Keep retail cards in one place with Store Card Buddy

Store Card Buddy

Wallet integration in Windows Phone is a useful way for credit / debit and other cards to be stored for use, without carrying around the pesky wallet (hence the naming of the app itself). Software developer Scott Lovegrove (@scottisafool) has created an app called Store Card Buddy to further expand on this functionality and provide a means for consumers to store and generate retail / store cards.

So how does it work? Instead of relying on the trusty purse or wallet to house the store cards, which need to be pulled out when paying for items at the till, a Windows Phone user can fire up Store Card Buddy (or Wallet - depending on how it's all configured) and present generated bar codes. Card barcodes are scanned using the camera, or entered manually into listings, which can subsequently be backed up to SkyDrive.

Store Card Buddy also supports Wallet integration. You can even add the app to your Windows Phone by going through Wallet, which is pretty handy. Best of all, it's available for free. As noted above, the app enables users to scan barcodes for ease of use, but should the app not be able to read the barcode, there's always a manual option.

App Store Card Buddy

A number of card providers are supported to categorise cards, including Tesco Clubcard, Nectar card, Pets at Home, Subway, to name but a few. There's the option to add and categorise a card that doesn't fall under the above brands too. Should you enjoy the shops and own a number of loyalty cards, this is definitely the app for you.

You can download Store Card Buddy from the Windows Phone Store (both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x). Note that it's recommended that users double check with stores if their scanners will work with smartphone displays - no one wants to be caught out if they don't.

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Keep retail cards in one place with Store Card Buddy


Well it would already be a usefull information because besides of app purchases that wallet and NFC is basically quite useless. Damn you MS for this!

The Question now - what does the carrier have to do with me paying at the gas station wireless per nfc and the wp wallet?

The carrier is involved because there needs to be a secure element for transaction data to occur within.  Google chose to build that into the phone itself.  Microsoft instead wants to use a version where it is put in the SIM card, (with a specific secure SIM) so that way changing to a new device is as simple as ever... not to mention the fact that they don't have as much power in mobile as Google does, so they can't just use brute-force.
In Microsoft's method, the carrier has to be involved, and in Google's method they don't (and the carriers hate that as well).

Doesn't seem to work. Scanner not working and manually putting in number (CVS card) results in 'Invalid Barcode' error.

I'm experiencing the same thing. I have a fat stack of cards here and I haven't found a single one that it picks up- my Subway card doesn't even register.
Edit: I manually entered my subway card and it created a QR code. I suppose that works. That said, the actually "picture" taking feature hasn't worked for anything.

I have an HTC 8x, and was able to make the scanner work by using a half-press on the shutter button to get focus, and holding the phone sideways, with the barcode parallel to the side of the phone. 

Probably just me, but this doesn't seem to work. The camera doesn't fire when trying to enter the barcode,and entering manually tells me the barcode is invalid on all my cards. Anyone else having luck?

Only problem with apps like this is that if the store your in doesn't have a scanner that can read a barcode from a glass smartphone screen (not all of them do) then it's useless.
I use Key Ring, which I like as it also has a companion website where you can go to update/share your information and cards.

I can never get apps like this to work at a store register. At first the people around me are "wow, that's pretty cool" but then turn into "stop holding up the line, dude"

I've been waiting for more of these apps to come up.  I used Key Ring on Android but it never really worked here, and it's basically not supported at all, so I tried FidMe because of the wallet integration and website but after having it on my phone since about December, it still won't scan a single card.  And manually entering in a number doesn't create a barcode.  I don't care about the website as much since this one has SkyDrive backup.  Will definitely give it a shot and hope the developer keeps it up!