure. I am not going to waste my money to buy an iToy or Craproid. Apple and Google will never see 1 cent of my money. I stopped buy anything Motorola from last year too.
I don't buy anything Apple and don't use anything Google.
We didn't buy tablet and we were waiting for Microsoft and we didn't lose anything and we will get something that actually look fresh cool modern and useful.
March 18th we switch from T-Mobile to AT&T to get 5 Nokia Lumia 900 (Sadly T-Mobile become a network of Craproid) and this winter we will buy 4 tablet/slate with Windows 8 most probably from Dell or maybe Nokia if they make any.
We need usefull powerful devices to do things not a toy to play Angrybird or make a fart sound.

my "itoy" let's me support clients remotely, bill my time, deposit my checks in the bank, and lasts 2-3 days between charges.  I'm not looking for a flame war, but fanaticism is probably one of the things you hate about Apple.

Currently, I feel like MS is the USA, Apple is the USSR, and Google is Germany and it is WWII.  I am willing to put our disagreements aside in order to destroy Google.  :) How's that for a historical reference?

I don't have an iPad because I hate iTunes desktop software, and I don't have an Android-based tablet because every one I played with felt unpolished. Ultimately though, I want to be able to run my existing software on the thing. My own version of three screens.

I had an iPad 1. I had an iPhone 3G and then an iPhone 4. The survey didn't count much history.
I switched to Windows Phone because I wanted to get out of Macworld and into a world where I had more choice. Apple required OS X Lion to use the same features I had used for years in Leopard and Snow Leopard for MobileMe. Meanwhile, while restricting access to same-features to OS X users through ugprade pressure, they retroactively supported Windows Vista users while I had Windows 7.
This kind of unequal support, where there was more support for Windows users than OS X users looked insane to me. That, plus in the 12 years of using OS X, OS X Lion was the FIRST with the worst first-time use experience ever. So many things changed, broke, and I got tired after 20 bug reports of dealing with the buggiest upgrade ever.
So I ditched Apple with their limited cloud storage, and instead embraced Windows Live which is broader and more feature packed. It's better value. I also ditched OS X for Windows 7 which will remain compatible with MobileMe without the need to upgrade.
Windows Phone is a wonderful OS with a small footprint and low demand for resources. This is efficient design which I deeply respect. I already have an XBox too and it's great to have a mobile device that integrates with it.

I parallel some of your thoughts here. Some of Apple's choices in Lion were wrong/backward...though I think "natural scrolling" is ultimately a good decision given the pattern on "mobiles."
One thing keeping me in Mac (aside from investment) is iPhoto, but I imagine I'll find a replacement there soon enough.
WP7 though has been great as a phone OS, I think Metro is delivering a great forward design paradigm.

I have had a 128gb SSD windows 7 slate(IqSlate) for the past two year and I just installed W8 CP on it. So far so very good and I can't wait to jump on to purchase a new W8 tablet. I hate Apple to the core and I'll rather wait or pay more for Windows product than to spend a dime on any icrap

Amen. I can't stand Macs. I have been holding off on getting a tablet because I knew Windows 8 would be coming out with a superior experience. I will be getting a Windows 8 tablet for sure at the end of this year.

Why not? 
At the end of the day, you use the tech that you like or are most comfortable with and keep an open mind about others (unless your mind is already made up). I have a WP and 4 PC's in my home, which I'm fine with. If I ever got a chance to try out a Mac outside of the Apple Store, I'd take it. I were in the market to get a tablet device, I would probably get an iPad. I have used that for a bit and its right up my alley. I don't care for Bing. I google everything. Love iTunes. Can't stand Zune as presently constituted. I don't use the zune player on my phone. All my music is on my iPod Touch, which is still going strong 4 years later. I own an 360 (and a Wii), but have been thinking of making the switch to PS3 to try out there exclusives. 

No worries. I'm in a similar boat. I own a Mac and an iPad. My friends say it's weird that I use a Windows Phone when I have these other two devices. I'm just sticking with the stuff I like.

You guys with Apple products and wp7s are the exact people that I would imagine that Microsoft are watching for. I would rather see more people like you defending the Wp7 OS by saying how much you enjoy it than those of us who are Windows users. It demonstrates to Microsoft that if they please their fans but get a turn out of people who normally go with Apple products as well, then they must be doing something right. So kudos to you and glad to have people amongst us who don't care if we are Mac or PC and just enjoy WP for what it is.

Exactly the type of post I was hoping to see. I'm primarily a Windows user at work but at home I'm usually on my Macbook Pro despite having a very nice Windows machine. We do all our photo editing and general web brower on the Macbook because it has the better photo managing and editing tools, and of course it portable. So, am I a "diehard" Apple lover, absolutelty not. I've had iPhones, Android phones, and now a Windows phone, and honestly, the Windows Phone is the best one... period. It has the better UI, the better user experience, and stuff just works. Thats all normal consumers usually care about. The diehard people will always be diehard until they open their mind and try something new. I wish every iPhone lover would try a Windows Phone device for a week.. I bet 75% of them second guess their beloved iPhones.

Youre probably right. Getting people to take a risk is amazingly hard to do though. That's where marketing comes in.

I got a transformer prime as a tablet, but even with quad core tegra 3 this thing is laggy and slow... Will buy a w8 tablet the day its out...

I got to test a Samsung Focus out for 2wks to determine if the Windows Phone platform could do what I need it to do. I really came away impressed and will be getting the Nokia Lumia 900. That will be coming from a iPhone 4S and Mac computers. I also have a iPad 2 though will sell that and await a Windows 8 tablet hopefully coming from ASUS later this year. I hate no platform and keep a open mind. My initial interest was our Facebook page the AT&T Fan Page needed a Windows Phone admin. Now it is because I am really rocking Windows Phone!!!! So dennisfang1 you will not be the only Mac owner using a Windows Phone.

I hate everything Apple, and have done so for over 20 years (when I was a teen). I don't see any point in a tablet at the moment... I have an awesome W7 pc for work, gaming, entertainment; a W7 laptop if I want to be more mobile, watch movies or browse the web while watching tv; a WP7 mobile with a 4.3" screen for on-the-go games, music, movies, internet. W8 tablets seem interesting as I can potentially use it as a laptop replacement. The ipad is just a gimped pc inside the Apple walled garden.

Macs are the same version(os X) for the last ten years. They are not willing to make their os refresh. Too much for an antique!

by comparison MS has been on Windows for over a decade!
Seriously though, there's been evolution on the MacOS...not all positive.  I can easily say the same though for Windows.  As an IT guy it drives me CRAZY what MS has done with manipulating printer properties or the lag in connecting and manipulating Wifi or network adapter properties.  I don't know why they insist on putting more barriers between a device and it's settings....one thing Apple has thankfully NOT done!

That's funny because I switched to windows phone precisely because it reminded me of Mac OSX in its early days as the more innovative and secure os up against the established, but stale, operating system whose main advantage was the amount of games on the platform.

Now that Microsoft is losing ground and apple is the slow moving super company I find Microsoft to be the innovative company (much like Apple was 10 years ago)

I don't hate apple, I'm just more comfortable with MS products at the moment.
OS: Been using it since windows 3.0 (Used mac in college for graphic design)
Xbox: all my friends have Xbox and play online cross chat everytime.
ZUNE HD: liked its design and UI
WP7: Ditto
W8 Tablets: Its a full OS on a tablet which I find it more productive than a pseudo OS.
not a brand follower but I just happen to like what they offer.

I am a windows 7 and windows phone 7 (HD7) user and if I had the money to spend on a ipad 3 I would jump on it, it's just too good, but I don't live in that world or don't want to be hip with everyone just because everyone has one, I will stick with what I like so I know that I will be getting a windows 8 tablet. I don't see big businesses going with ipads or macs anytime soon. 

if youre talking about loyalty, youre talking to #1 right here.  I supported xbox from day 01.  last phone I used was HTC TyTn that had windows mobile 5.  I did not upgrade my phone to iphone or android for more than 3 years until windows phone 7 came out.   THey were all tempting but I knew microsoft would come out with something better and THEY DID.  I LOVE WINDOWS PHONE.
I cracked on the tablet though and got an HP TOuchpad when it was on fire sale.  haha.  Dont see tablets right now but just toys for apps and youtube.  I need it for Microsoft ONe Note or OFfice for school, since i have windows 7.. i could just type it there and print.. without buying peripherals when it comes to android or the other.

I never owned anything apple nor will I ever. Im part of the Microsoft ecosystem fully. I have a WP, I use Bing, Hotmail, Internet Explorer, Office, getting a Win8 tablet the moment it comes out and my wife is also part of the Microsoft ecosystem. I wouldn't use an Apple product if it was given to me for free

Does WP7 not remind anyone else of mac OSX when it first came out? A complete rewrite from the previous version, yielding a much more advanced (and pretty) operating system from the competitions operating systems.

Other then the fact that Microsoft has switched places with apple it seems like the exact same thing to me.

Youre not alone. A lot of people are seeing that connection. I think it's actually common in business. When you're on top for too long you become complacent and eventually the competition leap frogs you. That's why competitive markets are so very important.

I use a MacBook Pro because I find the build quality unrivaled by any other manufacturer. I have both OSX and Windows & installed. I swap between them regularly, so I could not imagine being boud to using one or the other (each has their own strengths and weaknesses). I also have an iPad as an enterainment device. But I use a Windows Phone because I feel like that's the best fit for me. After trying out the Windows 8 consumer preview, I'd have to say that I'm more than willing to get a Win8 tablet when they're released.

I use everything windows wp7 winmo for work hotmail wpcentral username lol live essentials Zune HD in my family win7 win8cp Bing Xbox live Zune music pass I hate Apple the can suck it and google that much more MS always has been reliable to me enough said windows baby im a fanboy and proud but at least for the most part I know why I am...

Completely concur ... I hate Macs & Apple as a company from the bottom of my heart, I just don't like their attitude in general ... don't ask me why.
It is similar to how the Toyota Camry is good car but I would almost never want to own one.

I'm getting a 13" MacBook air because of pure sex appeal. I'm into product design though so I can't help it ;) that said I'll probably pick up either a win 8 tablet or win 8 ultrabook as well just to have the best of both worlds.

I will always be Microsoft. I will never buy a Apple product again, and tablets were useless to me until I saw Windows 8. I will definitely be getting one now.

Interesting read.
* Windows at work. (Win 7)
* Mac at home.
* iPad user. Not planning to change that - not moving away from iOS, and it's a great device.
* Recent WP convert from iPhone. Funny enough, I'm on WP for the same reasons many people say they go Mac - it "just works". And beautifully. And well.

I love my Windows Phone AND my Mac. My HTC Trophy works like a dream with my Mac. Syncs perfectly with my iTunes collection. I'd take a Windows Phone over an iPhone any day. :)

Figured this is the perfect time and place to give my 2 cents. I grew up on Windows and never had a problem, but a couple of years ago I went to an Apple store to check out their iPad and walked out with an iMac for my wife and an iPod Touch for myself. I thought the UI was really cool and the next day we went back and got myself a MacBook Pro and her an iPod Touch. About 2 weeks later we got iPhone 3GS's and later on got iPads. Needless to say we ended up with an Apple TV, a Time Capsule, and 2 iPad 2's. It wasn't until I saw the CES Keynote by Microsoft that I considered going back to Windows. It's true, the biggest reason for getting more than just the comps was compatability. It wasn't so much that I wanted to be a fanboy as much as I just wanted things to work easier. When I saw the Keynote and the presentation of the Windows 8 Tablets I saw how much better they are going to be. I looked deeper and the ecosystem Windows has begun building mixed with the fact that Macs can't do anything beyond basic functions (unless you're a DJ or a Filmmaker) had me selling everything. My MacBook Pro became an HP dm4-3350 (Running W8 CP), the money I got for my iPad will become a W8 Tab, my wifes iMac became an HP TouchSmart (Running W8 CP as well), and our iPhone 4's will become Nokia Lumia 900's later this month (if the rumors are true). For me, and I think it's becomming so for an increasing amount of consumers, the ecosystem is what makes things nice. It's good for the companies and it's good for consumers. Windows ecosystem is larger than anyone elses and can be integrated with ease into theirs. Try doing it the other way around, it sucks and it took me a week to get the files off of 2 computers onto Windows machines. "It Just Works" is not exactly the case. 

I am a wp7 user (HTC Arrive) and I have an iPad 1, an HP Touchpad, and a BlackBerry Playbook.  Later this month I will ETFing my way out of sprint to switch to ATT and get a Lumia 900 (bringing 3 other android converts with me). The iPad was given to me for free from my work and I mainly use it to remote into servers and monitor a help ticketing system.  The Touchpad has a stable honeycomb ROM dual booted, however I never use it and usually keepit in WebOS mode because the web browsing experience is far superior on WebOS than android due to full flash player 10 support.  I bought the Touchpad for 150 on firesale. I totally love the Playbook because it fits in my pocket and records amazing video although the battery life is much worse than the larger tablets. The web browsing experience on the Playbook is also phenomenal with full flash 10 support as well.  I bought it for 200 the week of black Friday. I am a hardcover gamer and I game on triple monitors at 3240 x 1920 resolution so you know I use Win7 on my home rig.  It is safe to say that I am pretty much a Microsoft fanboy and I will be getting a win8 tablet of some sort.  I think when it comes down to it, I would choose the iPad if I had to pick one of them to be honest.  At this point I am three tablets deep and only $350 in the hole.  When my friends and family ask me what kind of computer to get, I build them a gaming rig if they are a gamer, otherwise I tell them to get a Mac. If they ask me what tablet to go get usually I tell them to get an iPad.  Why would I tell them to get iPad/mac system? So that I have to spend that much less time on the phone with them troubleshooting their problems of course :) that is just the way it is.  as for phones, I have been working on a lot of people to get wp7.  I am an IT professional.

I don't hate Mac, I just think MS makes the best software. my wife has an 4 year old mb pro and I have a 3 year old dell. Honestly, my dell gets used more each week than hers has in total over the two years we've been married. Plus, it annoys me that an old PC can get the newest version of iTunes and my wife's mac can't.

Again, it is not that i hate iPhone either, i was set to buy an iTouch years back when the Zune HD was announced. I saw it, got it, love it, and bought a windows phone sight unseen because of it. Apple was the design leader and i loved them. That is not the case anymore, metro and live tiles are beautiful, ios and OSX look very excellent for 2008 and 2005, respectively.

I feel, Apple products are about style and entertainment. Yes they do obviously are productive, but most of Apple product owner use their products be it iPhone, iPad for gaming or music. Atleast 50% if not less. And when it comes to productivity Microsoft Windows is the biggest brand. After all many businesses adopted Windows for decade just to improve their productivity. 
Because of this impression of brands, I feel WP owners are obviously wary of their productivity and sure they think Macs and other APple products are majorly for entertaiinment.
May be thats why they hate. 
And, Yes  Apple products are always a lot costly.

Speaking as a Windows Phone user, I own a Macbook Pro (running Windows 7), a Samsung Series 7 Slate (running Windows 8) and an Asus Transformer (running Android 4.0). I did not fill out this survey though.
For the record I do not like Mac OS and find it unusable. Even though I like Apple hardware I think Apple software is usually garbage.

this is like the best blog ever. everyone dissing Mac and lots of WP7 and MS love to be found. I know MS aren't perfect but Apple and it's consumers are just arrogant and something I would never touch with a 40foot pole.

I love my WP7 (Omnia 7), but I'm also just a tech lover so I do want to own a bit of everything (MS, Google, Linux, Apple, Amazon etc), and another reason for it is because I want to become a developer in the future and one of the best business opportunities is expansion. I also love helping people out with their tech-related problems, so the more I own the more I can lend a hand to.

I hate the iPhone though. Don't get me wrong, i love iOS - owned a iTouch (which needs to be replaced) and want an iPad, but as a phone it's just crap...

I've been using Windows 8 on my Acer Iconia Tab W500 and its awesome. I'm perfectly content with what it can do and i look forward to the final version of the OS and hardware later this year. 
ipad is great and fine tech, but its too limited for me and i hate the whole arrogant atmosphere around it, makes my skin crawl.

I own a Zune, Xbox, use only Bing as my search and have had WP7 since before NoDo but I recently bought a Macbook Pro and I love it. Mostly the hardware though, qaud core i7 with 1gb grx card. Not to mention the great aluminum body... I will proably install Windows 8 on it though
WP7 connector for Mac is pretty decent too

I love my WP....I want a tablet but I am holding out for the hope that Nokia does one with the same design form as the 900 if not the I will mostly go iPad..

It is my intention to get a Windows 8 tablet but in the mean time I did go out and pick up a Blackberry Playbook.  As far as I'm concerned it's the best bang for the buck tablet on the market right now.  How could you not get one of these for only $199? Now if I could find a way to get Windows 8 on it.......

Short version: My guess is WP7 owners are more knowledgable.
Longer version:  Especially the first WP7 users like me (duck :) ).
After iPad, Galaxy Tab (still own one) I'm using an Acer W500 tablet for a week now with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and I LOVE IT.
Come form factor/weight, ARM/x86 in Q3/Q4 2012 and many will realise that this is how a Tablet should work. Especially the touch experience is MUCH better and way more fun then Android or iOS. It really is smart when someone (can) wait for a Windows 8 tablet.

I don't have a tablet as  have absolutely no use for one and don't want to shell out the $$$ for a little toy that will be out dated in less than a year. The choice is mainly practical. I've a few friends who just had to have a tablet. They got one and didn't know what to do with it.

I never could stomach the Apple Kool-aid. I find their products lacking compared to Microsoft's offerings. Also iSmug is a awful turn off.

^^I would imagine that pretty much describes fanatics of any name on a piece of tech. That goes for Apple, Google, MS and Sony (those are the ones off the top of my head).

Only apple product I owned was the iPod and after iTunes slow my computer way down, I thought maybe i should look elsewhere and for 200 bucks i can get a phone instead. So after a month i got a Samsung focus back at the beginning of 2011 , and i remember thinking wow i should of been using this years ago , little did i know it didn't exist years ago (yes I've seen the commercials but I still had no idea ). I will get a win 8 tablet and get rid of my phone because of the ever increasing data prices or maybe switch from ATT to t-mobile.

I don't know if I would say I HATE Mac's as that's pretty strong word but I do know for my sanity's sake I would prefer to use a Windows machine.  I do know when the Win 8 tablets do come to market I will be getting one, probably intel-based as they seem to be more secure out-of-the-box than the ARM tabs planned.

Actually this survey went out to a global audience where accoring to NetMarketShare, Apple's desktop share is currently at 6.92%. So 5.1% is within the margin of error. So Windows Phone users don't hate macs anymore than the general population.

I have win 8 running on an Acer iconia tab that I bought back on may. So far, so good - it's pretty much what I want - a modern tablet experience with all the functionality of traditional windows. I'm not able to run apps side by side due to screen res and there are a few other issues but overall, i'm happy.

I'm a bit odd - first time poster for a start!
I own and LOVE the Nokia Lumia 800, run a MacBook for my daily work, game on a PS3/ PC & plan on purchasing the new iPad!
None of these devices really 'team up'!
The main reason for this is because I work as a System's Admin Technician primarily in the broadcast/ Video enviroment so running a Mac daily makes sense + I prefer the operating system for use, power & stability.
Windows 7 Phone Connector works a dream on the Mac where my iTunes library synchronizes better than it did with my iPhone 4 I had before!
So I don't 'hate' Mac's, one of the few I guess - I just prefer a broad range hardware, software depending on my need's.

I love my Mac, are you crazy???? only reason i have a windows phone is because i love the interface and the latest update form apple had my iphone running too hot and slow for my liking. If Apple does release a 4inch iphone in october im going right back. I love my windows phone but i love the apple ecosystem.

"Hate" is a pretty strong word. Prefer is probably a better word.  I am also frequently embarrassed for iPhone, iPad and iMac users.
My examples don't have to leave my house.  We have 2 iPhones and an iPad at the house.  My Son and Wife curse at their iPhones every day and my Wife thinks the iPad and iCloud are total BS.  Both Sons want to play on my Windows Phone every time we are out or driving somewhere.  They also prefer our Windows 7 PC (Facebook / Tumblr) or the XBox over the Apple Phones and Table as well.

I will be getting a Windows 8 Tablet. Holding out for the release. I am not a fan of Apple. I love that the Mac loads super fast. But the whole UI confuses me. Rather than learn. I will stick to not liking them. I am stubborn that way. I also own a windows 7 PC. I use that more.