John Lewis hosting exclusive pre-launch event for the Surface Pro 3 today

Surface Pro 3

John Lewis in the UK plans to host an exclusive event for the Surface Pro 3 today between 6-8pm, providing the first 25 customers who purchase the new Microsoft tablet with a Hugo Boss case. It's a neat offer, especially for those who haven't owned a Surface tablet before and require somewhere safe to keep their latest investment.

As well as the free case for 25 consumers, Microsoft will be sending two "masters" of the Surface Pro 3, who will be at hand to talk about capabilities of the tablet, including drawing with the pen and even some DJ'ing. The event will take place at the John Lewis store on Oxford Street, in merry ol' London.

Let us know in the comments if you plan to head down.

Thanks, Sabita, for the tip!


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John Lewis hosting exclusive pre-launch event for the Surface Pro 3 today


I am still wondering about the merge between RT and windows phone, wouldn't that mean RT would have less functions? Like the office suite will have less options if it was running windows phone right?

The web browser on RT is also leaps and bound better. Though I think they wont merge. I think RT will just go away with WP replacing it on ARM devices.

And what about those of us who don't live in London? There's plenty of JL shops over the UK that could have done something similar, even with a live video link to London if that's where the masters are..

Just popped in no i5/8GB/256GB model. Microsoft are brining the cases and RRP no £100 off like currys. Thinking twice about coming back for the i7 would cost £1,500 with type cover.

I've just order mine on the JL website. Even with the £100 discount I would think twice about Currys/PCWorld due to their awful after sales service (I'm not even sure they have any sort of service).

How did you get £100 off? Don't get me wrong prefer John Lewis as they have 3 year warranty. Just don't have the config I want which is weird as they are selling all the other ones. I even checked the website.

Going to wait for John Lewis to get the config I want no rushing here. Their 3 year warranty can't be beaten by currys and like you said the after sell service too. Should be able to price match in store.

Went to the event...was cool...but they had this weird DJ thing as their main attraction....was kind of distracting...and abad idea....but the staff knew the product quite well...convinced this will be my next device...and in case anyone is wondering, it is the sexiest thing I've ever held...