Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram

Itsdagram gets rapid fix for initial bugs, gets new look too in latest update

It was just yesterday that Itsdagram, the first fully-featured Instagram app (albeit unofficial) for Windows Phone 8, became available. Even though the app was beta tested by a small group, some bugs did get through that hampered some user experiences. Luckily, those have been fixed.

Version 1.1.5 has just gone live in the Store and it should fix some regional issues that some were having (namely, regions where commas are used instead of periods) has been addressed and the overall app has been bumped to essentially what current beta testers are using.

Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram

That version includes an updated UI (you can now like from the feed view directly, in addition to comments), general performance improvements and we here a filter update will be pushed over-the-air tonight at some point too.

Considering Itsdagram is so high profile (just about 12K downloads in one day), it’s great to see a rapid turnaround on bug fixes, allowing you folks to begin to participate on the Instagram network.

Head here to the Store to get the latest version of Itsdagram (free, limited trial; $1.49). Windows Phone 8 only (Windows Phone 7.x is planned).

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Itsdagram gets rapid fix for initial bugs, gets new look too in latest update


Wow, that was a fast fix!! Love the app so far, haven't yet bought the full fersion because I haven't even used my free upload.. But, I think i'll buy it sometime next week :)
Edit: Wait wait, just downloaded the update and now the app's name is "Itsdagram free" in the marketplace? And still I only have free trial and full version costs 1,49€??

Developer has said on his twitter that the "free" word was a mistake in the rapid attempt to fix the regional issue :)

I bought this app but could not register after trying multiple times. I did an uninstall and then tried to reinstall it but the store is telling me "try" or "buy" What do I do? Help?

I did the same. I bought it, uninstalled it because I could not register, downloaded it again, (I did not pay twice for it) and I logged in and it worked lol.

Great news. I'm currently using the trial and see no limits to it? Posted a photo today, went through without a hitch. Does anyone know what the limitations are? Will purchase once there's clarity vis-vis Instagram and ToS.

If you try to post another photo, you should run into a block telling you that you need to purchase it.
I think the limit is just one upload on the trial.

I've discovered the path to the dark side. There is a way to upload without limitation and without purchasing the app. It's essentially stealing from the dev, but I consider it fair game since the whole 'fake review page' scandal took place. I don't want to drop the bomb here incase it gets patched, so I'll keep it my dirty little secret. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. 

JESUS 12000 downloads in a day! Man this guy is killing it!!!!! And excellent support too. We dont need instagram when we have a perfectly good alternative that will actually update the app all the time!!

Lol haha.. Btw how Daniel knows that 12k downloads? Can we see from somewhere how many downloads certain apps have? I really would love to chech download counts of the apps

I also don't like the new look as much.

Prefered when each post was bordered and separated from each other.

Hope it gets changed soon.

I agree. I like that the poster's name is now displayed but it's hard to separate out the different posts now. The user's name seems out of place at the bottom. It probably should be above the image while leaving the caption below it.

The new layout is confusing. It would be nicer if it followed the official Instagram app's format of account name, photo and caption. I think that this way it would be easier to identify who uploaded what photo.

Agreed too. Some things were better before, namely the thin graceful fonts used before were much nicer. Now, too much wasted space.

OMG ! I just noticed that... What the? Maybe he was too quick to release an update and that just slipped?

Daniel Gary, two things I would really like you to fix! One, when I view someone elses profile, I can view their photos, but I get a blank white page when I swipe to see their followers/following. Two, it's not really a bug but in the feed where it tells the amount of likes and comments, the comments seem to include the description of the picture that the publisher included. Technically, that's not a comment and it kind of annoys me because I'm OCD haha.

Other than that, this app is awesome! Great job, seriously!

The comment thing is the same on the actual instagram website so I assume it's supposed to be like that and not something he can change. 

No it's not, the description is separate from the comments on Instagram's website. If you look, the description has a white background. If there are comments, a thin and barely there line separates the description from the comments. The comments are slightly indented and the background is a blueish tint.

At least that's how I see it in the website! Again, it's no big deal but it would be cool if it was changed :)

Still can't see comments just goes all black and can't see my friends followers or who they are following and their likes. Other than that everything looks good.

Still cant see comments...The part where the comments are supposed to show its there, but its too dark and cant see a thing except tags that are shown in a blueish color, fix please! Lumia 920

It doesn't go to fake shady review page if you choose "it's okay" anymore, but it does if you choose "hate it". Fake review page is not cool.

Same here with the comments, black background with dark grey text, nigh on unreadable.. Lumia 620 btw :)

This is off subject but who cares..
Anyways.. I was reading somewhere that Nokia sold almost 60 Million feature phones last quarter. That's a huge number! They also mentioned that Nokia was trying to change ALL, I said ALL, of its business to smartphone devices.. So, If MS came out with yet another downsized version of the WP OS, that could run on what would be a very advanced feature phone, then imagine the possibilities.. If Nokia could sell 70million WP devices a quarter that would give WP a very good chance of taking second place from Apple.. Just another off the topic thought of mine.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to the app rating when people who weren't desperate for it start posting reviews.
I ended up getting it out of sheer curiosity and, well, it's probably the buggiest WP app I've used. I can understand the developer being keen to get this out there, and obviously he's doing well from it so far; but it could have done with at least another few weeks of testing and bug fixes.

Whole phone locked up with a black screen, but screen still on, if that makes sense. Power button on its own wouldn't turn it off. 
Turns out it also buggered my date time settings, had to hard reset to fix that. 

Its not the app. Its the phone. That happened to me twice when I was on holiday. Mostly when using "Sophie lens".

Maybe buggy is the wrong phrase. Unfinished might be another way of putting it. There are some features that straight up don't work. 
I've had a few games crash out once or twice, but in the 2 hours I had this on my phone it crashed about 5 times when doing virtually nothing, the registration failed a bunch of times and when it did go through I had to close the app and restart my phone before it would go straight past the register/login screen. That's before the hard lock up and the eventual need for a reset.
I know that people really want to be the best thing ever. But it's not. It's a decent effort, but what it really is, is proof that an official, professional app is what is needed here because some of the problems with this are either sheer laziness or absolute amature hour.
Of course, if it had been free then I would have no complaints, but the fact that it cost money only throws the very obvious issues with the app into even sharper focus. 

So, "Find My Friends" feature is nice (both "My Phone" and "Facebook".) However, I cannot visually relate their display names with their real names. I'd like to make that a feature request, please!

Did it fix the thing where choosing "Send Feedback" and then choosing "It's OK" or "I Hate It" brings you to a *fake* reviews page?

Sketchy as hell, and such behavior shouldn't be encouraged.

Lol the one who made itsdagram is cheating, can't give a bad review since it sends u to a fake review page smh.

I wonder what the differences in coding exist for an app like this between WP8 and 7.x. I have a Lumia 800 and LOVE it, but am missing being on the bleeding edge. Nokia, give me EOS, take my money.

Still buggy as hell. Won't add more than three friends no matter what I try!
I paid for this app! Please make it work as advertised!

I don't like the updated UI. I liked it when you were able to see who posted the picture right away. Now that's located below the picture.

New layout sucks compared to the previous. I wish I never updated! Name of poster on the bottom looks totally stupid.

Ok. First: $1.49 is too much for you? Just DONT BUY IT.
Second: still wp 7.8 without nothing? We are getting frustrated. Instagraph and Winstagram support that...

ffs the app has been out like 2 days and it clearly still needs a LOT of development. There's this wonderful human trait called patience, you could give it a go.

Come on all you 7 and 7.8 users are you going to still be bitching in 6 to 8 months about not getting apps? Time to move on. No your versions are obviously not a priority. You have to make choices if you want the newest sometimes. Its just the way it is.

Wow! defenitly you have a problem.
We supose to be mad, if that doesnt affect you SHUT UP! We can complain whatever we want!.
Or i can just said to you: MOVE ON Dont complaint about not having Instagram app!!!! 
I hate people who do not act what they preach.

All bugs here are gone, dont need to change the region format to work properly anymore. Posted 4 or 5 photos alreay in Instagram today via Itsdagram (and Im making sure to tag it in every single one). Great work from the dev!

Still can't view/follow most of my friends: just stays stuck on "loading images", and clicking follow doesn't follow them. Also, I still can't use find friends: just gets stuck on "finding friends...". Pretty much useless to me right now :(

Ok, I found out what it is... If the user has their profile on private, it will say it's loading their pictures, but never actually load them (Because it's private). Then when you select to follow them, the app sends a request to the user that they have to accept, Itsdagram doesn't know how to handle that, so it thinks it's following the user until you go back to their page, and then it says it's not following. Daniel just needs to get the app to realize if a profile is private, and if a request has been sent.
Now as far as the not being able to find your friends, that one I don't know what the problem is. It might have something to do with the profiles being private, but it might not.
Other than that though, this app is truly amazing! Great job to Daniel for being able to do this!

I can't see the comments on the pictures. Only the pictures with few comments am I able to see. When there are too many comments the whole page blacks out. Just the picture, the profile pics, and usernames are seen.

I wish to see updates on the quality of images... Seeing a blurry image on my lumia screen was a bit frustrating... Thx for the update!

So, newb here.
Have an Ativ S. Love it. In Toronto.
Never used Instagram. But out to support WP8 platform, thought I'd check out Itsdagram. 
Downloaded Trial,  hit register, "you must purchase full version first".
So not bothered really, but how do expect someone to try something, if they have to buy it first? (shrugs)

This is the worst piece of shit ever,,,reinstalled twice and still the same,,,wish I had followed the rest of the mindless herd and gotten an iPhone/android,,,fukthis!!!

Off you go then with the rest of the herd of sheep. If you can't wait for the platform to develop into what it could potentially be, then don't let the door hit you on the way out...

I can't use it to take or process pics because the filters are so awful. I have taken some lovely pics on the genuine Instagram app on iOS applying the inbuilt filters, but Itsdagram just doesn't get anywhere near.
I am using Apict for my WP8 photography - the filters in this app are better than Itsdagram, but still not as good as Instagram.

Sophie lens has some really damn good filters. Too bad itsdagram can't join forces with them

Lol!  Well given all of the bugs that still need to be worked out on the WP8 version, it's actually a good thing that it is not yet available for WP7.5.7.8.

Love this app. The few bugs I have noticed (some others have mentioned)
- Some comments on photos blacked out. Seems to be when there are more than a certain number of comments
- Can't see who friends are following or who is following them the page is just blank.
- App doesn't quite know how to handle Private Accounts (following, showing)
- No way (that I can find) to accept friend request if you have a private account. (you get the notification they want to follow you but know way to accept/decline)

The new UI is attractive to look at as others have said it makes it harder to see who posted the photo.

Gave it a go but still pretty buggy. I know its still early development but this shouldn't be a paid app yet. One of my comments even went to the wrong person.

Currently not letting me upload some pictures hope this will be solved soon, also I've bought the app and it says free :/ 
I've heard that it was a mistake but I hope I don't have to pay for it again

Been unable to register since you guys announced e app was available. Has anyone actually used the app? The trial is useless since you need to register, but registration is not allowed with the free version. So, I bought the app and now clicking register does nothing.  WTF?