Kid’s Corner for Windows Phone 8 gets detailed, will offer strict parental controls

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Kid's Corner for Windows Phone 8

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New details have come forward about the new parental control system for Windows Phone 8 previously known as KidsZone—which will give adults more control over what their child sees on their phone.

The new information from the Verge (88% accuracy on Tracour) includes how the system will work, its new name (Kid's Corner) and the above screenshots showing how it will look...

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Kid’s Corner will evidently be accessible on all Windows Phone 8 devices by swiping left on the Lock screen to enable. Once done so, a new virtual environment is enabled that has preloaded (and approved) games, music, videos and apps for the child to use.

Accent colors, choice of apps, games, and even the name of the Kid’s Corner can all be configured. Simply hit the power button will disable the system and the child can use it anytime just by swiping left on the Lock screen.

The system is certainly one of the more powerful content-control systems we have seen with smartphones and it looks to be something that Microsoft could readily push as a consumer feature to parents—it’s clear, easily explained and should be easily marketable.

Source: the Verge; Thanks, Windows Phone 8, for the tip


Reader comments

Kid’s Corner for Windows Phone 8 gets detailed, will offer strict parental controls


just lock everything out except for may be pictures and phone calls :) they won't hold it long if they can't play games on it lol

We finally have swipe to the left guys!! JK
But seriously, this is a great feature! I can already visualize what apps I want to put there for my daughter.
I would hope that we now don't have to use password protected lock screen for the regular main screen.

Well if there is no lock on your main screen and you hand it to your kid (or anyone else for that matter) how is that controlling what they can access?

Well they could implement the W8 unlock gesture mechanism to WP8.
Look I'm glad they give us this feature, but I don't want to change the way I use my phone either.

Now if we could just support multiple profiles on the same phone for the games so the kids can have their own profile and set of things that are unlocked, that would be perfect.
I like the idea of this, though. I don't have anything that I need to keep my kid out of in particular, but it's nice that we can set up certain apps, especially for the younger crowd.

This is exactly what I was thinking!  No more kids unlocking acheivements on my GS :)  Those are MY cheevos damnit!

Swiping to the left is nice if they were not going to use two codes. Though if my phone is lost can whoever finds it play games? No mention of a pin. on the rumor scale...will nothing hit a ten?

10 is when a company confirms it. For instance, those leaked Nokia bezel images from ALPS. 

They were a 7 or 8 I believe. Then we heard from ALPS directly, asking us to take it down, lawyers were mentioned, etc.

That's a 10.

Fact is, these screenshots can still be faked or the feature could come in a later build of WP8 as official consumer features have not yet been revealed. So there is still some wiggle room here as this is not official information.

We need a little space for 100% confirmed stories (secondary sources, official responses, etc.). This is close, but it's not 100% confirmed and we're not prepared to give sites a pass on just reputation alone. The Verge has an 88% Tracour rating--they're not perfect ;-)

thats great but what if they have their own phone ? right now my kids live id they can not prchase stuff and on the winodws 8 pc's we have familycenter so her account is monitored and blocks sites and games ... ths should be te same on the phone not something different please.

This is not a replacement for multiple profiles (more than 1 user with their own Windows Account), it is simply a way to allow for people to share their device with their children (or whomever else they want) with a limited subset of items made accessible.  Common scenario, your 5 year old wants to use your phone to watch Netflix or play a couple kids games, or use some coloring app, etc.  Right now they can go anywhere and mess with anything, this locks them out of everything except those specific items I mentioned above so they can do so without risk of screwing with the stuff you don't want them to.

I bought sallys spa on my daughters phone and account yesterday, first connect your live id to your Childs as a parent, then configure settings in Zune from the Childs pc. You have to add a credit card, but you can turn ability to buy on and off. It is cumbersome, but it works.

This is a godsend. We have toddlers who love to play with our phones. Hopefully this feature makes it into Windows Phone 7.8 too.

This is indeed a killer app/feature. I sure will have use for it.
Btw, my #kiddori app is very kid friendly. ;-)

Will this new virtual guest environment be given its own core? If so then Microsoft found a great way to mart and use the multi-core processors.

Now there just needs to be a way to prevent the kids from wiping your phone when they mess with the PIN entry on the lock screen.  I guess if you can train them to swipe to get to Kid's Corner, that may be solved - it just sucks losing game saves and text messages that way.

Great feature. My 8yr old daughter loves to play on my phone. Now I can control what she has access to and not have to look over her shoulder.

This is fantastic. My little boy loves to play certain games on my phone, but I'm always worried about him accidentally deleting something. The only concerns are the words "preloaded" and "approved"...does that mean I can't pick and choose apps from my current library? He absolutely loves the BabyFirst apps and it would be totally pointless without those. Also, I'm hoping that this will disable the Back and Bing "buttons" on the bottom of the screen; he is ALWAYS hitting these and screwing up his games. There's an app similar to this on my crappy Pandigital tablet that disables any kind of normal navigation; to exit, you have to actually select a certain item from the main menu and then draw a symbol/letter.

What about those who DON'T have kids? That is some VERY valuable real estate taken up by something that would never get used. Besides, I wonder how the Enterprise market will view the phone with "kiddie" content given such prominence...

So much for giving us a notifications centre by swiping left, which is what the majority of people seemed to want, lol.