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Bing Integration comes to Microsoft's Sway

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Touch-themed Word and PowerPoint apps shown on Windows 10

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Microsoft inviting testers into Office beta

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OneNote for Windows 8.1 updated with printing support

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Microsoft's OneNote team offers the world their Surface Pro 3-LMFAO parody video

Windows Phone Apps

Microsoft wants you to beta test upcoming Office products and services

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Microsoft releases OneNote Clipper for Chrome, Springpad migration tool

Microsoft News

Touch-friendly version of Office reportedly headed to Android before Windows 8

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Microsoft and ink deal to bring CRM platform to Office, Windows

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Office Mix Preview Allows You to Get Interactive With PowerPoint

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OneNote and Les Miserables fan? Then watch this great parody

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Join Microsoft’s free Tuesday webinar to learn about Office Web Apps

This week Microsoft will be teaching users how to use the free browser versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The webinar itself will be completely free and last 15 minutes in total.

To join in,  Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can use the free Lync Web App by clicking here. Others may call in to the webinar at 1-888-320-3585 with conference ID #84172528.

The webinar will start at 9:15 AM PST and will end with a Question and Answer session. The session will focus on getting started with Office Web Apps, five new features for the Excel web app, and how to share web apps including the ability to make documents publicly available.

For more details, please visit the Office Web Apps blog, here.

Anyone intend on attending tomorrow’s webinar?

Source: Office Web Apps Blog


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Join Microsoft’s free Tuesday webinar to learn about Office Web Apps


In full agreement with you. I have the 365 subscription. Yet, I find myself using the web apps consistently. Mobile office totally s-ucks.

It looks like yes if you already have a Lync account setup. Otherwise you would have to go through the website as a guest. Not sure though as we're still stuck on OCS 2005 (man government sucks at keeping up).