Deal Alert (US Only): JBL Nokia PowerUp speaker drops down to $149 on AT&T

JBL PowerUp Speaker

We’ve seen the JBL PowerUp speaker featuring NFC, wireless charging and Bluetooth streaming for you Windows Phone 8 device before, and we’ve even seen it go on sale too (last time was back in May).

Well, if you have an extra $149 to spare, you can head down to your AT&T Store (or order online) to pick one up in black as it is discounted again. That’s a “savings” of 50% as the device normally retails for around $300 (even though it often sells for much lower).

JBL PowerUp Speaker

So how is the JBL PowerUp? It’s surprisingly pretty awesome. Windows Phone Central writer Seth Brodeur and I each have one as does Jay Bennett. Reviews have been consistently very high for the device, though we think $150 is a lot fairer for it than paying $300.

Overall, it makes a solid addition to any room where you may want some tunes e.g. bedroom, college dormitory, your study, etc. and where you can put your phone down to wirelessly charge.

If you have one, sound off in comments. Or watch our unboxing video below.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, Kaylin B., for the tip!



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Deal Alert (US Only): JBL Nokia PowerUp speaker drops down to $149 on AT&T


Sorry for being off-topic Dan, but do you have an ETA for when the winner of the photography contest will be announced? Sorry for the off-topic post once again.

Definitely a great little speaker, but I wish it had a handle because I move it around the house, to use while I'm working on the honey do list.

I bought this from AT&T about two months ago, and they were running the same deal. Adding my $100 gift card for handing in my old Samsung Focus, it only costs me $60 for the cyan one! Best money I may have ever spent! Excellent music quality (even better than booze IMHO), syncs flawlessly with my 920, and has a super long range! I got at least 60+ feet of range with the device even through a wall. Even if I had to pay the $150 it would have been worth it. Buy this product!!

What is booze btw, I don't know if you were referring to Bose. I have both the JBL Nokia Power Up and the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker II and I must say that with wireless charging and NFC built-in, the JBL is more useful to me especially at half the price of the Bose but the Soundlink is far superior to the JBL in terms of sound quality.

Grabbed this up when the cyan model was still available. Best ever! So worth it. Probably going to get another one in black one of these days.

I got to see this in action at a Verizon store that was selling it for 250$. They had it next to a Lumina 928 I was considering. The sound was awesome for the size. The fact that it also charges the unit only adds to the value. Considering the price for wireless chargers @ 150$ it seems like a good deal. My only concern is how well it would work with a protective cover on the 928. Oh, BTW, that little sucker can really get loud...

Sicnus, it works flawlessly with a cover. It does not interfere at all. Intact, if you hover your phone about an inch over the charger, it picks up the charge. You should consider it at that price!

I have the Jawbone Big Jambox and it sounds amazing.  The battery lasts a LONG time, too.  Wish I could have gotten this for half the price =/

I have the smaller Jawbone speaker.  I use it mainly as my speakers for my desktop (If I am gaming I use headphones).  It works great also for use just about anywhere.  It really packs a punch for its size.

I have the JBL Flip. Great sound but Bluetooth range is somewhat limited. And it doesn't charge the phone. Love the Flip's awesome sound but for the same price PowerUp sounds like a better deal.

Very true, would like a Bluetooth speaker with wireless charging, usb charging and a clock. The perfect bedroom companion.

Er... clock app on your phone? your phone becomes the clock? no?  
Somewhat related though off topic: My old Dell Venue Pro isn't worth selling and there's nothing else I can do with it, so I use the NIght Stand Clock app and along with a business-card holder as a 'dock', use it as a bed-side alarm clock now.  Seems like a waste of hardware, but what else am I gonna do w/ a Dell VP?

Wireless charging is well worth it! If I want true stereo, I'll turn on my surround sound. BTW, the PowerUp is $150, not $300.

I love my Power Up. It is perfect for parties. Whenever I have people over, they always get a kick out of how my yellow 920 sits up top and charges sans wires. At $300, it was too much but this price is right on the money. Definitely worth the buy.

The $150 price point is what its worth for sound quality and charging ability. I like mine cyan one VERY much, but $300 is not the correct price/sound quality ratio.

Agree, though I'm willing to go to $100. I'm fine with "you get what you pay for", as in if I have to pay for quality I will. But I'm also willing to wait for reasonable pricing.

I got one during the last sale in May and I LOVE it! The sound quality is pretty good for a speaker of this size. It fills a medium size room well. It pairs easily. Love the combo wireless charging as well.

I just don't get the appeal of a single speaker. I could maybe see using one of these in the kitchen, but for dedicated listening I want two good speakers.

That's what I use it for. Plug it in and stream some tunes while my buddies and I are grilling and drinking. I bought this around mothers day and enjoyed every minute of it. It also makes a pretty decent sound bar for the tv when plugged into the 3.5 jack

Can ANYONE successfully select In Store Pickup?  It's not available within 35 miles around Los Angeles (through 10 pages of addresses). 
So again, AT&T loses out on a sale and I lose out on a JBL speaker...  According to AT&T policy, orders must be shipped to their billing address.  This doesn't work for me, as I'm not home during the day to accept the shipment.  I tried to ship to work, and they cancelled the order citing fraud.  Really pissed me the fuck off. 
So then I tried calling up a sales number after talking with useless Chat Rep, and they said it's online discount only and they can't override the $300 price.  Fuck that!  Local store says they have never carried the Nokia JBL speaker and can't order it from their internal catalog.
Really pissed me off earlier in the year, and this just rubbed salt on the wound.  Unless someone chimes in saying they "head down to your AT&T Store" and picked one up, I'd suggest changing this article to saying it's Online Only ordering.  And beware, you can't ship to alternate address.

Can I use this as speakers for my laptop? Right now I'm not interested in paying 150 just for a phone speaker as I don't use that kind of thing enough but I don't have any external laptop speakers so if this could do both + wireless charging then it would be a pretty good deal.

Yes. You can pair it through bluetooth or aux in. The cord it comes with for aux in isn't very long, so you might want to get your own. 

Oh awesome, aux is perfect. 
I paid $70 or so for just a wireless charger, this can do all 3 which makes it a pretty sweet deal.
I can't seem to find an obvious answer, does this unit work on battery when the power isn't plugged in? Or is that only for the PlayUp Portable speaker?

I almost got that, but I picked this up for 142$ on Amazon about a week ago and it is PHENOMINAL! The sound is absolutely amazing and unlike the JBL you get the wireless charging AND a built in battery for better portability. Absolutely love it. TDK Wireless Charging Speaker (search on amazon since it won't let me post a link). Works well with my 920. Only drawback is no NFC

Now for the price of the original, you can have 2! Pair them together and have some surround sound or get like 5 and have housewide audio!

Just picked one up during lunch break from the AT&T Store down a couple blocks.
Thanks to Daniel for posting this up, otherwise I wouldn't have seen it. Thanks to Kaylin B. for sharing the deal!

I got the iluv mobirock.... And love it. Does the same thing, but not on sale, so this would be a hard price point to pass up. It has speaker in both sides of the charging plate though and sounds really good. If I had an extra $150 right now, I'd drop it on one of these. I've heard great things about the sound.... Also, the iluv has the stand upright, which I really like. For those who commented clock wants, if you have a Nokia, once GDR2 and Amber are released, this would solve that!

I love this accessory but the one thing that keeps me from pulling the trigger is the lack of portability. From what I know if it you have to have the thing plugged in all the time. I wish there was the possibility of battery power, perhaps disabling the wireless charging when it's on battery...

Yeah, I want my cake and I want to eat it too, what I can say :)

Get the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker, it's exactly what you want. I came across the same dillema and that TDK is amazing!

No problem! I'm jamming to mine right now, it has 4 mid/tweeters and one 15W sub, it's amazing. Wireless charging does indeed work on battery power too, but it kills the speakers battery pretty quick so use sparingly unless it's plugged in.

Saving for the Xbox One...so until I plant a money tree...this will have to wait. Until then Bluetooth to my stereo with the phone plugged into my PC's USB...

Not to steal Daniel's thunder, but it had stayed at the $150 price for the past month or so when it went down in the first place.
With that said, I picked up the cyan after the initial price drop and I love it. I use it in the bathroom primarily with my iPod via audio jack and it sounds excellent. I have tested it with my 920 and sounds perfect that way too. I bought it to replace my previous stereo. I'm impressed by it's sound when it's 1/7th the size of my previous stereo. I highly recommend.

I bought this for use at work. I have a Play 360 that I prefer at home because of portability. If it sounds as good or better than the 360, it's a great deal.

This is the same deal offered during Memorial Day weekend and if you missed out then it's definitely worth grabbing now. I took advantage of that sale (along with the Nokia/Monster Purity headphones for $99 in the Microsoft Store) and my wife and I both love this speaker. The sound is clean and it gets very loud, the synching is painless and has pretty good range, and the wireless charging is just icing.

Hoping someone will see this comment that can help!  I purchased the PowerUp yesterday.  First thing I did was try to update the firmware on Windows 8, and apparently you can't.  The update software from Nokia only works on Windows 7??? I ran it in compatibility mode but still didn't work.  
The speaker sounds muddy to me, the bass seems too high, and the mids and highs seem to get lost or just sound scratchy.  I'm used to my Klipsch speakers or my Audiotechnica headphones, but I don't think I'm a picky audiophile.  It just doesn't sound very pleasing TBH.  Is my speaker defective??  I was hoping maybe updating the firmware might fix some issues but I can't even do that.  Thinking about returning it.  I love the wireless charging, but I bought it primarily for a speaker that would fill my room with crisp, clear, accurate sound.  I just can't seem to listen to music on it without being bothered.