Karbonn Mobiles to launch three Windows Phones in India this quarter


An executive at Karbonn Mobiles has confirmed in a new interview that the company will launch three Windows Phone devices in India sometime this quarter, and that they will be priced in the budget range.

Karbonn Mobiles' managing director Pradeep Jain stated that the phones would include Indianised apps and services and added, "Microsoft sees great value in developing an ecosystem through partnership with local players like Karbonn," The prices for the phones will range from between 8,000 to 15,000 rupees ($133 to $250). Specific hardware details for those phones were not announced.

Karbonn was one of nine new Windows Phone OEMs that Microsoft announced back in February but since then there's been no word on what Karbonn planned to do for that operating system until this week.

Are you excited that more new Windows Phone OEMs are slowing revealing their plans?

Source: Economic Times


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Karbonn Mobiles to launch three Windows Phones in India this quarter


Ya but still. These guys get great specs on their phone but the quality still sucks. Such companies have really terrible services. Micromax has taken 2 months to repair my friends Droid shit. It wad only Nokia who gave me good services. Rest all companies have crappy services too. Nokia really has great after sales info and services.

Hmm they still now have really good services compared to Samsung blackberry, Lenovo,Sony etc. Nokia care is great.

Nokia service is good no doubt... But their charges is just like hail.. ₹2200 for repairing heating problem for my Lumia 620!!!!! It's ridiculous...

Really? And may you share what they told you, what was cousing the heating in your lumia 620? i have an ATIV S i8750, and i understand with gaming that the phone will get some heat, but, sometimes when i call someone, talk for about 15 seconds, and my phone start to heat from i don't know what, "luckily" it happens rare, but it did happens.

Oh btw, and to talk about the topic here, I think that Karbonn has their own experts who will advice what will be added and what will be sacrifice in their upcoming phones. We can talk here and do a wishfull thinking, but at the end of the day, those people knows way much more than us what to do and how to do it. Simply put, the more WP phones, the better for the platform. India is a huge market and if this devices goes up, the global marketshare of WP will go up too, and with that in mind, there will be more doors open for the platform, .... simple as that! :)

They did not say a single word about my heating problem... Only they told it was due to internal short circuit... But they really fixed the problem... No heating issue now... The original problem started after installing 8.1dev preview.. But i knew it was not due to 8.1 cz i used 20days peacefully before the terrible problem started... The problem was if i used radio signal of the phone such as phone call text msg or cellular data the phone begun to heat like someone baking a sandwich in a micro oven... 100% battery was daring out in 5mins.. Nokia care of my city took 23days to repair the phone... Now its working like a charm.. Plus they cleaned all the dusts in my phone... But they took ₹2200 from me.. The cost of the phone is ₹11000

call, text msg and mobile data ... hmmm, that's pretty much the same reasons why my phone is heating up. But, if lets say it's internal short circuit the problem with my phone too, it would happen every time with those reasons, right? But in my case it doesn't happen all the time, it happens once in a while.

Glad you fixed your problem bro. thanks for the reply :)

I agree with him. Nokia care is good compare to others but their after warranty service is costly. For L720 screen replacement they asked 8k, for magnetometer complaint another 8k. Changing the flex ribbon cable 1600, its just the double they charge for everything. Just three components its more than the original price of the phone.

They really need to step up for WP. Their Droid sales aren't that great and they should invest both in Droid and WP. Don't know why they ignored Windows

I hope they will have specs like xaiomi mi3 and be priced in the same range..then wp will gain super market share

Agreed, I have recently upgraded my pc with and fx 8320 and 16gb oc ram with 650gt graphics card... But u cannot play all time, moreover more gigs mean more briskly the phone will work. U cannot carry a pc to play everywhere can u??

FX... 16gb ram... And.. A gt650.

You my friend were misled if you took somebody else's advice. >8gb ram almost never helps for gaming, the $80 (or appropriate conversion) you spent at least, should have been applied to a better GPU.

Yeah I know... May be due to my tight budget snd availibity of gpu at my place. May I will get a the same gpu in sli or get a 700 series Ti gpu, by selling this off.. But till now I have no problem I playing at games since at ultra setting also I m getting a fps of 40-45 in almost every game

Buddy I m ready to dump my 4g L625 for any 3g fone, condition is that I should have 1gb ram, a decent dual core processor n a ffc.. That's it.. Or else check for Asus zenfone 5, its mouth watering the price it is offering in flipkart

@anirban130 Then get a Micromax Canvas Win W121 (it will go for sale later this month). It is having a Snapdragon Quadcore processor and 1GB Ram. I don't know if you are an Indian or from other country because this phone would be available in India only(I think some more Asian countries also get this phone). Its price should be INR 9500

i don't know what to think when small OEM's start annoucing their plans for windows phone faster than HTC, LG, Lenovo and samsung :/

Love to see our armours are highly triggers to dominate the rivals! Karbonn and micromax shall deploy their weapons so intensly that it bombs the core nervs of our competitor Apple and Android. Waiting for our Windows phone to soar in the sky by 15% market share.

Karbonn's release of low cost windows smart-phones are going to surely give mid-range and low-range buyers some more options. Looking forward to what they have to offer!!

One love

No proper service centres no proper hardware low quality for making calls and blah blah for these crappy phones.Wish all these companies would instead merge with Nokia Ms to provide latest tech and softwares rather than providing crappy phones.I use Lumia 520 and all my friends have Micromax Canvas phones I had the option to buy them at the same price and plus Android with a better hardware specs still went with a Lumia with Windows because I have been using Nokia since 8-10 years and I have faith that it will never disapponint me.Waste of time these phones for people like me.

Hello bro, you are a rich person but those people with less budget still buy these crappy phones. So please take a "Babaji Ka Thullu" and go away.

Good to see more OEMs for WP. Karbonn hardware has been good though not great I felt it is certainly better than others like Lava or Spice or the lot. Haven't used Micromax so don't know that comparison.