Joe Belfiore on the start of Fall

September 15th has come and gone with no noticeable movement on a Mango release. Last night, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore tweeted confirmation that it was just another rumor and they've (Microsoft) been saying "Fall". Even though there were several indicators pointing towards the 15th that something was suppose to happen, if it did, it wasn't publicly witnessed.

Belfiore has since tweeted a link to a website (Apples 4 the teacher) that shows when Fall starts (September 23rd). Take it for what it's worth. It could mean a release date, it could mean the release won't happen before the 23rd, or it could be Belfiore driving us all nuts.

The only thing we know for certain is that Mango is really nice, it exists and it will get to everyone eventually. We still are seeing indicators that make us believe Mango's release (in some shape form or fashion) is close and if we have to wait until the 23rd or there after, that's not too long of a wait.

In the meantime, we'll keep an eye out for more bread crumbs from Joe, Brandon and all the other sources and tips we run across and pass it on to you guys to digest. September 23rd is seven days away and we'll know soon enough if it has any meaning beyond the calendar beginning of Fall and a reminder of all those leaves we'll have to rake up in the coming weeks.

source: @joebelfiore thanks goes out to Kenrick for tipping us on this!


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Joe Belfiore on the start of Fall


We all want Mango, that's for sure....but hanging on to every word from Joe, like precisely when fall starts is still a recipe for disappointment. Mango will rollout sometime this fall and setting these arbitrary lines in the sand ain't helping anybody.George said it best when he said: "It could mean a release date, it could mean the release won't happen before the 23rd, or it could be Belfiore driving us all nuts."History suggest the latter.

Here is a really crazy idea. What if wpcentral just simply stopped posting this trash. It's all rumors, and they know it when they post it. Oh, but then their click through rate might suffer some, my bad, carry on.For those of you that are seriously upset about this, why don't you focus on something positive in your life. You know, like you have clean water to drink, that is not true through out the world. Why get soo worked up over a phone update that will be here sometime within the fall AS MS STATED ALL ALONG.No, they cannot give an exact date, because there are too many players involved...It is essentially impossible, get over it.

Please stop trying to find a date based on rumours, remember what happened for NoDo, when major websites started to spread these dates...

Close your eyes concentrate and think aboiut anything but a pink elephant! What happens you think about nothing but a pink elephant!

He trolling yo!Heh. Either way, we're going to get it, more and more carriers are signing off on it and I'm sure MS wants to get the green light from as meny of them upfront before they push the rollout button.

Just send your HTC in for warranty claim and it'll come back with Mango like it did with my Mozart. 7720.68. HTC loaded it up for me.

I've just purchased a Windows Phone 7 off ebay purely because I am impressed with what Mango is updating and bringing in for new. The BlackBerry is going in the bin!

Wish Joe - B & Brandon would cut the teasing **** as this is just getting everyones back up. We'll get it when its good & ready. I for one am in no hurry as I've been using Mango for a while now but I realise there are many people desperate to get the update onro their devices ASAP. The devs are also waiting before deploying their Mangofied apps so I guess getting the update rolled out sooner rather than later is to everyones benefit.

Well the news here andf other windows phone sites seems to show quite a few developers have updated and released apps that are "mangofied" and Joe and Brandon have said in some of their tweets that devs should be doing that its part of what caused the "frenzy" over the last several days for what seemed to be a logical assumption that yesterday and today were "it"

AND.... when a developer updates their app to Mango, they can no longer update their pre-Mango app. So, if a critical bug arises in their app, their user are SOL. As Microsoft is pushing their developers to submit Mango-fied apps, they better get Mango out the door soon.

Wish people would just wait for it and stop complaining about when it's coming. This is not a life or death software update.

Hahahahahah! This is funny. Why not just set a date? They seem to be pissing people off with all this twitter **** They are making a mess of WP7.

You just said it. They are MS. Microsoft has never made a deadline that they publicize. Way to much bureaucracy in that company.

because they dontr want to and if they do set a date and it isnt met then people will be screaming for their heads because they didnt meet the "date" and saying woe is me and woe is you MS you have messed WP up because you cant mett a deadline. Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just because they're MS doesn't mean that they have to set an exact date, they said fall so it will be out in the fall and that's that. what are u gonna do,threaten to go android again?

Is it so hard to set a date? Ridiculous. WE are all just eager for the Windows Phone 7 to finally be caught up with Android and iOS with some basic functionality and some extra goodies. I mean, come on, some of these functions should have been availble day one.

Well as far as getting stuff in that should have been in they were woreking hard to get it out and got as much as they could initially and went back to work to get stuff left out put into the prodsuct. Life goes on WP 7.5 et al is not life and death.

Well of course it is not life or death. Personally, I would have rathered they waited and implemented more of the standard functions prior to release. Just my personal opinion. I'm a huge Windows Phone 7 fan and just wanting the OS to succeed. I'm being patient and havent gone the route of loading Mango onto my phone prior to the official release. Just not seeing how hard it would be to nail down a date as it seems that everything is ready to go.

George Ponder wrote: "...Take it for what it's worth. It could mean a release date, it could mean the release won't happen before the 23rd, or it could be Belfiore driving us all nuts."Really?What it means is that Fall starts September 23rd, and ends December 21st, and that Mango will be released in the Fall! ^^This is what George should have written. There is no need to read anything more into Joe's tweet; Microsoft has indicated all along that Mango would be released in Fall - Joe is just trying to educate those who are not clear on when the Fall season starts and what/how many days the Fall season encompasses.

I think considering how long the rumors been running. Why make an answer about the rumor on the day of the 15th.. Why not say that the 15th is not the day and discredit the rumor when it hit the sites.. That whole thing about educating us about when fall starts.. We are not children. Let me say this.. Microsoft needs to start taking from Apples play book and don't talk about updates or whats going to be released until its time to be released.. Keeping eveyones hopes up.. Talk about it like 5 months or less ahead of release date. Keep people informed instead of wondering. So fine... MANGO will be released in the fall..??? when ???? here we are again with Microsoft.. Playing guessing games.. makes me wonder why I even left Apples Iphone.. At least they don't keep their followers wondering on guessing games.. When will the Iphone 5 be released.. I bet you right now, you will know.. October what.. Yea.. Microsoft.. thats how you keep people loyal to your brand...

Apple is the worst when it comes to guessing games. No one even knows what features will be included until the thing is finally released. I do agree, however, that Microsoft should be able to nail down dates. I understand it depends on several third parties, but they should be able to nail down dates with each of the parties. They must have project managers and these guys most definitely have dates.

ok i hate to say this but doesnt (at least for the xbox) november 15 a big day for microsoft on successful products. just throwing a date out there lol.

Could it be Marketplace availability in more countries than before? It has been a few weeks the last time that I checked, but yesterday I saw for the first time apps being available in the Dutch Marketplace.

they should just update the "where is my update" page...that would make everyone happy...I think.

When was WP7 released last year? That's the date I'd be looking for, naturally they'll want the new phones and mango to be released before then!! =) That way they can say, look what we've done in a year or less!! :)

The issue here is that he should either not give us a date or should have addressed the rumors. If he has this much time to tweet and make us read a link about fall he has had enough time to find out there were rumors about september 15 rollout. He addressed the september 1st rumors fast so obviously he knows about he rumors. Like people have said before he should either not address them at all and let people keep guessing or address all rumors. And it is quite rude to tell us it's in a fall. Giving us a link as if we don't know what fall means. Yes we know it was in the fall. Most people however think of fall as september not a specific date. You can say we are driving ourselves crazy sure, but who is fueling the crazy? Him. For the people that are giving people that have a negative reaction rude comments if we didn't react that would mean we didn't care which also means no business for microsoft. A reaction whether positive or negative still means we care about the phone. If we didn't we wouldn't give a reaction at all. In the end they aren't doing us the favor since we have to pay for the phone. Think about it this way we are doing trying to help them and telling them the market wants mango sooner than later. The problem is any moment someone reacts negative they are attacked for being so obsessed with the same phone that the people with position reactions are obsessed with.

We are bringing this upon ourselves. All this Hype train. I realy, really want to see Mango come fast. If someone sets a date, we are more than likely to believe it. As it is what we want to believe. Microsoft is doing a great job of not disputing the date. It builds up hype and when it comes and goes, they just say. We never said it would happen on that date. It will be out eventually. Then, what do we do. We try to create another date out of thin air. I really hope to never see a new date. I just want to not worry and have my phone twtell me when it is ready.

It's like riding in a car with thousands of kids saying "Are we there yet?!". ;)It'll get here when it gets here. :D

If anything, people should be more 'frustrated' with the sites that continiously perpetuate rumored dates. Microsoft never set a date. They said fall. Joe just stated a fact. It's not fall yet. Not only that, but rollout will depend on OEM and carrier. If you ask me, they met their deadline by releasing it to the manufactures for deployment last month.When you're pushing out an update such as this, there is more chance at getting pepople upset if you set a date and miss it by an hour than setting a 'general' timeframe. My personal concern is less around a release date as it is around their handling of fragmentation (or if they are able to avoid it altogether). Unlike other established platforms.

Waiting for mango is like waiting for a blizzard game to come out. Soon they say..../slit wrist.