Jay Sullivan says Firefox is not coming to WP7

In an interview with OnSoftware, Jay Sullivan, VP of Products at Mozilla, insisted that Mozilla is not planning a version of Firefox for Windows Phone 7, but should we be bothered? Sure, Internet Explorer on the desktop has been continuously questioned/trashed by users, battered by EU to be uncoupled from Windows due to security concerns and more, but it's a fantastic implementation on WP7. 

At the moment we are focusing on Android in terms of the browser. For those other platforms we may do things like Firefox Home, so you can fire up any browser and get to your Firefox data. We’re not looking to bringing Firefox itself to Windows Phone 7 at this point.

Microsoft are working hard to bring the ancient browser up-to-date with current standards of speed, reliability, security and computability. Our Tim Ferrill wrote an article on why we should care about IE9 on WP7. So is Firefox really needed on the platform?

We've witnessed more and more readers voice opinions that they prefer IE even over the stock Android browser, which is no slouch. How about you? Do you want to see Firefox on Windows Phone 7, or are you content with IE and how Microsoft are developing it?

Source: OnSoftware , via: Softpedia


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Jay Sullivan says Firefox is not coming to WP7


I really want a browser that re-flows text. That's the main thing I miss when it comes to IE vs Android's native browser. Firefox makes a solid product, but I think that if Microsoft keeps updating IE, I won't really have a need for any other mobile browser. But hey, options are nice.

I agree. I stopped using FF because it's so slow, and it's a memory hog. Have you ever ran your Windows task manage and seen how FF uses up 500-600k of memory at times? I had to keep restarting it all day. I now use Chrome, but have been using IE 9 more and more as I'm starting to like it.

You should seriously look at Opera. That's what we need for mobile too, or do we?? IE Mobile seems to be doing a great job, and with IE9 Mobile around the corner... I doubt there'll be a need for anything else.

So? Does WP7 really need anymore than IE? Seems to be gneral consensus that it does the job very well and it's mango update version IE9 would do even better.I respect FF on the desktop but its mobile incarnation leaves much to be desired.This one place there is no need for competition.

Have no problem with IE on the desktop or the phone, I can use it to get to the internet quickly and effectively, what more would I want other than to fuel the anti-MS sentiment that has bolstered these other products over the years?

- Jay Sullivan says: Firefox is not coming to WP7.- I say: seriously, who care ???Seriously, Firefox for mobile is just a mimic of Opera Mobile, but without Flash.I read several reviews from Android users, and almost all of them said the firefox mobile is a mediocre browser, very slow.On the contrary, the current IE mobile is far more efficient. And IE9 will be ven better.

I agree with pretty much all your thoughts, Firefox would have no place on WP7, especially with the upcoming IE update this year.

Meh, who cares about FireFox. The native browser is already pretty zippy, but lacks some feature support and options that Surfcube and Metro bring. If IE9 can address some of those minor deficiencies, I'm sure we'll be fine.

Like the IE on WP7....but could go for some better bookmark management. Maybe in the next IE update ??While I don't plan as many bookmarks as my desktop.....sub-folder management would be greatly appreciated !

I've been on FF for longer than I can remember but I eventually had to make the switch to IE9. I also have FF4 but I find IE9 to be just a hair better. Unfortunately neither browser is perfect but before I used FF as a main and IE as my backup. Now I use IE as my main and FF as my backup.For mobile browsers I'm pretty happy with IE. Nearly every page I visit loads correctly, though not always as fast as I want. I think FF deciding to forgo the WP7 market is silly. And typically more competition brings better products. Except in this case... Even without direct competition, MS seems to be throwing everything and the kitchen sink into IE9. Kudos MS.

Considering that we don't know what Mozilla would have brought to Firefox WP7 there's really no reason for anyone to really "desire" something they don't even know about but whatever. IE9 looks great and I'm looking forward to it.I do see a lot of haters in the "IE9 sucks bandwagon" and honestly things have changed since the old rusty IE and I think that it is going to be a great competitor against FF amd Chrome.

On the desktop I tend to favor FF4, but I really hope the total rewrite for IE9 yields a great browser. FF and Chrome need the competition.On my phone, I am happy with IE and look forward to the coming improvements. I do not expect any other browser to be ported over until/unless MS provides support for managed C/C++. (That goes for a lot of other apps too.)

I carry a WP7 (LG Quantum) and a Palm Pre Plus. Guess which one I use for web?I'm no hater of IE on the desktop, but I am truly surprised by the comments here. Even on wi-fi it is dog slow on my device. A co-worker and I tried WP7, Pre Plus and BlackBerry hitting the same site. I started WP7 first, commented on how slow it was, then we decided to try the other two and they both finished well before the WP7 at rendering the page.Problem #2: IE on the WP7 is pretty bad at rendering graphics. Gradients are horribly banded. I discovered that on a comic I drew. The gradient looks better on my KINDLE than on IE on my WP7. That's pretty sad. For the record it looks fine on ALL the devices I have tested (BB, Android, iOs, Palm) except WP7...I certainly hope WP7 succeeds (I love coding for it), but to me the biggest flaw is the browser. On the dev side, the browser control doesn't behave like any of the other Silverlight controls. It just has a small Silverlight wrapper around a native object, and behaves pretty poorly.I would love to have a web-kit browser as an option. FF, would be OK, but I'd rather have web-kit since most other devices use it....I'm hopeful that the Mango release will include IE 9 and vastly improve things, but I definitely think choice would be a good thing here...