WhatsApp servers are down — it's not just you!

It's not just you — WhatsApp servers are down!

WhatsApp, the incredibly popular instant messaging service recently purchased by Facebook for almost $20 bilion, is offline at the moment. So, yeah, it's not just you. It's the WhatsApp servers. There's no word yet on how long the outage will last, so let us know in the comments whether it's working for you yet, and if not, when it starts working again!


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WhatsApp servers are down — it's not just you!



slightly off topic, but what benefit does a service such as whatsapp offer over SMS and email which are my prefered method of communication behind calling?

aaah not really. all the 4 major telecom companies made sms "free". you can send as many as you want. i guess the advantage comes from group conversations, videos, audio, pictures, etc its very easy to join a group, leave, mute, add new ppl, etc. sms is ok, but apps like whatsapp extend the functionality. its not the cost of sms anymore. internet on mobile is way more expensive than sms msgs =p

nope actually every company charges on ur sms unless u're having a sms pack or u're a post paid customer (as in india)

yeah, ridiculous as it sounds, I pay like 15 cents by SMS, each one, here in Brazil. I always hated that Windows phone mixed messenger and SMS, sometimes switching automatically, costing me money.

It happened to me a few times but over all, the fact that I could answer to SMS, Facebook, Skype/Messenger using the in car bluetooth or my headset was somewhat near priceless. That and the old image hub is what I miss from WP7/8 and that is what has preveented a friend to try the Developers preview.

I'd love to know the answer to this as well. Everyone is seemingly losing their minds (on the web) over WhatsApp. Out of the hundreds of contacts in my list, about 10 are on WhatsApp. I just don't see it's relevance.

No joke, we answer this question in every comment thread on WhatsApp.

  1. SMS cost money
  2. Not everyone has unlimited plan
  3. A lot of us have international contacts, where SMS is expensive
  4. MMS is often not free
  5. More customizatoin
  6. Groups
  7. Voice messages

I do understand that, it may be different in many markets but even in the UK most mobile phone contracts that include data will have unlimited texts. Hell, even prepaid usually has some texts included. I live in Scotland and o2 has some very patchy 3/4g coverage in many places I visit fairly frequently however they all have solid 2g coverage. I just have more faith in SMS, I also don't like the idea of all my messages going through the server of a random company whereas SMS are regulated and protected under laws (in certain countries). Thank's for answering my question :) Obviously everyone has different priorities and use cases.

i don't really think is has to do with sms cost anymore as i said before. Apps like whatsapp have a lot more functionalities than sms/mms and they work in a very simple way. you can make group conversations, add and remove ppl all the time, you can leave a group if you dont want or just mute it to not receive popups, block ppl, see ppls profile and know who they are when they are not in your phone contact list, you can easily share videos, audio, pictures, contacts, location to individuals or in a group, etc.. so its not just about send ppl messagens. 

2G?! I can't remember the last time in Canada I had a 2G signal. I can't remember the last time I dropped to a 3G signal either. And I live in a medium-sized city, not a big urban area. My understanding is all the mobile operators have long since overlaid 3G across their entire networks, down to the last tower, and are well on their way to doing the same thing with LTE. Even in rural areas with coverage. Mind you, our rural areas have sketchier coverage than you, I expect. :-)
Back on topic. Most post-paid plans in Canada have unlimited SMS. It's also an available prepaid option in some cases. Data is crazy expensive on prepaid in Canada, so SMS is generally best all around here... except for the prevalence of free WiFi, that is.

HSPA+ (generally considered to be entry-level 4G) was rolled out in Canada in 2009. I think it hit the area I live in around 2010. So, yeah, I don't precisely recall the last time I noted a 3G signal in this country, but it was years ago. 2G? Damn, must have been the very early 2000s I saw one of those. :-)

Here each SMS cost US13 cents (upto 160 words max per SMS) whereas with that US13 cents, with whatsapp you can text to several contacts with unlimited number of words etc.

You can use Wi-Fi as well.

Also there's the iTouch factor... Alot of people (young teens especially) just have these Wi-Fi only devices with which to stay in touch with their friends, so they rely on apps like WhatsApp for this purpose.

There's also the cost factor. I live in Canada, and I do have free nationwide texting included in my mobile package, as well as free nationwide calling, but my father lives in the Philippines, and texting him costs $0.40/message. I also have family and friends in the US. Texting them would cost $0.20/message. Kik, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc cost a couple of kilobytes out of my 10 GB/month allowance, so even when I don't have Wi-Fi it costs essentially nothing.

Fair enough... I use Kik, not WhatsApp, so I didn't realize. My point still holds true about messaging apps in general, which was the question that started this discussion.

... It works on a wifi only device...
Install WhatsApp on, say, iPod touch.
Enter phone number.
Activation code sent to phone.
Enter code in iPod touch.

WhatsApp requires a number to activate... It's not necessary. Install WhatsApp over WiFi in your sim free device. Enter a phone number which is not already whatsapp activated. Enter the code sent to that number in your sim free device and do whatever you want with WhatsApp :-)

Probably as a reaction to the growth in popularity of SMS alternatives, over the last year I've started to see plans in Canada that include unlimited international SMS.

I hope that you are just copy/pasting this answer every time, Daniel.  I should do the same. 

I find WhatsApp to be vastly superior to texting for the following reasons:
1.  I can message my international contacts w/ out cost
2.  The voice messaging feature is like a walkie-talkie. I can communicate with voice, but without the constant connection of using the phone.  I can answer, put the phone down and get their response in a few minutes. AGAIN...free to use with international contacts.
3.  I know if a message is being delivered or if my contact is typing, so I know to wait for the response before adding more to the thread.
4.  It can be used with ANY data connection. If I'm in a place that is only WiFi and no good cellular data coverage, I can still use WhatsApp.  This makes it a more consistent comminucation method...except for the odd outage, obviously. :)
5.  Because it's not all about ME and my good fortune to have unlimited SMS/MMS.  I can send messages, video, audio, pictures to people and I don't have to worry about THEIR limits or costs.


For me WhatsApp, Viber, Skype are essential for me to keep in contact with colleagues, friends and family. I work away from home in a region that has absolutely no cell phone coverage 100km in any direction you go.

These apps make it easy for me because at work in that isolated region we have WiFi. I can call (Skype), IM or SMS with WhatsApp or Viber or even leave voice messages easily using these apps, and it doesn't matter if my friends are in the UK, Canada, USA, or in the EU somewhere... mostly free. (WhatsApp and Viber as well as Skype are free.


So, of the multiple systems you've tried, which one do you like best?
Why not use use Skype, and lose an app?

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Please excuse my english...

Good answer, but all I see is only three points instead of seven.

1. Some costs (depending country/carrier/personal criteria)

2. Customization

3. More convenient group chat

We all speak about cost of SMS/MMS, especially foreign numbers. But are data plans free? Where? What do you do when traveling? Do you easily use data roaming rates? THIS COSTS.

Some talk about poor or even inexistent data coverage and it exists guys. Some are lucky to access solid and modern networks but not everyone. An even then, when the servers are down because of any technical or, even worst, political reason, you can't text.

What do you do in those cases? I don't know you, but I switch to SMS. I don't know your priorities but, for me when I need to communicate with somebody the most important is to reach him. What is the meaning of good customizations if you are not completely sure you can reach you contact?

I don't think we have to opposite SMS and IMs because they are complementary. My only wish is not to carry about underling communication channel but be sure people are reachable in any possible case. How much many I spend depends on me. What I miss is a good Message Hub who selects automatically the best reliable communication channel because I'm tired of remembering which of my contacts is using such or another communication app.

In the rest of the World we use WhatsApp for 90% of chatting. And yeah, the european market is a LOT bigger for Windows Phone than the US one. We have 100 Mbit/s internet for 20€ here in Germany... but even 50€ (about ~65$) contracts do not have more than 20 MMS... don't ask me why...

And here I thought the Canadian communication companies gouged us. I guess or trade off is unlimited dumb phone use and terrible data charges. Most of my friends pay $65 for anywhere from 100-500MB a month.
On a side note they all refuse to hop off the Apple train and stick solely with iChat.

Bell has promo plans for my region right now. (Saskatchewan) I get unlimited nationwide voice and MMS/SMS, voicemail and caller ID, and 10 GB of LTE data for $75/month.

Yeah it costs the carriers literally nothing to allow it, but depending on the carrier and package you have it can be quite pricey... If I didn't have it included in my plan I could pay as much as $7/month for it as a standalone add-on.

here is my plan in Israel:for15 euro (20$) I have unlimited calls and sms ,no mms,6 GB of internet and 500 min of intl calls in 42 countries.I'd say a prrety good deal

i have unlimited SMS, but its not as quick and reliable as data IMing. its much easy to manage with groups and media. you just need a bunch of friends to use it to like it.

at my work! cell signal is crap with the concrete im surrounded with. a sms comes like 20mins after it's sent with the weak cellular signal. but we got wifi going here and since whatsapp uses data, it's so much more reliable!

whatsapp is usefull when you send messages abroad or mms which otherwise will cost you money,but like you I feel that it is just a baloon(for which facebook paid billions like idiots) and I don't think is an "important" app

Out of 600 odd contacts... 384 are on WhatsApp... That's the reason about the big noise... In asian countries ... WhatsApp is very important... Especially here in India...

Such a huge difference with my country. Here, literally everyone I know is on Whatsapp, even my mom recently. Where do you live? I'm from Holland.

Not every country in the world has unlimited text plans, also international SMS are very expensive that is the reason WhatsApp is so popular

I think of FB Messenger as the alternative, actually.  Doesn't matter, they're both Facebook now...

In many countries outside the US, texting and mms isn't unlimited, therefore costly. Services like whatsapp, viber, etc allow those people to communicate with friends in different countries for no more than cost of their internet service.

Almost completely free IM/picture/video messaging, irrespective of international boundaries.
It also shows in real time when the other person is typing. Also shows when the other person has received and opened the message...
It does require a data connection though.

It's not obvious? We pay for the SMS. With the same price for an SMS, you can send hundreds of IMs. And email is a bit slow. Not as fast as an IM client. Then comes all the other benefits sms can't do like send pictures, location, videos.

There are many reasons why people use WhatsApp; let me give you my perspective.

In Germany for example a 40€ 'smartphone' contact gives you unlimited calls to the same carrier and national landlines as well as a certain amount of free SMS and the most ridiculous aspect is that you only get like 200mb data volume. You can see, for a device that greatly depends on broadband data these contracts are a joke.
So in order to get more data volume you naturally switch to a data contact but you sacrifice the 'free' calls and 'free' SMS.

I have a 15gb data volume with my data contact and I pay 30€ and this enables me to completely circumvent any, what I call, legacy phone functions. I use Skype for calling worldwide as well as sending SMS to people not well connected to the internet. WhatsApp however is used by almost all of my friends and family and therefore I mostly chatting over WhatsApp regarding minor topics and since I have an Office 365 Subscription free minutes to landlines. All in all I pay around 45€/month (+ evtl. minor extra costs and have shitloads of data and stay in constant contact with my family and friends.

For me, it is a few things. (I use Skype) I like that my conversations are available regardless of the device I am using at the time. Some of my friends don't have unlimited SMS. And groups (even though Skype group messaging is crap right now).

1. Sending messages for free in countries where we pay or used to pay for SMS.

2. Group messaging. Since in the countries where whatsapp is popular everyone has it, group messaging is really handy in a lot of cases!

3. It's easier than SMS with more features! One app which rules all your contacts just by their phone number just like smsing would(no need to add people). Makes a list for you with all whatsapp contacts and your recent ones.

4. A lot more features than texting and mmsing and don't forget all of it is with your dataplan instead of cellular: Send location, Send Recording, Send photo's, Send Video. Soon also Voip. And all of that is possible in group messaging as well! And ofcourse emoticons. And I mean emoticons shared the same on all whatsapp OS'es. In some phones you have emoticons in textmessages but others can't see those since it's device specific.


Hope this answers your question. Basically it's what Facebook Messenger is trying to be but faster clearer and better! The new FB Messenger is all bubly and chatheads and stuff... It's totally messed up! While Whatsapp is just clean and pretty.

Yeah it is, I uninstalled the app yesterday because of the outage, but it is not avalable in the store.
Any idea when it is suppossed to be back to the store?

Same here....I'm not surprised, though. Facebook is a synonym for "it should work, but it doesn't and we won't tell you shit about why or when it will ever work properly".

Try checking out your data sense settings....if you are above the limit you specified, whatsapp notifications do not show up when you're on cellular data. Adjusting the limit to "unlimited" was the fix for me. Cheers.

I have unlimited internet, therefore it is set to unlimited! But still I sometimes get notification after 30min... This was the reason they took WhatsApp out of store! They will bring it back when it's fixed and maybe new features...

Facebook bought Whatsapp and now its F*cked....Facebook should learn that a website worldwide is different than a messenger worldwide....

Well WhatsApp was down in India in Hyderabad  for an hour.. Its working for now. But keeps fluctuating..

I have a lumia 520 and my whatsapp has been down for over a week. I cant re-install either :/ anyone have an idea when itll be up & running again?

Two minutes of silence for those people who uninstalled it and now not able to download because of non availability in store.

I saw WhatsApp on top of the article and I was like yeeehyyyyyy we got it! \o_o/ kinda sacred me out :P and we should get the WhatsApp back by Monday morning now its been fu**Ing 9 days since they pulled it !

So when you're reading its like... WhatsApp (Yes!!!! The app is back!!) servers are down ( What ?!!! Why Windows Phone?!!! I already uninstalled it this is bad for us) its not only you (thank goodness.. But I still want the damn app!!!)

9 fracking days. It's getting ridiculous. My wife got a new Lumia and now she still doesn't use it because Whatsapp is not in the store (yeah she's a heavy whatsapp user). We better get a big-ass update...

It is quite laughable. I think the situation has been allowed to develop because Microsoft are a US centric company, and clearly have no awareness about Whatsapp's importance in the international market.
Same goes for Bing Rewards /Cortana etc. Only the US counts in the crazy world of Microsoft...

Such a tired response. Microsoft is already confirmed to have intervened to help WhatsApp fix the problem.  Also, just because an app goes down doesn't mean that it's Microsoft's fault. Microsoft didn't make the app, so your US bias complaint is invalid.

FYI - I live in the US and have plenty of friends on WhatsApp.  Again...argument invalid...and not productcive.

Does Apple or Google make announcements for every app that goes down?  I'm not sure why Microsoft would be required to. This is a WhatsApp problem.

Such a tired analysis of the facts...
Whatsapp has been pulled from the store because of a confirmed issue with the way WP8 GDR3 handles notifications. Now whose fault is that?! Yes, Microsoft...
I have no problem with the app being pulled. What I have a problem with is Microsoft providing no update on when a fix will be released. It's been 9 days!!!! That isn't such a big deal for the US market judging by the comments from US commentators on here. But it is a BIG issue around the world.
Now I was simply hypothesising as to why there is such silence around this issue. Microsoft should be doing everything they can to inform us about when a fix will be revealed. Their approach thus far is simply unprofessional - especially given it coincides with the release of the Lumia 630 in multiple territories.
Microsoft's failed notification system caused the problem...Microsoft needs to fix it. End of.

At least my analysis is based on facts and not interpreted causality.

There are lots of apps that use message notification and WhatsApp is one of them and WhatsApp is having a problem.  It doesn't appear from any FACTS, that this is a widespread case, affecting lots of apps. I get it that this one is important to you and Microsoft is the easier target, but the fact remains that WhatsApp has to fix WhatsApp's problem. It appears that Microsoft has been proactive and is assisting WhatsApp on behalf of their mutual users.  It is DEFINITELY not Microsoft's place to make announcements on behalf of WhatsApp.   That would be the place of the company that made WhatsApp.  It's THEIR app.  I just don't know how Microsoft (or Apple or Google) could possibly comment on, make fixes to, or announce updates to each and every app that exists on their platform. Or is it only required on those which you find most important?

This isn't a US vs The World issue that you want it to be. I use WhatsApp...every day, so you can please cease your uniformed accusations.   This is an issue to me and lots of other people over here in the states.  I just refuse to rage and point fingers when everyone involved is working to fix it.  

End of?  I assume you meant "End of story", but that wasn't the end of the story.

I'm fairly sure nobody expects Microsoft to fix each and every app where developers have issues..
But when the issues are caused by the way the OS handles notifications, and the app also happens to be the biggest SMS app on the planet, Microsoft absolutely should commit time and resources to fixing the problem. & they should talk to their customers - if only to say 'sorry guys, we're working through a big problem and don't have an eta yet on a fix'.
The complete lack of communication is simply inexcusable. A smartphone is no longer smart if it cannot engage with the social systems that people use to stay in touch. Windows Phone at the moment is the ONLY smartphone platform to have its app pulled from the store (Asha/Symbian/BBOS/iOS/Android....they are ALL working).
Sorry, but this is just an unacceptable state if affairs....and it is undermining all of the good will that was coming the platforms way from the WP8.1 launch.

There is no complete lack of communication.  There is no mechanism for direct communication with every Windows Phone user and I'd be PISSED if they did that whenever an app goes down.  Joe Belfiore did take to Twitter to say that they were assisting WhatsApp.  He did that because people are having fits. There STILL hasn't been a single word from WhatsApp, as far I know.  I think the target of your rage is misdirected.  In fact, we wouldn't even know that it was a notifications issue except for Microsoft's Joe Belfiore Tweet.  This was communicated on this very website:


Sure it is an incompatibility with the notification system, but again...this is ONE APP that is having an issue.  It needs to be fixed, but I wouldn't call the entire notification system a failure just because one (albeit large) app is having an issue with it. 

So, Microsoft IS working on it and Microsoft DID give an update and you are still ONLY mad at Microsoft.  I guess the only way for them to win is to never have anything go wrong in their ecosyste...ever, regardless of it is under their control.  I'm wonder why none of your rage is directed at WhatsApp.  Is it because the app isn't pulled from Apple or Google's store.  Counterpoint: No other app has been pulled from Windows Phone Store because of this.

The bottom line is that all parties are working on it and it will be fixed when it gets fixed.  I **do** wonder why WhatsApp would pull an app completely because notifications weren't working.  That's a bit excessive, in my opinion.  They could easily admit to a problem with notifications and that a fix is coming, but please feel free to use the service as-is, for now.  I'm sure this is somehow Microsoft's fault, as well.

Whatsapp have the luxury of not having to give a damn. They have more than 500 million users...Windows Phone is clearly a long way from what they'd consider to be 'high priority'.
Microsoft on the other hand are trying to get a head of steam behind their smartphone platform. They just aren't going to do that if they have tier 1 apps pulled from the store without notice....and with no resolution in sight.
This whole situation is all about perception. When a person buys a smartphone, they invariably install Whatsapp. The hundreds of thousands of consumers that bought phones in the last 10 days are discovering that Whatsapp is not only unavailable, but that no resolution is in sight. Now Microsoft are clearly committing engineers to this issue and trying to get it resolved. But would it be so difficult for them to just communicate with us and tell us what's going on?! The dearth of information is what is aggravating.
By the way, there is a mechanism for speaking to WP customers....it is called WPCentral ;).

I showed you a link where WPCentral reported on the Joe Belfiore Tweet. Again, it's not Microsoft's place to give "official" announcements on behalf of any other company.  Yes, Microsoft is assisting, but only as an assist. 

WhatsApp gave a damn enough to pull the app and they ARE giving a damn enough to be working on it. They should give a damn enough to comment on it.  I'm not sure why you don't put any burden on WhatsApp. 

Regardless of market size, WhatsApp has prided itself as being THE messaging system that works on the most number of platforms. They work on Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia S40. So, I think in that list, they'd consider Windows Phone a priority.

It appears that WhatsApp has a corporate culture of non commenting. They didn't comment on the server outage...at all.  That affected every platform...all 500 million users and still no comment.  I don't think "priority" based on market share is the issue. 

According to Wikipedia (I know, I know) the European smartphone market by itself is 860 million users (2013) and the worldwide use was over a billion in 2012.  I wouldn't say "invariably" that they ALL install WhatsApp, but it is obviously a large, influential service.  They should consider staying on top if that is a priority and non-communicating with their customers will erode that lead that they have.  You can already hear the grumbling on this site as people seek out alternative and convince their contacts to move.

big issue? cmon! there are plenty of alternatives to whatsapp!
i use to switch from im to im!

"but my friends are on whatsapp! :("
well, just text them to install another im, and if they wont, well your better of without them!

Thats not Microsofts fault, get over it, its just an app (whatsapp) noe you have more time for other things in life :) and again Whatsapp is just an app! Not an leg, or an arm of you. You have 100 alternatives that can bring you over till the app is back in the store. And at the end if you have an Windows Phone, read the second word "phone" just call somebody if you need to contact, thats how people communicated back in the 90'. Amd never had problems and never where hysterical if the service dropped like whatsapp now.

Keep calm, hysteria will not solve the problem :)

A smartphone platform that leaves me far less connected with my friends and family?! Nice thinking bro!
In the real world, Windows Phone NEEDS Whatsapp. The other alternatives just aren't close to replacing it. I checked Kik, Line and Viber --- only Viber comes close....with 42 contacts. My Whatsapp has 109!
Things have moved on since the 90's. We all connect in different ways. Windows Phone is stopping me from connecting the way I like with the people I care about. That is a problem....

If they don't push that new update after this rough week, I don't think I might think of using it for quite some time. What's wrong with LINE and wechat.

I also decided to use viber now only because they are keeping us in the dark and I just don't get why it has to take so long to get a fix, my WhatsApp works fine just I'm starting to get tired of this Facebook company messing things up.

If you don't mind talking to yourself because none of your friends are on them, nothing. As with other social networks, it's not "which one is best", but "which one are all my contacts using?".

well Line is not known by many... but I think it's better, since you get osx and win8 and windows desktop app! thing you don't get with whatsapp (which now doesn't even have a WP app lol, and not windows 8 for tablet users!)
same with Kik, crappy crap company that never even updated the WP app again. wechat, I havent used it but I use Line, I wish they updated more the Win8 app, but it works and while limited at least they offer something that most IM popular programs doesn't. and you can use Windows/Win8/osx version without logging out from your phone and having to re-register again, something you can't do with kik and other apps. (never tested it with whatsapp but I don't use it anymore so I won't know)

so yeah! popularity outside east asia, it's what Line needs! it's really good company having or trying to have a real crossplatform messaging service (again, not like whatsapp or kik or blackberry messenger etc etc).

You forgot that Line, weChat and Viber .. All have their dedicated voice all services ( Video chat in the case of we chat ).
I often wonder why WhatsApp is the popular thing when there is much better apps around.
I started using wechat recently ( after WhatsApp was pulled from the store ) and actually I think its a good app and very well-built for windows phone 8. And its packed with features yet it's still responsive and snappy no matter what.

As a LINE and WhatsApp user I agree, I don't get why WhatsApp is so popular as I feel LINE has a superior feature set and I love the PC apps. But I have found that LINE has a much smaller video size restriction when trying to send compared to WhatsApp which can be annoying but thats about the only thing I've found that is worse.

Not that i care, but KiK already stated that they wouldn't be doing any further developments for WP Platform; that i read somewhere so decided to share :D

Haha....no loss their then! I checked out Kik - wasn't impressed. I'm happy to just stick to Whatsapp - but my oh my, they need to sort out their PR department. They haven't talked to their customers about the server outage, or more specifically, why they still haven't re-released a Whatsapp client to the WP Store.

I guess it's a shame that such an inept company became the pre-eminent SMS platform. Such lazy developers.

A serious company carefully plans upgrades with backup servers and a solid roll out phase...Just incompetents....

Watsapp ostn a great messaging featured app. Here in India its very famous and used because of its simplicity. I use watsapp because my contacts are mostly on watsapp sot that's y I have to use that otherwise I don't like watsapp at all.

It did NEVER happen before becoming part of SUCKERBERGS property,so people who still use WhatsApp be prepared for surprises' in the near future,but however TELEGRAM and JONGLA exist and are much safer and better.....meditate people meditate !!!

What is your causality argument? Did WhatsApp use new servers? Does Facebook have a history of systemic outages?  The only thing you've said here is that you don't like Facebook and will take any opportunity to bash it or anything associate with it. 

Telegram might be great, but it is still NEW and TINY.  They will have growing pains, but I'm sure you won't comment on those.  Why not just use what you like and hold off on the hyperbole and judgement. 

I'm free to judge,what's your problem?you in love with SUCKERBERG?Think how your privacy is violated on FB,then give advice.

You are free to judge, but I am also free to call you out for being OFF TOPIC. Your POINT was that it was Facebook's fault that WhatsApp went down? That's ridiculous. 

If you're THAT worried about privacy, get off the Internet, don't drive, cut up your credit cards, etc.  Facebook is as private as you want it to be.  You can set your setting to your heart's content.  Regardless, that's not the point. You are just looking for a reason to bash Facebook. Yay you.  This article is about WhatsApp going down which has ZERO to do with their association with Facebook.  If there has been a massive server switch under Facebook's control, you'd have a valid argument, but...well...you know.

Also, two posts with "SUCKERBERG"??  You must think that's clever and/or original. Nevermind, keep thinking that.

Now if they week point doc ask the wats app issues them zuckerburg will announce that fb messenger is now branded as wats app messenger. Game over.

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Sorry everyone for discussing topic other dan WhatsApp

any jabber/xmpp service, because there is not ONE central company. Server fails will only affect a small part, also its much more private and secure.

Exactly. Switching and need to add friends to chat is a huge turn off for me. One big reason i love Whatsapp is i dont need to add any contact, they are just there... And for those who really want to switch, go on and have fun. Never return to any Whatsapp thread again, please...