Joe Belfiore tweets about Nokia visit and Temple Run issues

Joe Belfiore

You may recall the media reporting that Microsoft was looking to purchase Nokia and then we covered well-respected Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, which detailed a rather bleak picture regarding Nokia. If that wasn't enough already, Nokia's board of directors were rumoured to have been summoned to Finland and Joe Belfiore was even seen wandering around Nokia's campus while on vacation. 

We didn't look too much into Belfiore's visit as it could well be regarding the rather important relationship Microsoft and Nokia share when it comes to Windows Phone and we can imagine the VP and manager of Windows Phone having to pop in once in a while. That said, it was touched on that Belfiore could well be serving as a type of guidance to the Nokia board.

Today, Mr Belfiore tweeted out the following:

This pretty much confirms what we wrote in our previous article. Joe and co. looking to make some cool new hardware with an explosive combination when paired with the Windows Phone OS. 


Temple Run install fix in the works

Temple Run

Do you own a Windows Phone with 512MB of RAM? Are you experiencing issues when attempting to install Temple Run on the device? Fear not as there's an update reportedly in the works. Joe Belfiore sent out a follow-up tweet to the one above. "Folks hitting the Temple Run install problems on 512MB phones-- the store team is working with imangi to get this addressed.  Sorry!" No word on an ETA or what's causing the problem, but it's good to know a fix is in the works.

Source: Twitter (1) (2); thanks, Mujassar , for the tip!


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Joe Belfiore tweets about Nokia visit and Temple Run issues


we had seen some nokia device popup last week the quad core one so i think joe and nokia team testing quad core and 1080p devices.

It isnt impossible. The only Qualcomm processor capable of handling 41 megapixels is the 800 and every WP8 has to use Qualcomm.

Let's believe in miracles. Let's hope that the next Lumia beats the Galaxy in raw specs. Even though, I believe the 920 is better than a Galaxy. I saw one today, the screen is oversaturated, the camera unimpresive and the design and build quality lame.

Completely agree, people complain about the weight of the 920 but I would prefer to have a solid phone than the flimsy feel of the galaxy

Totally, I have a friend that got a Galaxy and a Note, and the thing, I thought about these phones being shoved in your phone and sat on the wrong, SNAP. Oriental voice, we can repair your phone for 200 dollars. Like they did it on purpose, knowning that they would break. I wish Microsoft and Nokia would make a commerical like that guy getting his phone run over by a 26 ton Dirt mover, except to have the Galaxy 4 and Blackberry Z10 and the Iphone 5 or whatever and the 920 and let them do it again and call the phone and the only phone rings and is answerble is the Nokia phone, to me that would get people to buy Nokia just to show them your phones are flimsy pieces of shit. Get a Nokia and you get one TOUGH phone. :)

Someone better tell Oriental Trading Company next time they order a gross of cheap prizes for the school carnival.

The thing is that most people look for the higher number and not always the beat features. Then other search for features and others stock to their favourite OS.

You know quad core is coming.. If WP gets quad core before iOS they will never hear the end of it.. Quad core on a WPD will be something more special than on android, with the software truly taking full benefit of the extra technology.. Its not about power, its about resources, its about "spending your money the right way when you get rich, and giving back to the community"" so to speak.

I know that is why I think the Lumia is overall a better device. But most people thinks that the bigger the number the better it is. So if we get a device with killer specs then people will start noticing it just like the Galaxy did in it starts.

Does it mean windows phone with 512 ram will be able to download Temple Run soon? I'm using Lumia 720 and I want temple run so badly.

I think its a shame.

Anyone who tries to do teases and get involved with the community gets crusified.

Anyone that ignores the community and only produces stock responces gets crusified.

I'm dislexic, and sometimes i cant be arsed to spellcheck every work i write. I believe content and sentiment are more important than exactly what order letters are in words.

Everytime he teases something it actually comes to life. I've never seen him tease something on twitter in the last 4 months not come to life.

Joe would not be involved in a purchase. That's for accountants and lawyers to deal with. This guy would not do so well anyways as he seems like a genuine good man who actually cares about people. He reminds me of Jobs but with extreme humility.

Even if he were involved, there is no way he'd confirm it, so his response changes nothing IMHO. I for one believe he is there for the reason he states, but again, its always deny deny deny until anything is official at his status in corporate world.

"- My dad always said that if you need to hit a nail you don't do anything fancy. You just hit the **** thing" :-D

Well, whatever's happening, let it not be Nokia being sold. That's the worst thing that could happen to both MS and Nokia. I have a feeling, none of these rumours are true. Media, be it those reputed newspapers or whatever, need articles/ stories!

If it were bought, it has to be MSFT, otherwise WP would not be exclusive for Nokia, whoever bought it would surely push out android devices and push WP to the sidelines.

The WPCentral app should just include a live twitter feed following Joe Belfiore and other MS WP guys...

I second that emotion. Would do it with an emocon but WPC app doesn't allow or errors when trying to

Seriously one of the best ideas. That's a great idea, especially for those of us that don't use twitter and want to keep up.

Must be your location, works great in Texas,Florida, Louisianna, New York California thus far for me

fucking finally. took them god damn 3 months to announce that a patch is coming. even with the latest update for temple run. it runs much much better than before, but still. in the end 90 proc of the time i die because of a frame rate drop...

Whoever put that they wouldn't send Joe Belifore to do this deal, their wrong and you heard of skype they have a buisness one too. Someone could have come with him, nobody knows is a accountant type or even get Steve Ballmer in the meeting. Microsoft has 66 Billion I read off shore non taxable, that they could use to buy up the mobile division of Nokia. Nobody goes to Finland for a vacation thats bullshit. If you get a chance watch Anthony Bourdains show No reservations. He did a a show for Finland and if you like Ice, then you might like Finland. Joe Belifore is not there for a vacation, thats BS, its like the time meter when you see something load in any of Microsoft things, at work we call it Microsoft time. Either it says in 2 minutes and takes 20 minutes, or it says 20 minutes and its done in 2.

I'm a bit skeptical he's there for mundane reasons. Build is NEXT week. Whatever is happening in Finland is damn important, otherwise he would slide the trip a few days. I'm not saying its Nokia getting sold/broken up, just that its critical he is there NOW.

Even if this is not true, I don't see microsoft letting someone snatch Nokia out from under them.  If someone tries to buy Nokia believe me MS will top the deal and keep it moving.  MS stands to lose to much by letting someone buy Nokia out.